40 Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls

cute haircuts for black girls

40 Cute Haircuts for Black Girls

Young women today desire to have a hairstyle that matches their personality, fashion, and interests. Keeping your tresses hip and fresh in these modern times while still conveying an elegant appeal is a desired goal for young women. With the various haircuts that are becoming more popular by the minute, you have more freedom to don a hairdo that expresses a style unique to who you are.

Whether you have long or short locks, there is a haircut that is perfect for you. Take the time to learn about a variety of different hairstyles that will match your wonderful fashion sense. Your gorgeous hairdo is another part of you and what an exciting way to communicate your style as well as your beauty.

1Bob with Wide Side-Swept Fringe

The structuring associated with this hairdo has all the stylists fawning over it. The cut, color, layers, and part combine to make this hairstyle one of the best for young women.

2Black Royalty

Short hairdos have the ability to convey a sense of sophistication and are very stylish. The feathered pieces are exquisite and the texture is flawless.

3Posh Ponytail

Young women desire to wear their long tresses in a posh ponytail for added movement and texture. A sleek ponytail can be worn to a classy dinner party or to the office.

4Two-Tone Asymmetrical Bob

Adding just a small amount of color to your locks can create a subtle difference in your style. This two-tone asymmetrical bob is perfect for the young woman who conveys elegance wherever she goes.

5Faux Hawk Haircut

Rock this hip haircut that looks great on young women. Jazz up your hairstyle with a cut that is as excited about living as you are. Dare to don a hairdo that is as unique as you.

6Caramel Hair

Adding chocolate low lights to your caramel hair adds more dimension and depth to any haircut. Style your fringe forwards for an appealing look as you dance the night away.

7Gorgeous Curls

The versatility of this look is amazing and there are many styles that you can create with your tresses. Curl your hair into lovely, long locks for a look becoming of the beauty you are.

8Coifed Short Hair

Make a style reminiscent of days gone by more modern as you don this sophisticated cut. Your hair is relaxed and then cut at angle just enough to be tucked behind your ears. Highlight your eyes with a stylish swoop of side bangs.


A high bump and straight ponytail can be worn for several formal events to exude elegance and dignity. A distinct style, this particular ponytail allows you to stand out from all the rest.

10Multi-Layered Asymmetrical Bob

An ultra-chic cut, this multi-layered asymmetrical bob brings your style to a whole ‘nother level. Exude class and confidence as you walk the different avenues of your day.

11Shimmering Color

Wear a shimmering color in your tresses to match your fun, spunky side. Colors are able to spruce up any hairdo and bring a smile to anyone’s face.

12Long Box Braids

For the young woman who prefers long, glorious hair, this is the style for you. Long box braids are an excellent hairdo to convey beauty with just a touch of freshness.

13Bouncy Spiral Curls

Bouncy spiral curls are a wonderful hairdo to match your fun, energetic personality. This hairdo requires little maintenance and goes with a plethora of outfits.

14Coifed Cut

Cut to perfection, this coifed hairstyle is wonderful if you are hoping to change your fashion. Lines cut into one side provide a youthful accent. You can wear this cut for a night on the town or to the office.

15Side Cornrows Mohawk

A cornrowed Mohawk adds a bit of edge to your look and can be worn to any occasion. This is a non-traditional one side Mohawk that is both edgy and elegant.

16Straight and Sleek

For a classic look that is growing in popularity, straight and sleek tresses are wonderful style to convey elegance. You can create this look for the classiest of events or for a day at the park.

17Black and White

Black and white strands never go out of style and you have the ability to create a look that is unique to you. Communicate your exquisite fashion sense wherever you go.

18Classy Curls

Go ahead and get the curls you have always wanted for your long tresses. Big barrel curls are a go to fancy style for formal occasions.

19Kinky Tight Curls

A natural hair movement has been on the rise as of late and kinky tight curls are a growing trend. Wear your tresses in their natural texture and showcase the beauty of your lovely locks.

20Backswept Feathers

Donning a short haircut is an impressive display of texture and backswept feathers are no exception. Pair this hairdo with sparkly earrings to complete the sophisticated look.

21Deep Waves

Adding deep waves to one side of your haircut provides a soft appeal to your look. A unique hairdo that can be worn for classy events or for your next business trip.

22Asymmetrical Bob

For a professional look, style your hair into an asymmetrical bob. This is an elegant and classy look that looks great on young women. Add color for a little creativity.

23Beautiful Arched Bangs

A bob with bangs is a traditional, classy style that conveys a sense of sophistication. This sleek bob has grown in popularity and young women are wearing it everywhere. To highlight all of your best facial features, give this hairdo a try.

24Curly Hairdo

For a style that transitions from day to night, sweet and spunky curls throughout your tresses can be donned. Cute, effortless style at its best.

25Two-Tone Spiral Curls

Coloring your hair is becoming a style that is here to stay. Two-tone spiral curls can brighten your look and revitalize your tresses.

26Vintage Vision

A polished pixie cut is a classy look due to the vintage inspired style. Let your fashion be inspired from past decades and create a look that can still be worn in the modern age.

27High Bun

Clean and neat are just two characteristics of the classic high bun. The high bun can be worn a number of ways to match various occasions you attend. Pair this up-do with your favorite black dress for a classy night at your favorite restaurant.

28Cheek-Length Bob

A cheek-length bob paired with a sweeping side fringe creates a professional look suitable for a day at the office. You can even wear this hairstyle for relaxed family gatherings.

29Modern Mohawk

The modern Mohawk is a fashion forward hairstyle that equally balances various design elements. Rock this modern day haircut for an ultra-chic style.

30Voluminous Curls

For a style that is sophisticated and appealing, create voluminous curls to add extra height and texture. Pair this elegant hairdo with a maxi dress for your next classy dinner.

31Oversized Kinky Tight Curls

Take you kinky tight curls to the next level by styling your natural hair into a voluminous showcase of sophistications with a touch of spunk. Go ahead and let your amazing personality shine.

32Unique Designs

As you don an undercut hairstyle, incorporating elements to create a unique look from day to day can be hard. By adding color and designs, a distinct look can be crafted to match your unique style.

33The Farrah Fawcett

Duplicating the hairstyle of Farrah Fawcett from past decades is a goal many women have desired to achieve. Spiral rods can help you recreate the famous hairstyle of Farrah Fawcett.

34Ombré Hairstyle

Layer your tresses to achieve a glorious texture that is even better when an ombré effect is added. Various hues complement each other nicely and you can choose a color that is best for your personality.

35Cascading Curls

Pulling your cascading curls to one side creates a simple, yet glamourous look that is appealing for many young women. Medium to long tresses are perfect for this look. An elegant style is achieved through a simple means.

36Curly Pixie with Long, Feathery Bangs

This is a hairstyle that is short and requires little maintenance. An urban, edgier look is crafted through a unique hairstyle. Long bangs graze past your eyes for a mysterious appeal.

37Rosewood Ombré

An exquisite rosewood ombré effect will complement your skin tone quite nicely. When paired with a side swept bang, a stunning look is created to bring out all your best features.

38Spikes and Curls

Let your personality shine when you combine edgy spikes with curls throughout your tresses. Hair products create finger combed spikes and curls that stand all day.

39Marley Hair Crochet Braids

A protective hairstyle that is still cute is the Marley hair with crochet braids look. Create various hairdos with your Marley braids to spice up your styling options.

40Black Peacock Tresses

Let your style take off with these black peacock tresses. An undercut style paired with balayage bangs brings new life to your hair and is a fashionable look. Showcase your amazing sense of style.