Crochet Box Braids Hair Guide – Everything You Need To Know

crochet box braids

How to Crochet Box Braids with No Cornrows

Installing your own box braids might rank as one of the most difficult tasks after rocket science. It’s difficult to get the tension right, get the braids started correctly and it’s so time consuming. Finally, however, is a new box braid method that removes all the hassle out of protective styling. Introducing crochet box braids!

Now, these aren’t the crochet braids you’re familiar with when your hair is cornrowed and pre-braided hair is crocheted onto your scalp. While that style is probably the most time efficient, it doesn’t make for the most natural look. The single braid method comes out exactly like traditional box braids but takes less time, effort and tears.

1The Single Braid Method

crochet box braids no cornrows

Once you’ve completed your braid prep–washing, conditioning and the like, you can start by sectioning your entire head into plaits. You will simply braid your natural hair to the parting and amount you would like for your braids. 

Next you grab a latch hook, slide it through the root of your plaits and hook braiding hair onto it. You’ll want the braiding hair to be the thickness of one of the three braiding strands. Pull the loop through your plait and then tug on one end so that the loop is hanging evenly through your plait.

After that, you’ll grab more braiding hair. This will be double the thickness of the loop hanging in your plait. You can now loop this around the root of your plait and braid as normal. It’s so easy. You’ll repeat this step for the rest of your plaits and be done in no time. 

The best part is that this method pulls very lightly on your hair ensuring the health of your scalp and tresses. Removing this style will also be a walk in park and you won’t have to worry about rubber bands and threads.

2Triangle part jumbo braids

triangle parted jumbo crochet box braids

This gorgeous triangle part style features super thick braids that are a little bigger than the parted sections. This creates a beautiful and dramatic look.

3Chunky blonde crochet braids

chunky blonde crochet box braids

Less is definitely more with these super, chunky platinum blonde braids. You’ll need a lot of braiding hair, of course, and don’t be afraid to go for length either with all the time you’re going to save. 

4Thin triangle part crochet box braids

thin triangle part crochet box braids

If you’re doing this style at home, you may need someone to help you to get the triangle parting perfect at the back of your head but other than that this is another gorgeous and easy style to achieve with this method.

5Shoulder length bob crochet box braids

shoulder length crochet box braids

With the time you’ll save using a crochet hook, why not go for a little extra density like in this full braided bob? Use hot water to get the tips of your braids to curl in for that bumped-up end.

6Super long red braids

long red crochet box braids

This darker shade of red that’s not quite yet maroon is another incredibly flattering color to consider. It’s absolutely gorgeous in these long, thick crochet box braids.

7Crochet box braids with beads

crochet box braids with beads

This quick to do style is a great go-to protective style option- thanks to the bob length and the generous partings. Add a dressed up feel with lots and lots of beads.

8Rainbow braids

rainbow colored crochet box braids with beads

This breathtaking style is middle-parted with the one side featuring an ombre of cool to warm rainbow shades and stacked clear beads on the tips of all the braids.

9White blonde crochet box braids

platinum blonde crochet box braids

Platinum shades of blonde are a wonderful contrast against all skintones and they’re a super trendy take on box braids. The style is even better if your natural hair or roots are a similar or matching shade of blonde.

10Electric blue braids

electric blue crochet box braids

Make a brilliant statement with electric blue braids. This style has dense, thick braids and the two front braids at the middle part have gold wrapping and cuff beads.

11Ash blonde crochet box braids

ash blonde crochet box braids

Ash blonde might be one of the most universal lighter shades because it seems to suit everyone. Whether you have cool, warm or neutral undertones, you’ll look amazing with this color.

12Black and brown braids

black and brown crochet box braids

Forget having to choose between two colors you like, opt for having your cake and eating it too. This gorgeous crochet box braids style has one half of the head in black braids and the other in brown.

13Thread wrapped crochet box braids

thread wrapped crochet box braids

If you’re going for classic black crochet box braids, try including gold string in your braiding hair for a subtle addition of shimmer and shine. You can tie in the gold string, or even gold fibre, as you braid down the strand.

14Long blonde braids

long blonde crochet box braids

The other benefit of using the single braid method is being able to continue styling your braids anyway you want without worrying about exposed cornrows. Try out a high ponytail and swoop bang like in this pretty style.

15Pink jumbo crochet box braids

pink jumbo crochet box braids

Think pink with these lovely, dookie inspired jumbo braids. The style looks very natural and like something out of the 90s. Try flattening your middle parting like in this style for that sense of realism.

16Canary yellow braids

neon yellow crochet box braids

Neon is a growing hair color trend and this bright yellow is a stunning way to make a bold statement that will show off your unique personality.

17Super jumbo crochet box braids

super jumbo crochet box braids

These are super, super jumbo crochet box braids and they’re absolutely stunning. Using the crochet method will also help in making sure these heavy braids aren’t straining your natural hair too much.

18Black and purple braids

black and purple crochet box braids

Try out this really pretty colorway of black and dark purple in a side swoop bang and big ballerina bun positioned high to show off the different shades.

19Grey crochet box braids

grey crochet box braids

Grey is quickly becoming a classic, almost neutral color. It’s just the right amount of alternative while being very pretty on everyone. 

20Shades of red braids

red and maroon crochet box braids

These thick, dense crochet box braids are all made up of maroon and bright red fibres which create a fiery contrast.

21Half orange, half black braids

half orange half black crochet box braids

These orange and black crochet box braids might almost be Halloween-like but the muted shade of orange just makes it a gorgeous style you should try.