Gorgeous Black Braids with Beads To Try Out

side box braids and beads

Braids with Beads Looks

There’s a variety of gorgeous braiding styles available and they’re all just about perfect. The only thing that can make any braid style even ten times better is beads. Beads, cuffs, rings and all sorts of blinging accessories really add personality, uniqueness and, of course, shine to any hairstyle. They’re perfect for adding glamor to a casual look or complementing something a little more formal or elegant. The best part is that you can also switch out your beads while you’ve got your protective style in from day to day. Read on for some of the best ways to decorate your braids with beads.

1Cornrows with cowrie shells

cornrows with cowrie shells

Keeping your braids relatively simple like these neat cornrows is a great background for getting a little extra with beads like these lovely cowrie shells.

2Pearly cornrows braids with beads

cornrows with pearls

Pearls are one of the most popular types of beads in jewelry for a very good reason which is best shown by this gorgeous pearl beaded cornrow hairstyle.

3Safety pin cornrows

safety pin cornrowns

You don’t always have to go with traditional circle beads, mini gold safety pins are another way to bedazzle your braid styles in a way that’s both glamorous and edgy.

4Puff bubble ponytail with beads

puff bubble ponytail with beads

Puff bubble ponytails are a big trend, they create great volume and they’re such an easy style to install. This style features cornrows at the front which end in lots of chunky brown and white beads.

5Middle part cornrow braids with beads

middle part cornrows with beads

A beautifully African-inspired style, these cornrows feature a cornrow down the middle of the head with a mix of beads and cuff beads.

6Jumbo cornrows with cowrie shells

jumbo crowns with leave out and cowrie shells

Mixing your cornrows with a leave-out or hair extensions is absolutely gorgeous as demonstrated by this style. The giant cowrie shells are a stunning soft touch.

7Feed in cornrows with beads

feed in cornrows with beads

Half-up, half-down styles are an eternal classic and this style is extra glamorous with a twisted top knot, full loose waves and large beads spread throughout.

8Fulani braids with beads

fulani braids with brown beads

This is a classic Fulani braid style which features cowrie shells above the ears and different shades of brown beads at the tips.

9Extra big clear beads

angular braid bob with clear beads

When you’re going with a simple style like these faux locs, let your jewelry do the talking with these large, clear beads. 

10Halo braid with beads

halo braid with cornrows and beads

A halo braid creates a crown-like effect and what’s a crown with bling? The front of this style is divided into thin Fulani braids with cute brown beads.

11Blonde cornrow braids with beads

blonde cornrows with beads

Mixing shades of brown and white brings out the golden shades in these honey blonde cornrows while making the braids feel fuller at the tips.

12Beaded braid bangs

undercut cornrows with big black beads

Incredibly punk rock, the flatness of the undercut and cornrows are given softness with these large black beads. Adding longer cornrows at the side of the head helps to frame the face beautifully.

13Bright red braids with clear beads

bright red braids with clear beads

These bright red ombre knotless braids are absolutely breathtaking and the use of clear, crystal beads adds extra sparkle to the bright color.

14Middle part cornrows and beads

middle part braids with beads and cornrows

Adding a cornrow in the middle of your middle part is a minimal take on braided bangs. Switch the style up by having different beads at your middle part and the tips of your braids.

15Long braids with beaded bangs

long braids with bangs and beads

This mesmerizing style features multicolored beads, medium long braids with a full fringe that’s fully beaded. 

16Cornrow updo with beaded bangs

cornrow updo with braided bangs and beads

Pairing bangs with a bun is always a stunning look that frames the face naturally and these lovely multicolored beads in a neutral color palette will complement any skin tone.

17Blonde Ghana braids with beads

blond ghana braids with beads

These gorgeous black and blonde Ghana braids with beads are a showstopper thanks to the length so you can go minimal with just a few beads in complementing colors spread out subtly.

18Extra long braids with clear beads

extra long braids with beads at tips

Who doesn’t love the drama of extra long braids? Adding beads at the end really emphasizes this stunning length and adds a lovely weight to the look. 

19Mini braids with red beads

mini braids with red braids

These mini braids feel very Y2K so they’re a perfect try for right now. The red and clear beads add a great girly vibe.

20Blonde bohemian braids

blonde bohemian braids with beads

Adding beaded hair accessories like this pretty and pearly headband is a great way to further bedazzle your hairstyle. The curls of the bohemian braids add great texture and an overall unique look.

21Short blonde braids

short blonde braids with beads

Clear beads really accent the platinum blonde shade of these short box braids in a lovely way that makes this slightly boyish style a little bit more feminine.

22Zig-zag cornrows with beads

zig zag cornrows with beads

Changing the pattern of your cornrows is already a great way to add dimension and shape to your hairstyle and beads only make it better like in this pretty ‘do.

23Long rows of blue beads

long rows of blue beads on cornrows

Beading is a great way to play with color without having to get colored braiding hair. These long lines of shiny blue beads creates a lovely black to blue ombre.

24Brown and white beads

brown and white beaded blonde braids

This is definitely a style for the daring. Changing up the color of your beads halfway along your braids creates a visually captivating stripe that will make your braids look very high fashion.

25Cowrie shell beaded high ponytail

cowrie shell beaded high ponytail braids

Beads don’t always have to lay at your tips, they also make a great accent in the middle of your braids which are perfect for when you wrap them around your ponytail for extra height.

26Alternative cornrows with beads

alternative cornrows with cowrie shells

Here’s a style that’s going to turn every head in every room. The braids are a mix of thin and thick braids with curtain bang style braids hanging down the front with cowrie shell beads.

27Chunky beaded bangs

chunky beaded braid bangs and cornrows

These super big gold and brown beads are a great nod to traditional African hairstyling in the most glamorous way. Don’t worry about the weight, Just tuck the tips of your braids back into the beads in order to lock them in place. 

28Cuff beaded puffs

cuff beaded afro bubble puffs

Puff styles are all the rage right now and this style is enhanced with gold cuff beads separating the puffs. And the best thing is that this beautiful look is so easy to achieve.

29Black to blue ombre box braids

back to blue ombre braids with beads

Adding clear beads to your ombre braids are a great way to highlight the color like in this simple, middle parted style.

30Cowrie shells and rings

cornrows with cowrie shells and gold rings

These fashion runway braids are an amazing style with asymmetric cornrows and box braids that are made all the more dazzling with a mix of cowrie shells, gold jump rings and gold cuff beads at the tips.