60 Braids for Kids: 60 Braid Styles for Girls

Braids for Kids - Braid Styles for Girls

60 Braids for Kids: 60 Braid Styles for Girls

Braids are a timeless way to style little girls’ hair. In addition to being cute, braids are also a practical choice for the youngest naturalistas in your life. Between school and daily activities like dance class, sports, and everyday play, it’s easy for curly styles to get frizzy, tangled, and even damaged. Braids help protect the hair from damage and eliminate the need for constant restyling. With so many great styles to choose from, braids are one of the most versatile styling options for little girls. Here are 60 great braid styles for the little lady in your life.

1Side Part Cornrows With Beads

Keep it simple with this side part cornrow style. Adding colored beads to the ends of the braids not only adds a touch of fun to the look, but also protects the ends of the hair.

2Braided Twisted Mohawk

Mohawks are very cute styles that last a long time on little girls. Braid the hair in a simple pattern or add some designs for more flair. Add cute accessories like the flowers pictured or hair jewels.

3Crisscross Double Puffs

We are loving this crisscross style. Simply section the hair and plait in small sections. Follow by securing with a rubber band in a crisscross fashion. Secure the two puffs with your favorite bows.

4Jumbo Halo Braid

We are loving this jumbo halo braid. You can achieve this style by braiding the hair around the crown of the head and then adding hair to create the halo braid. Add four smaller braids, two on each side and complete the look with beads of your choice.

5Braided Minnie Mouse Puffs

This is a simple cornrow style that is completed with two buns formed by medium-sized two strand twists. This style is not only cute but is also great as a protective style.

6Braided Pigtails

Pigtails are definitely the style of every little girl’s childhood. Give them a twist by adding braids, then coordinate colorful beads and bows to match specific outfits. Keep the braids looking fresh by adding a hair oil for shine.

7Braided Side Bun

Nothing is better than little versatility when it comes to hair. Like adults, kids can get bored with the same hairstyle after a while. We love this side bun because you can also wear it as a side ponytail.

8French Braid Ballerina Bun

Continuing with the crisscross trend, add a little more style by adding two curved french braids. This style is sure to last even through the toughest play dates. To maintain, moisturize and twist each bun as needed.

9Straight Back Cornrows

Like mother like daughter. Get matching hairstyles with your little princess. We love these straight back cornrows that alternate in size. These are not only easy to maintain but also easy to do as well.

10Cornrow French Braids With Twisted Bangs

Bangs are such a great look for little girls. But having children running around with a classic loose bang can be a hassle, so opt for giving your child twisted bangs instead.

11Braided Crown With Mini Twists

Here is a classic children’s style. The crown is braided in medium-sized cornrows with mini two strand twists in the back. To brighten this style up you can use colorful rubber bands at the root instead of black.

12Lush Twisted Pigtails

How gorgeous are these jumbo twists pigtails? We love how these braids are done in a chevron pattern. Smaller twists are wrapped around the root of the pigtails which gives this look more texture.

13Braided Side Mohawk

To achieve this textured mohawk look, put the hair in small to medium size twists and let them set overnight. To get the best results use a styling cream such as shea moisture’s curl enhancing smoothie.

14Braided Pineapple

We love this cute version of the pineapple. The hair is braided in a wave pattern that is then put into one large braid going to the front, creating the pineapple.

15Twisted French Roll

The french roll is such a classic style. What better way to make it kid-friendly than to add braids and twists to it. Not only does it make it age appropriate but it also allows the style to last for a longer period of time.

16Loose Braided Bun

Nothing screams princess like a bun. What we love about this bun is that the twists are styled into a loose braid. This style of braiding keeps unnecessary tension off of the hair. It also makes it easy to take down and moisturize when needed.

17Braided Heart Roll and Tuck

We are absolutely in love with the creativity of this hairdo. The braided heart is such a fun and kid-friendly touch. This is a style that’s super easy to maintain overnight: just cover the hair with a satin bonnet or scarf.

