Flexi Rods on Natural Hair

flexi rods on natural hair

Top Tips for Flexi Rods on Natural Hair

It’s every girl’s dream to have beautiful strong, healthy hair and at some point in our lives, most of us have longed for a full head of amazing curls but perhaps been put off by memories of the perm horrors of the 1980s and 1990s.
But things have moved on and flexi rods mean beautiful big bouncy curls, or tightly wound spiral curls, are no longer a dream but a complete reality for anyone, no matter what the length or condition of the natural hair. Let’s get curling!

1What Are Flexi Rods?

Flexi rods are basically long rollers which are incredibly flexible and bendy and can be used to create spiral curls in natural hair. They come in all kinds of length and diameter to create the exact size curls you are looking for. The good thing is they are easy to use, heat free and you just roll them into your hair like all rollers.
They can become your best friend, or cause a tangled problem but if you just follow the top tips here for how best to use them on natural or transitioning hair, then you will be achieving fantastic curly hairstyles at home without any problems and without the big hair salon bills.

They normally come in a set of around 30-40 rods of different diameters to allow you to make different size curls and allowing you to use them whether your hair is long or short, so they really are as flexible as the name suggests and offer endless options for creating perfect curly hairstyles.

Top 5 Flexi Rods On Amazon
 If you are after some good Flexi Rods, here you go.

We are listing top 5 Flexi Rods on Amazon.

2Diane By Fromm 42-pack Twist-flex Rods

This pack of 42 flexi rods rods comes with a variety of lengths and widths of rods to cover all hair types. All of the rods are seven inches long but the pack contains six each of the following rod widths: Half an inch, three-eighths of an inch, five-eighths of an inch, seven-eighths of an inch, eleven-sixteenths of an inch, nine-sixteenths of an inch and seven-sixteenths of an inch. They all come in a clear zip carrying case making them easy to take with you on holiday.

3COTU 42 Pack of Professional Foam Flexi Rods for Curly Hair

These COTU branded flexi rods provide more than enough options to create curls in a full head of long hair. There is no requirement to use heat or pins with these products, just twist them into place and create beautiful curls with minimum effort. This pack contains 42 seven-inch rods with a variety of widths to create whichever size of curls you desire.

460 Piece Soft ‘N Style Rubber Rod Set

This large carry case gives you 60 flexi rods which come in a separate pack of 10 within the case. There are six individual packs which each contain 10 eight and a half inch rods of various widths. The packs come in a variety of color and each color is a different width, so purple rods are seven-eighths of an inch wide whereas the blue rods are half an inch wide. This case provides more than enough rods to create a great choice of curly hairstyles on any hair.

5Flexible Foam and Sponge Hair Curlers

These really flexible hair curlers are really good for sleeping in overnight as they are soft and comfortable. They are a slightly different style to general flexi rods but the softness means they are much easier to wear overnight. They can also be used on damper hair than traditional flexi rods.

6Tifara Beauty 42-pack 7″ Flexible Curling Rods

This flexi rod set can be used on both wet and dry hair and provides a full head of rods with 42 in all different widths. All of the rods are seven inches long and can be used to create any curly look from spiral curls to big waves.

7How to Use Flexi Rods On Natural Hair

Flexi rods work on pretty much every hair length and you can use them without heat to stretch natural hair or use them on a protective style. The good news is you don’t have to sit under a dryer for 24 hours when using these.
The best way to use flexi rods is with what is known as a dry set where you wash, condition and comb your hair first, then allow it to dry naturally with the rollers in, in whatever style or shape you want your hair to be when it’s finished. If your hair is thick it may be best to do this overnight as it will take time to dry but at least it won’t be heat damaged afterwards.

8Wet Vs Dry Hair

If you don’t have a lot of time then start with dry, stretched hair to install flexi-rods as this makes it easier to use them but also cuts down on the drying time. However, if you do have the time, using them on wet hair does tend to make the style last that much longer. You just need to be able to wait for it to dry thoroughly first.

