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How To Do Edges & Baby Hair Laid Edges Styles

Lots of women have grown up styling their edges. With a little gel or pomade, sleek edges are the best finishing touch to any style. In recent years, celebrities like FKA Twigs have really popularised the style and shown us a world of possibilities for all the ways we can dress up our edges. The style has always been around, of course, with even your favorite 90s celebrities like TLC and Salt ‘n’ Pepa rocking the style.

Edges, or baby hairs, are the short, fine hairs along our hairlines. Laying down edges refers to styling and gelling down those baby hairs. Laid edges work great whether you’re sporting your natural hair, have a pretty protective style in or can help the hairline of your lace fronts appear more natural.

1How To Do Edges

Laying edges doesn’t require very much. All you need is some water, a headscarf or durag, a small bristled brush—most people will use an old toothbrush but now there are special baby hair brushes sold in beauty supply stores, and a good gel or edge control product. Make sure your gel or edge control isn’t the kind of formula that will flake up too soon as this can ruin your look completely.

You begin with wetting your brush to make sure those bristles are soft and malleable and lightly brush your baby hairs forward. How much of your baby hairs and hairline you choose to brush is up to you, some people also opt to use a little of their actual hair for added drama. Next, you can either place the gel on your brush or directly onto your baby hairs and now you can begin to shape your baby hair. The style works best when you brush them in curved shape with the ends going back into the direction of your hairline instead of straight down your forehead. If you would like to add extra dimension, use your finger or the flat end of a rat tail comb to further twist your baby hair. Once you’re happy with the shape, wrap a headscarf or durag tightly over your hairline to set the style and ensure it stays flat.

Depending on your chose edge control product, you will want to do all of this before you apply any complexion makeup as the ingredients in hair gel can sometimes cause your foundation or powder to shift and move.

Now that you know what to do, read on for all the best laid edges styles.

2Headband and bun

A cute little scarf is a great hair accessory, especially if your braids are nearing the end of their life or you’re just not too into styling your hair that day. Laying down your baby hair with a scarf on is a great way to make the look more polished and glam.


Just because you’re covered your head in a headscarf doesn’t mean no one should get to see some of your gorgeous tresses. Styling your baby hair to show through just a little under your turban or scarf is also a great way to frame your face and level up the look.

4High bun

When you’re pulling your hair back into a ballerina bun, you might find that your forehead pops a little too much. If you lay your baby hair to come a little forehead to your forehead and then back to the hairline, you can minimise the size of your forehead and just make the style prettier.

5Cornrows with extra long baby hair

The limit on edge styling doesn’t stop if your baby hair is a little on the short side. Without going overboard, when you’re braiding your hair you can thinly section the hair behind your hairline off to style in this gorgeous, 90s way.

6Patterned cornrows

Cute, curlique baby hairs are a beautiful contrast for your patterned cornrow styles. They highlight the shapes and lines and really help to frame your face.

7Bantu Knots

Whether you’re stretching your hair or sporting them as your final style, bantu knots always benefit from some slayed edges. The baby hair parting in this style is messy-chic to match the the different sized bantu knots.

8Finger waves

Finger waves are a great style for any natural with short hair or that awkward in-between length. The entire style is basically just a head full of baby hair styling as the swooping motion you use to create the waves is the same as you would for your baby hair.

9Tapered cut

Tapered cuts are all the rage for naturals who like to keep their hair short and stylish. Your hair is kept longer at the top and crown and shorted at the sides and back. All you need is to define your curls with your favourite gel and add a little bit more for your edges.

10Laid nape hair

There are really no limits to edge styling and you can even apply the same technique for your baby hair to the hair at the nape of your neck! This is especially great if you’ve got an updo but can’t get the shorter strands at the back of your head into the style. Say goodbye to clips straining your sensitive nape strands and instead say hello to this adorable alternative.

11TWA with swooping baby hair

This style is perfect for your wash and go days. All you need is a good curl defining creme/gel, a headband and five minutes to style your baby hair and then you’re good to go.

