Butterfly Locs

butterfly locs with butterfly clips

Butterfly Locs Styles

The hottest new trend in protective styles is the beautifully bohemian butterfly locs. This natural-looking style is lightweight and it’s quickly become everyone’s new favorite due to how easy it is to install and maintain. Just like its neater cousin, faux locs, the style starts with parting your hair and braiding the sections, and then crocheting water wave hair into the braids. Except, this time, instead of tightly wrapping the hair around your braids, you can use your thumb or your crochet hook to make the loops and gaps with your water wave hair. The look is meant to be fluffy and undone so it’s easy to try by yourself this loc style. There are so many styling options and colors when it comes to butterfly locs. So here are 30 gorgeous butterfly loc styles for your inspiration!

1Long middle-parted locs

This style is both very glamorous while being incredibly effortless. A middle-part is a classic way to part your hair that frames just about every face shape perfectly.

2Bouncy bob

In this gorgeous bob, the locs are kept as tight as regular faux locs at the roots and the butterfly effect is kept to the tips which creates a lot of volume and bounce to the look. 

3Platinum blond locs

A gorgeous color for all seasons and all skin tones, platinum blonde adds an extra edge to the very natural look. If you’re still color shy, keeping the colour in a bob is a great way to keep it casual.

4Butterfly locs wrapped in yarn

Yarn is a beautiful and non-committal way to bring some color to your style as well as really bring in that beachy, relaxed vibe. 

5Side part with beads

The great thing about butterfly locs is how close to natural dreadlocks they feel and adding in a few beads is a great way to add a little bit of glam to the natural look.

6Purple and grey highlights

Bring a little personality into your hairstyle with a pop of color like purple or grey/silver! 

7Wrapped locs

For the full boho babe look, try stacking your locs atop your head with a great head wrap. This is especially great for when you’re nearing the end of your hairstyle’s newness.

8Side part with brown highlights

Color doesn’t always have to be super bright and loud, this style has a soft surprise of brown highlights at the tips.

9Chocolate brown locs

For an even softer look, chocolate brown is a great color choice that still makes a statement.

10Blonde ombre bob

Blonde is a beautiful color on all skin tones and the addition of multiple shades of blonde and light brown in this style add great dimension for an understated elegant feel.

11Extra fluffy locs with blonde streaks

Don’t be afraid to let loose with how messy you make your locs. This style creates the illusion of big, loose curls along with the brilliant contrast from the platinum blonde locs spread out sporadically.

12Ombre blue tips

Colored tips are always a fun addition to any hairstyle and these locs are even more fun with an ombre of light and dark blue. 

13Multicolor fluffy locs

If you’ve ever struggled to choose just one color then this is the style for you. These butterfly locs are mostly black but have fun pops of white, honey brown and dark brown.

14High ponytail

This super high ponytail creates a voluminous waterfall of soft, fluffy locs around your face while still bringing a layer of elegance thanks to the updo and laid edges. 

15Distressed bob

You can achieve this distressed look in just a few hours whether you choose to do it yourself via the crochet method or thumb method or get it done in a salon. 

16Honey and chocolate boho locs

This warm color combination is perfect for all skin tones and will really bring out the light in your face. 

17Pink tipped locs

This fluffy pink look might remind you of liquorice and candy floss and who doesn’t want to walk around looking like a literal snack?

18Triangle parted locs

Another great way to jazz up your butterfly locs is with alternative parting styles like these stunning triangles. Add to the boho look by alternating the size and shape of your triangles.

19Honey blond high ponytail

Adding a satin scrunchie in a complementary color like this shade of brown is a great way to bring out the highlights in these blond braids.

20Purple bob

This shock of violet locs is a guaranteed way to make a bold statement in any room.

21Bob with blond streaks

This lovely bob has just a few light blonde streaks spread throughout which add a great contrast to the dark color of the style.

22Feed-in locs

Pushing these voluminous, fluffy locs away from your face with feed-in style braids is a great way to highlight your lovely features and create a faux undercut effect.

23Super long locs

While this style will mean spending quite a bit of time in the salon chair, the wow effect is definitely worth it. The look is still classic but the length really adds a powerful impact.

24Grey bob

Ironically, silver and grey color ways make you look incredibly youthful and cool. Protective styles are a great way to experiment with color without damaging your natural hair.

25Maroon locs

A classic shade for protective styles, butterfly locs really shine for their easy, breezy feel with this extremely flattering color.

26Hot pink locs

If there’s ever been a case to think pink then this stunning style of locs is your sign to try this style out as soon as possible.

27Honey and platinum locs

Styling two-tone hairstyles in these space buns is a great way to show off this gorgeous mix of honey and platinum blonde.

28Super thick bob with gold hardware

While butterfly locs are amazing for their simplicity, don’t be afraid to go glam and drama with some metal rings and accessories. You won’t have to worry about accessorising when your hair is this icy.

29Fire engine red tips

The softness of this distress locs is given a dynamic edge with these fire engine red tips spread minimally throughout the hair.