40 Black Braided Hairstyles

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40 Black Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles have been a widespread look throughout the centuries. Even 2,000 years ago, braids were being worn to convey different looks and styles. A trend that is always in, braids have the ability to communicate personality, spirituality, and cultural beliefs. Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, or straight, black braids can inspire both you and others alike. The various styles of braids make each look noteworthy.

The versatility that comes with black braids is showcased in numerous styles such as cornrows, micro braids, buns, blocky braids, French braids, and the list goes on. Gorgeous braids are crafted with your beautiful, natural hair. There is a braided style for every type of event from formal to casual. Go ahead and try one of these amazing black braided hairstyles.

1Natural Braids

Natural braids are your go to braids as you navigate the world of black braided hairstyles. Starting with natural braids and expanding into more intricate braids is a great way to learn about braiding.

2Blonde Braids

For those of you who would like braids that complement your skin tone, blonde braids are a wonderful style. With the various shades of blonde ranging from platinum to dark, you are sure to find a shade that contrasts your skin tone beautifully.

3Colorful Braids

An independent vibe is given off as you march to the beat of your own drum with colorful braids. Purple and pink are just samples of the various colors these stunning, thick braids come in.

4Sidecut braids

A modern look is achieved through a sidecut braid that lets you be the newest trendsetter. You can style your braid on the side of your head and create neat, intricate patterns throughout the rest of your hair.

5Long Wavy Crocheted Braids

To highlight your delicate, feminine features, the long, wavy crocheted hairstyle is perfect. This hairdo adds a lot of volume to your hair and outlines the features of your face marvelously.

6Naturista Box Braids

For a conservative, professional look, the naturista box braids will have you presenting a sophisticated style. This is a wonderful hairdo to wear to the office or for business related trips.

7Cornrow French Braid Style

Cute, spunky, and ready for adventure, the cornrow French braid style is an excellent way to keep your hair protected and in fashion. Time and effort goes into crafting these beautiful braids.

8 Purple Rope Twist Braid

A distinct style is conveyed when you have a purple rope twist braid. A soft shade of purple can keep the intensity level of this gorgeous color at a minimum.

9Short Bob Box Braids

Braids are a great hairstyle for those who prefer to have hairdos that require little maintenance. Short bob box braids are very convenient and comfortable.

10Blond Ombre Senegalese Twists Braids

Senegalese twist braids provide your hair with a lot of volume and are a gorgeous way to style your tresses. Adding different colors to these wonderful braids can heighten your look.

11Goddess Braids

Some of the most stunning braids around are goddess braids. These thick, luscious braids are styled to be admired. The unique designs that are created through this hairstyle are truly one of a kind.

12Twisted Updo Design

Sleek and elegant, this twisted up-do design is the epitome of grace. Feel beautiful as you move forward throughout the day. This is a wonderful up-do for any formal event.

13Short Braided Bob with Hat

Accessories enhance the style of your braids. By adding a hat to this short braided bob, an ultra-chic look is achieved. Lunch or dinner with your groups of friends becomes a classy event.

14Baby Hair Bangs

For a more youthful look, baby hair bangs with braids are a wonderful hairstyle. This hairdo can be worn as you run errands during the day or paired with a cocktail dress for the latest dinner party you attend.

15Jet Black Kinky

Let just a little bit of your wild side out with jet black kinky braids, which are acceptable for formal events. As you combine an adventurous spirit with graceful poise, you are conveying the best of both worlds.

16Big Box Braided

Long, big box braids showcase how amazing hair can be. Hairstyles hold within them the chance to let your personality shine.

17Dirty Blonde Braid Ponytail

Braided ponytails are characteristically associate with strength and elegance. Wearing your long hair in a ponytail with side bangs is an individualized style.

18Jet Black Jumbo Braids

Jet black jumbo braids showcase your thick, beautiful locks of hair. While these jumbo braids can be heavy to wear, the effort that goes into crafting them is worthwhile.

19Mohawk Goddess Braids

The Mohawk is a unique style all on its own, but when it is combined with goddess braids a breathtaking hairdo is achieved. Intricate designs and patterns can be woven into your gorgeous tresses for a look unique to who you are.

20Two Black Braided Buns

Two black braided buns sitting atop your head establish a carefree vibe and present a youthful appearance. A distinct hairstyle for you to wear.

21Feed-In Braids

Cornrows are able to look more natural and less bulky through the feed-in method. A narrow and flat point is created at the hairline protecting your edges and creating less tension.

22Dutch Braid Crown

A fabulous new look can be achieved by crafting your long, natural hair into a Dutch braid crown. For those nights you do not wish to straighten or twist your hair out, this is a perfect hairstyle.

23Marley Twists

If you have long, thick hair you can easily craft this style by making chunky two-strand twists in your tresses. A carefree Marley vibe is conveyed through the puffiness of the twists.

24High Bun with Headband

While a bun may not be the first style you think of when it comes to braids, this hairstyle actually overlaps three separate sections in a bun. Dyed ends and a headband only add to the uniqueness of this braided hairdo.

25Creative Cornrows

Cornrows can be shaped into unexpected and innovative styles. When you have sleek sides and a bun sitting on top you create a distinct hairstyle. Rather amazing, don’t you think?

26Elegant Twists

Multiple twists throughout your hair can be shaped into an original and elegant style that can be worn to fancy events. Soft flowing lines paired with asymmetrical patterns set this hairdo apart from the rest.

27Triangle Parted Box Braids

Box braids can be made fresh and new when you experiment with different styles of parting your hair. Kick it old school by joining in the 90’s revival with triangle parted box braids.

28Half Up-Do with Free Hanging Braids

Long braided Ghana braids are a wonderful way to showcase your long, gorgeous tresses. A half up-do with extra height on top keeps this classic look hip.

29French Style Braids

Ultra-chic and stylish, French style braids are made to last throughout the fashion trends. Wrap a thick, gorgeous braid around your head by starting at your bangs and then roll the braid up to the crown of your head.

30Chic Braided Mohawk

Stylish and unique, this braided Mohawk has a perfect shape and exudes class along with good taste. A bold look, pair this hairstyle with a lovely cocktail dress or evening gown.

31Symmetric Cornrows with a Braided Parting

There are many distinct cornrow hairstyles that you can shape to match your personality. Symmetric cornrows with a braided parting paired with beads creates a stunning hairdo.

32Half Braids

For those who prefer not to have their hair braided all the way, this style allows you to have braids extending from your roots two inches down your hair. The rest of your hair is unbraided.

33Diagonal Braids

Diagonal braids are a unique way to style your hair and create an individualized look. One of the neat characteristics of diagonal braids are their ability to pair well with faces of any shape.

34Havana Twists

Havana twists are thick braids tied at the back just above your neck and then tied again to fall around your shoulders. Let your beautiful tresses flow freely.

35Braided Bouffant

Suitable for numerous events, the braided bouffant has a thick braid around the perimeter of your head. Spice the hairdo up with some highlights or coloring.

36Braided Bun

Embrace this timeless style of a braided bun by adding your own flare to it. Micro braids accent jumbo cornrows to make this classic look more modern.

37Crown with Fishtail

This double braided look goes to the next level with the addition of a fishtail and platinum blonde streaks.

38Nature Braids

Plantlike braids extend from the roots of your hair and end in lovely curls. A feminine look that outlines your face is beautiful.

39Ponytail Twists

An asymmetric ponytail paired with gorgeous twisting braids at the front is a stunning look. Turn heads wherever you go.

40Braided Fauxhawk

A superb hairstyle is the braided fauxhawk crafted with a brush and a braid going from the front of your head to the back. An original style for anyone to try.