Comb Coils and Comb Twist on Short Hair

comb coil twists

Comb Coil Locs and Comb Twist Guide

Consider comb coil locs like faux locs using just your natural hair. They’re also known as comb twists, finger coils or single strand twists. This style works on long and short hair alike and it’s a great way to experiment with dreadlocks without the commitment. It will take less than a few hours to complete the style and with proper care you can expect to keep your comb coil locs for up to two to four weeks. Don’t keep them in too long, however, or your hair will actually start to lock. Here’s everything you need to know about how to start rocking the style.

1How to Do Comb Coils on Natural Hair

how to do comb coil loc

As always, you’ll want to begin with freshly cleansed and conditioned hair. While your hair is still wet, you can begin to detangle and comb through all your hair to make sure your coils look smooth.

Starting at the nape of your head, section your hair into no bigger than one inch blocks. Apply leave-in conditioner and use a gel or mousse on the roots to tips of your hair. 

There are different ways you can complete the look. You can create a coil by twisting your hair from your scalp to twists, stretching it as you move down the shaft. Keep the coil in place with a hair clip and repeat the process for the rest of your head. The other method is to use a rat tail comb.

Using a comb, twist your hair from the roots with the comb’s twist and twirl it until your reach the ends. A more advanced method is to use the tail of your comb but this is rather difficult. Using a comb will provide neater and more uniform twists.

Seal all your coils with oil and you can either air dry your coils, set them under a hooded dryer or cover them with a satin bonnet overnight. 

2Comb Coils and Comb Twist on Short Hair – Tips and Tricks

comb coil twists on natural hair

Your roots may want to puff out as your twisting the hair so make sure your hair is heavily saturated with water and a good conditioning or moisturising product. 

To keep your coils looking fresh and new for as long as possible, you need to wrap them every night before bed or wear a satin bonnet. Use a light moisturiser or leave-in conditioner every two to three days to keep your hair looking and feeling soft. You can also use this time to retwist any coils that have gotten frizzy or unravelled. 

Moisturising frequently will also help to prevent any locking in your hair – which will be painful and damaging to remove if left too long.

When you’re reaching the end of your style you can also untwist your coils and wear them as a gorgeous coil out style that will produce defined curls. Make sure to use a moisturiser or hair butter when untwisting your coils, not only for the health and shininess of your hair but to also ensure that you don’t break or pull on your hair too hard.

3Short side parted comb coils

side part short comb coil twists

This style is great for shorter afro lengths and you can keep it simple and beautiful with a side-part.

4Comb coil ponytail with highlights

comb coil twists in ponytail with highlights

If you have longer hair, comb coils look great in a relaxed high ponytail like in this style that also features copper highlights. 

5Coil twist mohawk

coil twist mohawk

If you’re sporting a mohawk, you can still have a super cool hairstyle by comb twisting your hair. The fade haircut is a great addition to the overall style.

6Coiled bangs

comb coil bangs

Curly bangs are a lovely look to try out with coil twists. You can achieve this straight after doing your comb twists or with a coil-out.

7Short comb coils and undercut

short finger comb coil locs and undercut

Comb twists add lovely, flippable weight to your hair which looks gorgeous in this style with a side undercut.Long coils in a bun

8Thick coil bangs

thick comb coil bangs

This gorgeous comb twist has thick bangs at the front to create a lovely bowl-cut bob. 

9Coil faux-hawk

finger coil loc faux hawk

In order to create this mohawk without snipping any of your locks, you can pin back the hair at the sides of your hair. For maximum hold, using gel will seal those sides down.

10Red coil twists

red coil twists

Red is a fantastic color in coil twists. You can achieve this gorgeous bob with either the comb or finger methods. 

11Comb twist bun

long comb finger coils in bun

Comb twists work on all lengths of hair and you can wear them in this stunning high bun with two strands hanging down at the front.

12Medium length bob

medium length finger coil bob

This voluminous coil twist look is absolutely gorgeous and it is styled with a side-bang. This will also work great when you do a coil-out.

13Thick finger comb coils

thick finger comb coil twists

If you’d prefer, you can twist your hair much more loosely to get this thick, ringlet like coil style. 

14Honey blond comb coil locs

short blonde and brown comb coil twists

This gorgeous style pushes all of the twists towards the front of the head and features beautiful blonde and brown streaks that really pop thanks to the curl definition.

15Ombre coil out

ombre comb twist coil out

Black to blonde ombre is a classic and easy to pull off color way. The contrast between the dark and lighter shades really pops off thanks to the curl definition in this coil out.

16Blue comb coil twists

blue short coil finger twist

Coil twists are a fantastic way to highlight a good dye job like this amazing electric blue afro that’s been twisted perfectly.

17Short red coil twists

short red coil twists

It’s often hard to find styles for your teeny-weeny afro, especially if it’s at an awkward length. Coil twists are the perfect answer to a great way to switch up your hair that looks gorgeous at any length.

18Grey comb coil twists

grey finger comb coil twists

Whether you’re naturally greying or you just enjoy a little silver hair dye fro time to time, coil twists look amazing in the color. 

19Pushed back comb coil twists

comb coil locs in headband

Another great way to wear your twists is by pushing them back with a headband or pins to really offset the volume.

20Finger coils with beads

finger coils with beads

You don’t have to reserve your hair jewelry for your box braids and twists, cuff beads and even regular beads will work great with your twists which are wrapped tight enough to hold the beads.

21Half-up half-down twists

half up half down finger cob twists

Consider making your twists ultra thin, which will not only ensure their tightness but you can sport this gorgeous half-up half-down ponytail look.

22Feed in twists

comb coil locs with feed in twists

Opt to style your twists with feed in flat twists if you’re not feeling like you’d like to coil your entire head.