9Flexi Rods – Products Needed

It’s really up to you to try out different styling products and select the ones which work best for you and your particular hair requirements, however, a light setting lotion or mousse will really help keep the shape of the curls for longer. They dry quickly, create a nice shine and look out for those which also contain added moisturizer to keep your hair in good condition while curling it.
Other options for products which help when using flexi rods are water-based lotions or gels for setting as these provide the added moisture, and if you are going to be using a dryer, then opt for a sealant product such as a cream or butter hair product. Leave-in type conditioners can also work well.

It’s really a balance of keeping your hair cared for and conditioned, and keeping the curls in place, so a combination of conditioning product and setting product will work perfectly – choose whichever ones you like the best as there are plenty of choices out there to suit all hair types. Just make sure you distribute the products evenly throughout the hair as you don’t want to end up with one half staying curly and the other half dropping out due to a lack of setting lotion!

10What Are the Basic Techniques for Using Flexi Rods?

With flexi rods there are really two different basic techniques – the first is rolling the hair right from the end to the root, around the flexi rod and the second technique is twisting and rolling. The key really is to make sure your hair is fully dry before removing the rollers and then your curls will last for days. Here is a quick guide to creating the perfect curls:

  1. Wash and condition your hair, and get your setting solution ready and allow your hair to dry as much as possible.
  2. Brush your hair into three equal horizontal sections and tie them up. Start at the bottom section and brush it out fully. Use your styling product across the bottom section and then separate this section into three different parts, vertically.
  3. Take a flexi rod and wrap each of the three vertical parts of your hair around an individual flexi rod. You will end up with three flexi rods across the bottom of your head. When installing the rollers, make sure you secure the ends of your hair first, then roll the rest of the length of the flexi rod. Don’t roll too tightly – the foam of the rod shouldn’t be crumpled under your hair. Rolling too tightly could damage your hair
  4. Secure the curls in place by bending the rods in a way that feels comfortable to you – they can be twisted, or just the ends bent round – they are super flexible
    Loosen the next section of your hair and then just repeat the process across your whole head.
  5. The hair needs to set for around 4-8 hours ideally so the best option is to sleep in them overnight although they are not the most comfortable things to wear! It is important not to take the rods out until your hair is 100% dry as otherwise the curls will just drop out and your hair will be a mess.
  6. In the morning, remove the rods gently, teasing out the curls and spray with a holding spray to keep the curls in place.

11Achieving Amazing Results with Flexi Rods

Now that you know how to use flexi rods you can experiment with different styles and have a number of choices of curly dos to choose from ready for the summer with weddings and parties to go to! Make people wonder at your amazing bouncy curls!

The great thing about flexi rods is they don’t cost the earth, you can use them over and over again, they don’t cause any heat damage to your hair, and you can use the different size rods to create different types of curls.

Whether you want tight spring spiral curls, or loose full waves, flexi rods can really give you whichever curly style of hair you are going for. They can also be used on any length of hair, as long as you can twist your hair around a rod then you can achieve curls.
They also provide versatility in styling as once the curls are set you can experiment with different styles – you don’t have to leave the curls loose but why not explore updos with curls, leaving a couple of cute ringlets to frame your face? There are many different options once you have set your hair in the first place.

12 The Final Verdict – Flexi Rods Pros and Cons

The main downside to flexi rods is sleeping in them, which is not the most comfortable proposition, however, you can invest in a hair net, or shower cap type hat which could help hold the rollers in place and stop them digging in to your head in the night. If you can’t face the idea of sleeping with them in, then it’s just a case of preparing your hair the day before or getting up really early so they are set in time for the evening’s festivities.
We assure you, the results are more than worth it. There are many types of flexi rod out there, but most good ones will come in a set of about 30-40 rods containing different sizes, giving you that flexibility of style.

The real benefit of using these for natural hair is that they don’t cause any damage. There is no heat involved, you can condition your hair beforehand and it’s not a permanent treatment. There are no harsh chemicals required and you can choose a setting/styling solution that is gentle but effective.
They are also only temporary so the curls can be brushed out or will drop out after about a week anyway, giving you back your natural hair in really good condition, ready to take on another new style, or weave, whereas if you have your hair permed then you are stuck with it and have limited style choices.