18Centered Halo

We are used to seeing the crown halo but this centered halo is another great look. This style is cute and functional because all of the hair is pinned and tucked away. Pair with cute dainty stud earrings to complete the look.

19Braided Top Knot

The top knot has become such a popular style in recent years and what better way to give the look a kid-friendly twist. We love how this look can be worn in many different such as pigtails, double buns, and a ponytail.

20Mono Braid

This style is perfect for those hot summer months. These medium-sized cornrows are braided across the center of the head and then combined into one jumbo braid. This can also be worn as a loose mohawk or over to one side for a faux shaved look.

21Fishtail-Inspired Puff

We love the idea of the mini fishtail braids into a puff. This allows your little one to still wear her natural hair out but also protect it at the same time. To keep this style looking fresh moisturize at night and sleep on a satin pillowcase.

22Beaded Braided Bun

Beads have a way of jazzing up any look. We love how the beads are placed throughout the braided bun for this look; it adds such a feminine and unique touch. To add some fun, choose beads that match your little girl’s favorite color.

23Simple Cornrow Puff

If you are looking for something a little more simple, ditch the beads and go for this simple braided puff. You can go for something textured from an old twist out or braid out or pick it out for a true afro look.

24Hearts Split Ponytail

It is no secret that we love the heart design on little girls and this one really stands out. This style is completed with a forward ponytail and spiral rod ends.

25Half and Half Bun

Get this super cute half and half bun that requires hardly any maintenance at all. Dress this look up with fun printed bows or hair clips. You can also opt to wear these in two ponytails if the heart desires.

26Curly Single Braids

Put a new twist on simple single braids. You can get these beautiful curls by sectioning and applying curlers to the ends. Then dip the ends in hot water if you’ve added extensions, otherwise, just let the curls set overnight.

27Top Knot With Curly Extensions

Continuing with the top knot styles we have this chic top knot with curly extensions. This is a great way to have your little one rock a curly look while keeping her natural hair protected and tucked away.

28Micro Braids

If you are looking for a style that will last a few weeks then these micro braids are a great choice. They require little maintenance and are super versatile. The possibilities are endless with this style.

29Bow Style

How adorable is this bow? This style has taken adding hair bows to your hair to a whole new level. This is such a perfect style for those who love experimenting with hair. It is completed with small cornrows and a medium sized mono braid in the back.

30Natural Curly Fro

Jazz up the everyday curly fro with these simple sectioned cornrows. Use a kid-friendly edge control product to slick down the baby hairs in front. Keep the curls defined by using a styling cream specific for natural hair.

31Cornrowed Ponytail with Bangs

These cornrows braided into a high ponytail is another simple style. Add different accessories to the ponytail to jazz up the look. Loosen the two front braids to create a textured bang.

32Long Cornrowed Twists

We are used to seeing Senegalese twist from root to tip but this style incorporates the cornrows at the top. You can also switch it up and opt for shorter twists.

33Wrap Around Braid

This is an easy way to spice up a simple bun. Create a large braid along the side and connect it with the braided bun. Add a colorful bow to complete the look.

34Twisted Halo

These simple cornrows created this faux halo headband. Add different hair accessories and use this twisted band as a foundation to create a different headband everyday. This really allows you to be creative.

35Half Braided Style with Textured Bangs

Kids may be too young to shave the sides of their hair but this look offers a kid-friendly alternative. Create smaller braids to give the illusion of a shaved side. Do a chunky braid out on the other side of the head to achieve the look pictured.

36Partial French Braid

To achieve this elegant style, create a deep part and place the bottom half of the hair in a sleek braid. Then add a bow to really tie the look together. This reminds us of an old Hollywood look.

37Bow and Hearts

What happens when two of our favorite styles collide? This beautiful and fun braided bow style ties in the super cute bow and fun heart pattern. This look is a fun choice for your little one.

38Large Braided Bun

Ghana braids are a great choice for both kids and adults. These Ghana braids are styled into a simple but chic high bun that style manages to maintain a youthful look.

39Crisscross Center Braid

We love the design of this style. The crisscross braid really anchors the style and the chunky two-strand twists are both cute and easy to do. Color coordinate the bubbles and hair ties with your little one’s outfits.

