40 Hair Braiding Styles

hair braiding styles

40 Braiding Hairstyles

Hair braiding styles have been a long standing tradition throughout time. The art form of braiding has developed throughout the centuries. Traditional styles have grown into modern, innovative fashions that allow you to express your personality. From cornrows to wrap-around braids, the possibilities for styling your hair are countless. Highlights, shapes, and patterns can all be added to your tresses to bring forth a unique style.
Braiding has the ability to protect your hair from harsh environmental elements and keep it neat as well as tidy. Your hair is able to rest up from the different hairdos you wear and products that have accumulated over time. Hairdos from past decades can inspire you to create a hairstyle that could very well be the next ultra-chic look.

1Braided Glory

Braids provide you with a glorious look and help you feel confident as you are. Thick braids can let your luscious locks shine. You can even add in highlights for a trendy style.

2Braided Ponytail

Wearing your braids in a ponytail expresses a fun, carefree vibe. The braided ponytail expresses a sense of adventure. You can wear this up-do as you go to the gym for your workout sessions.

3Braid and Side Bang

Braids can still be worn if you have a long bob or medium tapered cut. The longest portion of your cut can be crafted into a braid. Sleek bangs add just a touch of class to this unique braid.

4Twist Braid

Depending on your skin tone, twist braids can be extremely stylish by adding color. Cornrows crossing from one side of your head towards the ears establish an individualized look.

5Modern Side Swept Braids

For a more contemporary chic look, tie and pull your braids to one side. These cool braids pair well with a modern day casual outfit and even with classic evening dress.

6Half Braided

A half braided look communicates sophistication and elegance. The versatility of this braid is showcased through long, medium, or short hair. Wear this hairdo to any formal event.

7Bulky Braided Crown Bun

A braided bun is one of the fastest and most protective styles that can be worn. The majority of textures and lengths work well with this bun. Simplicity at its best.

8Creative Natural Braid

For an elegant, classy look, wearing your natural hair in a creative braid at formal gatherings will have heads turning in no time. A small section of hair is braided on the side to achieve a French cut look.

9Volumized Braids

Braids can even add more volume to your hair. Volume can be incorporated into your braided hairstyle through a variety of hairdos. A refined, dignified look is achieved through this hairdo.

10Braids with Shaved Side

Liven up your look as you pair braids with a shaved side of your head. An exciting cut can create a new and interesting style. Boldly move through the day.

11Braids with Curves

Designs can be created with braids that do not involve shaving or color. Parts can be cut into your hair or your braids can be crafted into a design. Slightly curved braids are simple, yet beautiful.

12Small Box Braids with Color

By adding color to small box braids, you can establish a look that is unique to who you are. Start the braid at your roots as small boxes for an inch and then twist your hair to the end for a remarkable hairdo.

13Triple Effect

Be the innovator of your own style by creating new braid designs. Braids tied from three different directions is a fabulous noteworthy design.

14Elegant Up-do

Braids can be worn to formal occasions and provide a stunning look. Wear this elegant up-do with a long gown as you hold your head high.

15Braids Plus Curls

Combine braids and curls into a bold, new look. Here, you have an African hair braiding section with curls at the ends for a truly unique style.

16Box Braid with Mohawk

Create a beauty all your own as you wear a box braid with a Mohawk. This fashionable look stands throughout time and pairs well with a stunning long necklace.

17Braided Crown

An impressive crown of braids circled round your head is a distinct look. This hairdo can be worn during the warm summer months and is an excellent protective style.

18Side Braids

Have small cornrows extending from one side of your head while the rest of your hair remains straight and smooth. Leave your hair free to flow down your back.

19Medium Length Braids

Let your braided locks fall around your face for a feminine style. A slim look around your face is achieved. Your hair can be plaited in numerous thin braids or thick Ghana braids.

20Long, Curly Braids

A fabulous curly look is established as you let your braids end in long, lavish curls. Micro box braids flowing into curls is an appealing fashion.

21Simple Braids

Keep your braids nice and simple in this lovely hairdo that matches any occasion. This hairstyle can be worn to the office or out for a night on the town.

22Thick Up-Do

Showcase your gorgeous, thick braids in a neat up-do with style and design all around. Braids are styled on top and admiringly designed in the back.

23Zigzag Cornrows

Have tiny zigzag cornrows lined in dazzling rows pulled up to the middle of your hair for a creative look. Small boxes are designed below the shoulders.

24Senegalese Twist

If you prefer to wear your braids long, the Senegalese twist is just the right style for you. Go about your day feeling dignified and gorgeous.

25Blonde Milkmaid Braids

For a look that brightens anyone’s day, the blonde milkmaid braids are cheerful and joyous. Shine a light wherever you go.

26Mohawk Braid with Puff

A Mohawk braid with a puff at the center is just the unique hairdo you need to stand out amongst the crowd.

27Bob Box Braids

For shorter hairstyles, bob box braids are cute and spunky. Pair these braids with a hat and you are ready to go places.

28Classy Up-do

Goddess braids can be worn in a classy up-do through a simple means. The smaller the braid, the tighter the weave will be to ensure a long-lasting hairdo.

29Afro Kinky Braids

For an inspiring style, Afro kinky braids create a distinct look all your own. Having two different color braids adds a little funk into the mix.

30Ombré Braids

One of the most popular trends is the ombré braids, which provides you with a creative look. Have your braids go from black to blonde in just a matter of time.

31Braided Up-Do with Curls

Braid the back of your hair while leaving room for bouncy curls in the front. This is a great style for those with short to medium lengths of hair.

32Messy Short Braids

Be true to who you are and wear your hair in a bold look of messy short braids. Cornrows are on the sides of the head with the hair in the middle still standing.

33Braided Bun

Simple elegance is conveyed as you wear your hair in a braided bun. This hairdo lets your true beauty shine through.

34Asymmetric Braiding Hairstyle

An asymmetric braiding hairstyle can be created with a side bang, which is a fun option for a creative outfit. This style works well with medium hair lengths.

35Box Braids with Scarf

Large box braids pushed high above the crown of your head and paired with a scarf create a fabulous look. Be a trendsetter as you explore new hairstyles.

36Cornrows with French Roll Up-do

Smaller braids usually last longer and for those who prefer to have a style for a few weeks, try the cornrows with a French roll up-do. A stunning Mohawk head of hair suits several occasions such as traveling for work or a vacation with friends.

37Puff Braids with Beads

Accessorize your puff braids with some stylin’ beads to go the extra mile. This hairstyle is plaited in three sections with each section styled to go backwards. Wear this hairdo throughout the year.

38A Snail Shell

Create a thick braid going around your head that gets thinner and ends in a cute, tiny curl. This is a perfect style to wear to the office or for a formal occasion where you look dazzling.

39Long Pulled Back Braids

However you choose to style long hair, a look of elegance and exquisite taste is normally conveyed. Pulling long braids back creates a professional, stunning look. Half cornrows are braided into tiny boxes going down the shoulders. Add some color to complement your skin tone.

40Intricate Patterns Braiding Hairstyle

Classy and classic are two words used to describe tiny braids. Create an intricate pattern on top of your head from these tiny braids. Add a unique shade of color and you have one of the trendiest braided hairstyles there is.