Crochet Braid Pattern: Best Braid Pattern for Crochet Braids

braid pattern for crochet hair

Braid Pattern for Crochet Braids

Crochet braids have quickly become one of the most popular protective hairstyles to safeguard your natural tresses. The versatility of crochet braids allows you to create new, exciting ‘dos to showcase your hair. Various crochet braid patterns provide the perfect foundation for the exact style you wish to achieve. Learn how to create a wonderful braid pattern for crochet braids while checking out ten of the hippest braid designs.

1How to Braid Your Hair

To begin braiding cornrows with your natural tresses, style your locks into sections. A side or middle part can be crafted with cornrows depending on the hairdo you are stylin’. Hip parts, such as the triangle part, can also be crafted throughout your natural tresses. Thinner braids are best for parts in your hair. Doubling the number of cornrows at the front than in the back is helpful to crafting a beautiful style. You can form one cornrow with the all ends of your cornrows. Sew the ends to one of the cornrows. The ends can also be tucked away by crocheting hair on the cornrow.

2Straight Back Braiding Pattern

Braid your hair into cornrows reminiscent of ‘90s R&B singers’ hairdos. A straight back braiding pattern is simply cornrows that start at your forehead and go all the way back. The ends may need to be sewed up to provide a flat surface to attach your crochet braids. The straight back pattern is one of the most common braiding patterns for crochet installation. Sophisticated hairdos can be created with the straight back braiding pattern. It is important to note that the straight back braiding pattern does not provide much versatility for hairstyles.

3Micro Method Braiding Pattern

Smaller cornrows are braided throughout your natural hair with the micro method. Smaller cornrows are better suited for straight hairstyles. The micro pattern is more tedious than other crochet braid designs because small strands of hair are crocheted into your braids. Installing the micro method braids does take more time than other braiding patterns. Movement and a smooth texture are two of the benefits of crafting a micro method braiding pattern. A flawless look is achieved for gorgeous, moveable tresses.

4U-Part Cornrows Braiding Pattern

A u-part braiding pattern can be crafted by creating a straight back design and crossing the braids in the middle over one another. Multiple parts in your hair can be created with u-part cornrows providing you with versatility. A slight curve looks more realistic. Design a unique Mohawk for a modern look as u-part cornrows are installed. Craft an original up-do for a classy cocktail party. More hair can be added to your braids with a u-part pattern allowing your crochet braids to look as natural as possible.

5Beehive Braiding Pattern

An ideal design for a flat surface is the beehive pattern. Braids, twists, as well as ponytails are perfect for a beehive pattern. One of the best characteristics of a beehive pattern is how quick it can be to adorn crochet braids with. Don a beautifully crafted up-do as a beehive pattern is designed throughout your natural tresses. Hairdos with bangs also work well with the beehive pattern.

6Vixen Braiding Pattern

A popular braid pattern due to an invisible installation method, vixen braids provide you with various styling options. Vixen crochet braids are a four-section version of the beehive method with an optional leave-out. Craft elegant buns, cute ponytails, or ultra-chic half up-dos with a vixen braid pattern. Side, diagonal, or unique parts can be crafted with a vixen pattern. This is the most difficult braiding pattern, but the versatility is worth the end result.

7Zig-Zag Braiding Pattern

In a zig-zag pattern, the braids go horizontally back and forth across your scalp. The sections created are perfect for a layered look. Half up-dos are skillfully crafted with a zig-zag braiding pattern. If you a donning a knotless crochet braid style to go around your whole head, the zig-zag braiding method is an excellent choice. A straight surface is provided for you to form your knotless knots. A natural look is achieved through a zig-zag stylin’ pattern.

8Asymmetrical Braiding Pattern

A unique braiding pattern is achieved when an asymmetrical look is skillfully crafted throughout your braids. Braids going around your head along with a deep side part create a beautiful look. If you are desiring a hairstyle with an asymmetrical design, these braids are an excellent choice. Braids, curls, and twists can be worn with a cool, hip side part. A bouncy, curly style can be worn with this distinct pattern.

9Braid Pattern with Leave Out

Leave some of your natural hair out of your braids to allow your style to blend in with your tresses. Crochet braids blend in perfectly with your natural locks. Long, curly tresses flow down your shoulders. Straight hair also works well with the leave out method. Blending is a wonderful style technique for creating hairdos with a natural look. Craft gorgeous up-dos for formal events or wear your tresses down for a casual look.

10Diagonal Braiding Pattern

As crochet braids have become the latest style craze, unique braiding patterns are being crafted to match the versatility of these braids. A diagonal braiding pattern at your forehead allows you to wear ‘dos with swooped bangs. Ultra-chic ponytails as well as high buns can be crafted for elegant events. Leave the diagonal cornrows out to create a cool, hip hairstyle with a sharp design. A subtle part is created at the front of your braids for a sophisticated look.

11Braiding Pattern for Bangs

Bangs are a gorgeous style and can accentuate all your best facial features. Craft your bangs into a fashionable side-swoop or wear them cascading down your forehead. Bangs can be straight, curly, or wavy. Layered bangs create a look with depth and dimension. Create elegant up-dos to showcase your beauty. As you have this braiding pattern installed, design a hairdo with bangs that matches your awesome personality. Let your sense of style illuminate as you create a ‘do unique to you.