40 Goddess Braids Hairstyles


40 African Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Exude confident femininity through Goddess braid hairstyles that are able to be maintained for weeks. Goddess braids are a great protective style that allows you to let your gentle nature show through. Different variations of goddess braids have been passed down over the years and you can choose the style that best fits your personality. You will never grow bored of goddess braids with the various styles they can be crafted into.
The fashion opportunities goddess braids have are countless. Appearing to be oversized cornrows, style your hair in a crown, Mohawk, low bun, or an up-do goddess braid. Add curls or waves to your hairstyle to achieve a particular look. Braids have made their mark on the fashion world and are here to stay. The following African goddess braids emphasize your beauty and grace for all occasions.

1Layered Box Braid Bob

For a cute look, try the layered box braid bob where the braids are neck length. Box braids are individually crafted allowing you to look years younger.

2Contemporary Braids

A futuristic vibe is given off as you wear your braids in a unique, fashion forward way. Underneath your hair are small braids and reverse, angled French braid wraps around one side of your head and goes down the other.

3Halo Crown

Unleash your inner goddess by wearing your long hair in a halo crown. Hair is sectioned at different areas of your head and then five long braids fall along your back. A truly breathtaking hairstyle.

4White Yarn Braids

One of the neat aspects of goddess braids is the color variations you can have. White yarn braids are a bold look and are simply spectacular. Yarn braids can also be dyed in various other colors.

5Criss Cross Braided Hair

A hairstyle that just might make others jump, the criss cross braid uses your own natural hair. An X shape is criss crossed on the back of your head. Extensions can be used to braid the hair closer to your scalp.

6Mohawk Inspired

A Mohawk goddess braid sets you apart from all the rest. Shave the sides of your head and wear a Mohawk braid down your back. Highlights add to the uniqueness of this hairstyle.

7Center-Parted Braids

Having long hair provides you the opportunity to create center-parted braids that are the epitome of elegance. A center part expertly crafted adds allure to the braids whether they are hanging down or stylized.

8Three Braids and a Low Bun

Style your hair into three French braids. Next, create a low bun in the back by combining and coiling the three braids together. An intricate, sophisticated style is achieved.

9African Braids Up-do

Try a different approach to a traditional up-do. African braids in an up-do focus on the design of the upper half of the braids on your head while the remaining part of the braids hang straight down your back.

10Cork Screw Twists

This style is one of the hippest around town and is designed to resemble cork screws. Bouncy, layered cork screws are gorgeous. Enhance the look by adding beads throughout the braids.

11Curved Braid

The artwork established in a goddess braid is remarkable. Part your hair into a shapely design to bring a new dimension to this style.

12Cute Side Braids

Still want to rock goddess braids, but have short hair? Curl or wave your hair and pin it towards the back to make a bundle of braids in the middle.

13Deep Jumbo Braids

Long, thick, jumbo braids are done on large square-parted sections of hair. This allows the hair to be able to stand the weight of the braids. The braids are thick at the base and thin at the ends.

14Goddess Pigtails

Two French braids with a little added height provide a young, fun look. You can add a tiny braid down the center to achieve a decorative style.

15Side Braid with Curls

Become an instant goddess by having a side braid paired with curls. One braid is brushed to the side while the remaining hair is curled down the side. Fabulous look for an elegant event.

16Intricate Braid

These goddess braids last for days due to their flat style. These braids are comfortable to wear to work, or to the beach. This is a quick hairstyle to achieve.

17Twin Buns

Thick, long box braids are divided and coiled into twin buns at the front of your head. The remaining braids are straight down your back for a touch of class.

18Crocheted Goddess Braids

Crocheted goddess braids are a wonderful alternative to sitting for hours having braids implanted. Corn rows underneath keep your hair safe from any scratching or other hair ailments.

19Double Cornrows

For a look that says you are ready for adventure, double cornrows have an excitement about them. Starting at the front of your head, a braid is woven down the front and over each side of your head.

20Curly Style Braids

Thin and thick braids adorn your hair paired with a curly back section for a stunning style. A thick braid is across your hairline and a tiny braid goes across the center of your head. Jazz the rest of your hair with curls.

21Long Box Braids

A stylish hairdo is achieved through locks tied on the crown then freely falling around the head. Long, thick box braids make this look suitable for work and fun.

22Colorful Braided Designs

To spice up your braids, add spurts of color throughout your braids. Different colors can brighten or darken a look.

23Innovative Braids

Bring innovation to a new level as you curve, jag, or twist your braids to create new styles that are unmatched.

24Cornrows with Ghana Braid

Combining simple cornrows with Ghana braiding creates an individualized style that is all your own as you move throughout your day.

25Three Braids

Three braids can create an intricate design on top of your head. A perfect line is achieved through the use of a comb with a long handle.

26Simple Braids Mohawk

Goddess braids can be simple and stay in place for weeks. Double braids down the center of your head going on to your back create a simple look.

27Long Thin Braids with Ombre Effect

Ombre is a wonderful way to create a unique style that has an instant appeal. Black braids pair well with a gray or white ombre effect.

28Ripple Wave Braids

Stand out with a large bundle of braids sitting on top of your head. Pair the braids with ripple waves flowing down your back.

29Coiled and Coifed

Each braid is coiled along its own path creating an amazing asymmetrical wrap along the neck line. Time and patience goes into this hairstyle.

30High Bun

Craft a high bun from thick box braids to create a messy, chic style. Color tints award extra style points.

31Circle Braid

Sectioned hair comes together with a single circular braid. A bun sits at the back of your head and a braid is twisted around the bun.

32Ponytail Braids

Bring out your spunky side with long box braids pulled up in a high ponytail. The ponytail covers one side of your face to add to the mystery.

33Confident Braids

Wrap thick braids around your head for a gorgeous, unique style inspired by goddesses. Wear bold, stunning jewelry with this fashion forward up-do.

34Beehive Bun

Tie your goddess braids up in a beehive bun to achieve an alluring style. The beehive bun should have a beautiful, round shape that is larger than your face.

35Bold Hues

To showcase various colors, braided up-dos are the perfect hairstyle. Elegant up-dos can even have a vibrant purple hue and still be sophisticated.

36Side Braid with a Twist

For a look with edgy appeal, a side swept braid with a funky twist is just the kick your hair needs. Wear this style to any event and feel like the goddess you are.

37Elevated French Braid

Inspired by the standard French braid, this look has braiding from the inside out to provide an elevated height. Ending the look in a ponytail adds a touch of simplicity.

38Braids and Shaved Side

A one of a kind look is created when you shave only one side of your head while the other side is packed with goddess braids. For an in vogue style, this look will move both you and fashion forward.

39Braided Mohawk Up-do

Step out into the sunlight with the new braided Mohawk up-do. Goddess braids do not have to be long to be stunning. The braided Mohawk up-do is a sleek, short, simple hairstyle that lets your inner goddess shine.

40Senegalese Twist

A stylish braided front bun adds a delicate vibe to your goddess braids. Use the top half of your hair for the front bun and let the remaining hair flow down your front and back.