40Sleek French Braid

This is the simple french braid that is done with the invisible braiding method. This is perfect for a range of ages and is great for all occasions. To make French braids last longer always tie down the roots with a satin scarf.

41Classic Cornrows With Beads

This is classic style for little girls. The hair is cornrowed in multiple directions to create a half ponytail with bangs. Use neutral-colored beads for an easy every day look or color coordinate to match your little naturalista’s outfits.

42Chunky Twists With Cornrowed Heart

This cornrowed heart at the crown of the head adds a touch of intricacy to this otherwise simple but cute style. The rest of the hair is divided into chunky two strand twists.

43Braided Bun Frohawk

This gorgeous style combines in the front and along the sides with braided buns that form a beautiful frohawk down the center of the head. This style is great for special occasions or as a low-maintenance daily style for school.

44Box Braids With Colored Cord

Box braids are beautiful on their own, but if you want to take the style up a notch, try adding multi-colored cord for a youthful, fun look.

45Cornrows With Gold Beads

You and your little one will both fall in love with this adorable style. The hair is braided back into cornrows and twisted into double buns at the top of the head for a cute half up half down look. Gold beads adorn the braids and give the stye a regal finish.

46Cornrowed Pigtails With Heart Shaped Bangs

This style combines two classic looks for little girls that never go out of style: cornrows and pigtails. Heart-shaped bangs give this style a little something extra. Finish off the look with beads and matching bows.

47Half Up Half Down Box Braids

This cute half up half down style is just one of many ways you can style this box braids/cornrow combination. You can use flexi rods to make the ends of the braids curly.

48Double Puffs With Cornrows

Afro puffs are an adorable way to style your little one’s hair. If you want to take the look up a notch, cornrow the hair in the front.

49Cornrowed Pigtails With Beads

This is another great look for your little one, that is, if you have the skills and precision to pull it off! Use a couple of cute hair bows to help secure the braids into pigtails and finish off the look with clear and white beads on the ends of the braids.

50Cornrowed Frohawk

To achieve this the style, cornrow the hair towards the center of the head, then twist the ends into two strand twists. The resulting look is a really cute take on the frohawk that keeps your little’s one’s hair protected.

51Cornrowed High Bun With Bubbles

For this gorgeous style, the hair is cornrowed upward towards the center of the head. The ends of the braids are wrapped into a high bun, secured with a colorful ponytail holder with bubbles for a fun, youthful look.

52Cornrows And Beads

This style puts a twist on a classic cornrow style – literally. The ends of the hair are styled into twists, which gives the style a unique two-textured look.

53Double Buns With Cornrows

This is a really cute option if you don’t have time to braid all of your little one’s hair. Just cornrow the hair in the front and style the rest of the hair up into double buns.

54Cornrows With High Bun

This is another great cornrowed high bun style. But for this look, flat twists also come into play. Add a bow or barrette to match your little one’s outfit.

55Cornrows With Twists And Beads

This beautiful style is a great option for girls of all ages. Section the hair and style it into medium-sized twists, starting with flat twists in the front. Add some colorful beads and a bow to complete the look.

56Cornrows With Intricate Design

These cute cornrows include an intricate design on one side of the head. That’s the beauty of cornrows: the styling options are almost endless.

57Two Strand Twists With Chunky Beads

If you’re still working on your braiding skills, work your way there by mastering two strand twists. Not only are they easier, but the look is just as classic as its braided counterpart.

58Straight Back Cornrows With a Twist

This look is a variation of the classic straight-back cornrows. The direction and shape of the braids give this style a slightly more grown up look that’s still fun and age-appropriate.

59Straight Back Chunky Cornrows

This has been a popular look for adults in recent years, but it’s the perfect style for young naturalistas too. Think of it as the modern version of the cornrows you used to get as a little girl.

60Halo Crown Braid With Cornrows

This style is an absolutely adorable look for little girls. The hair in the front is braided into a pretty criss-cross pattern and the rest of the hair is styled into a cute halo crown braid.