12Feed in braids

Simple, feed-in braids are a great way to bring a little flavor to your every day afro look as with this gorgeous style. You can style your baby hair as you do your braids to get that swept back look or afterwards.

13Pushed back puff

Puffs are great go-to style for naturalistas. It’s a great way to keep your hair away from the friction of your clothing and the elements and it creates a beautiful halo around your face. Cute baby hair styling makes the style even better.

14Half up, half down with pigtail buns

Play around with the cute hairstyles of your younger years like this half up, half down with pigtail buns. Another great way to style your edges is to have them curl in front of your ear for that youthful look.

15High ponytail

The S-bend baby hair in this style really take it up a level from your regular edges. To get the same look will require a little manouvering but it’s definitely possible. You’ll need to use your finger to press down on the hair as you brush it into your desired shape. Take your time and if you’re finding it difficult to get your hair to bend, use more gel or mousse.

16Half up, half down with top knot

A beautiful topknot is basically a crown, especially if you add metallic cord like in this gorgeous style. This can be achieve with either your natural hair, a partial sew in or a good lace front. Keep the baby hair simple so that your bun is the main attraction.

17Cornrows into high bun

For this updo, a combination of cornrows and rubber band braiding is used. Leaving two strands to hang at the front is beautiful quirky effect which is further finished off with curlique baby hairs.

18Side part rubber band braids

Another take on rubber band braids is to do them on the one side of your head, it creates an interesting contrast against the slicked down side part in this updo. You’ll only need to style your baby hair on the one side, too, so why not go wild with it?

19Feed in braids and bun

Rubber band braids really a dynamic way to change up your style and bring some color to ordinary hairstyles. Here, the hair is parted in trianfgles and squares, pulled up normally at the back and collected in a well defined bun with braids peaking through here and there. The best part is the laid down edges at the ears that lead into a single, dangling curl.

20Knotless box braids

Who doesn’t love knotless braids? They’re such a seamless and natural approach to box braids, which always look amazing. The baby hair is kept thin and long in this style which matches up with the natural looking box braids.

21Side part low ponytail

A side-part ponytail is a great hairstyle whether it’s for your wig, weave, natural hair or braids. Sprinkling a few swooping baby hairs on the uncovered side creates balance for the overall style and will really highlight your face.

22Bone straight middle part

For some, the bone-straight middle part can get a little boring even though it is one of those universally flattering styles. Edge it up with tiny baby hair sweeps from ear to ear to level up the look.

23Cornrows and pigtails

For this fabulous style, you’ll need to thinly section off longer pieces of hair at your hair line to get these long, S-curl baby hairs. Set them in a headwrap while you do these zig-zag cornrows and add long, thick ponytail extensions on either side of your head.

24Thick faux locs

The perfect accent to this bohemian, artfully messy look is some really sleek edges. You can keep the artistic vibe going by doing each section differently like in this style which features three different ways to comb your edges down.

25Curly bob

Shoulder-length curls are a very flattering option for all face shapes and they’re rather low maintenance too. The whole style just oozes easy and effortless so you don’t have to do too much with your baby hair either.

26Rich chocolate bob

From the rich, brown shade to the length and volume and those S-bend baby hair, this style is perfect if you want something very low maintenance but still very glam at the same time. If you’re wearing makeup, just remember to fill in the spaces beteween your baby hair curls after setting them.

27Middle part, low bun

This one is definitely for all the minimalists or aspiring ballerinas. This slicked back middle part that end in a low bun is an incredibly chic look for all occasions. You can take it from boring to stunning by playing around with your baby hair.

28Wavy side-part

The curling shape of the baby hair in this look perfectly complement the density of the curls. It’s a beautiful way to show the definition of your curls and make a side-part all the more pretty.

29Pigtail buns

This adorable style is a great throwback to the pigtails your mom probably used to put you in as a baby. Here, the baby hairs are swooped in big curves to bring a littl edge to the cutesy style.