Braid Out Tutorial For Natural Hair And Braid Out Styles

Braid Out On Stretched Hair


Braid Out On Natural Hair Tutorial & 25 Braid Out Styles

The braid out is a popular style for natural hair, much like its cousin, the twist out. The braid out method, as its name suggests, involves braiding the hair into multiple braids while damp, then unraveling the braids when the hair is dry. The braid out method is lauded for its ability to create uniform, defined curls and it can be done on almost any length of hair. You can make loose, individual braids or plaits, or cornrows; results vary based on the size of the braids, making the braid out a surprisingly versatile style. Let’s take a look at how to achieve a successful braid out.

1How To Do A Braid Out on Natural Hair

A braid out can be done to revive a days’ old style, but for the most curl definition, start on damp, freshly washed and detangled hair. Split your hair into sections and one section at a time, apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and/or a styling product with hold, like a curling defining cream or gel. Begin braiding your hair, twirling the ends of the hair around your finger to keep the braids from unraveling. As an alternative, you can also use perm rods to curl the ends. Sit under a hooded dryer or allow your hair to air dry. If you don’t know how to braid, it is pretty easy to learn with practice. There are also videos on YouTube you can use as a guide.

2Products To Use For A Braid Out

Of course, there are no one-size-fits-all styling products that work for everyone, so it may take some trial and error to find out which products work best for your hair. In general, products formulated to moisturize the hair and provide hold work best for a braid out. You may even find that a moisturizer is all you need. Here are some products that may work well for you:
OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter
Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme
Eco Curl & Style Cocktail.

3Taking Down A Braid Out

Once your hair is completely dry, coat your fingertips with a light oil such as jojoba oil or grapeseed oil, and unravel each braid, gently separating and fluffing for volume, if desired. Be careful not to separate the hair too much or else you may end up with frizzy, less defined curls. Use your fingers or a pick to gently lift the roots and get rid of any gaps the braids may have created.

4Braid Out Tips

Keep in mind that smaller braids will give you more definition and larger braids will give you more volume. It’s up to you to decide which look you prefer, however, larger/thicker braids generally take longer to dry, so make sure you set aside ample drying time. Always make sure your hair is completely dry before taking down your braids, or else you will end up with frizzy, undefined hair. If you do individual braids, make sure you braid as close to the scalp as possible. If you have short hair, cornrows may give you better results and be easier to install.

5Styling & Preserving A Braid Out

You can use bobby pins, headbands, and hair accessories to change up the look of your braid out. You can also style a braid out into an updo or partial updo like a half up, half down style. To preserve your braid out overnight, you can use the pineapple method, which involves pulling your hair up into a loose high ponytail, securing it with a silk or satin scarf. If you have shorter hair, you can do multiple pineapples, securing them loosely with ponytail holders and covering with a bonnet or scarf. Here are 25 ways to style a braid out.

6Short Tapered Braid Out

A braid out is a perfect way to style a tapered cut as it grows out. You can cornrow your hair from back to front to achieve this look.

7Fluffed Out Braid Out

Braid the hair into medium-sized or large braids and gently fluff after takedown to achieve this effortlessly beautiful look.

8Chunky Braid Out

For this look, the hair is braided into chunky cornrows. The ends of the braids are wrapped around flexi rods for even more curl definition.

9Braid Out On Blown Out Hair

This look can be achieved by first blow drying the hair straight then braiding it into chunky braids. After taking down the braids, separate and fluff, leaving the ends as intact as possible.

10Braid Out With A Twist

This is a simple, gorgeous look is an easy way to style a braid out. Take a small section of hair from the front, two strand twist the hair, then pin it back with a bobby pin.

11Braid Out On Stretched Hair

Starting your braid out on stretched hair will help you fight shrinkage and give your style more length, like this gorgeous braid out pictured here.

12Braid Out With Side Part

This beautiful braid out can be achieved by parting the hair on one side and braiding the hair into medium-sized braids.

13Braid Out With Colored Tips

This gorgeously defined braid out is accented by light brown color on the ends of the hair. Hair chalk or other forms of temporary color can be applied to the tips if you want to achieve this look.

14Juicy Braid Out

Moisturized hair is the key to a gorgeous, juicy braid out like this one. Start on freshly deep conditioned hair and try the LOC method to help your hair retain as much moisture as possible.

15Braid Out With Middle Part

If you want a simple, classic look for your braid out, a simple middle part will get the job done. You can’t go wrong with this look.

16Braid Out On Big Hair

If you have big hair, a chunky braid out is a great style choice. Medium-sized braids will give you curl definition with less shrinkage.

17Textured Braid Out

Using a curl defining product for your braid out will help bring out your hair’s natural curl pattern. The result will be a braid out that’s uniquely you.

18Braid Out With Cornrows

For this style, the hair is braided and the ends are rolled onto flexi rods. Two cornrows on one side of the head add a touch of detail to this already gorgeous style.

19Classic Braid Out

This style shows off the classic beauty of the braid out. It’s a simple look but beautiful and timeless nonetheless.

20Braid Out Rod Set On Short Hair

These gorgeous curls are a result of braiding the hair and rolling the ends onto perm rods. Small perm rods are ideal for short hair and/or small braids.

21Gently Tousled Braid Out

One of the best parts of wearing a braid out is that you can make it last for several days. Just tie it up at night with a satin scarf and gently finger-style in the morning for a tousled look like this one.

22Bantu Knot Braid Out

To add extra curl definition to your braid out, try wrapping the braids into Bantu knots. The Bantu knots can create a slightly different curl pattern than just the braids alone.

23Big Voluminous Braid Out

To give your braid outs more volume, start on stretched hair and don’t make the braids too small. If you like to braid your hair before bed, try braiding it into 4 to 6 braids total to preserve some of that volume.

24Braid Out With Pinned Up Side

If you’re looking for a way to switch up your braid out style, this look can be easily achieved by taking one or two bobby pins and pinning the hair up on one side.

25Ombre Braid Out

This gorgeous braid out is a great way to show off ombre tips. The defined curl pattern really makes the color pop.

26Voluminous Braid Out

This braid out has just the right balance of definition and volume. Try braiding the hair while it’s damp and in a slightly stretched state for this look.

27Braid Out On Old Hair

A braid out is a perfect way to bring a days old style back to life. When your style starts to get a little dry and/or frizzy, apply a moisturizing cream and braid the hair into chunky braids for a soft, voluminous look.

28Fluffy Braid Out

For a soft fluffy, defined braid out like this one, try using a butter-based styling product instead of a water-based product to help reduce shrinkage.

29Half Up Half Down Braid Out With Cornrows

This braid out is styled into a half up half down style by braiding the hair into three chunky cornrows in the front. The braids are then pulled up into a ponytail and the ends are unraveled.

30Ultra-Defined Braid Out With Volume

The combination of the right products, patience, and trial and error can help you achieve your best braid out, like the one pictured here: moisturized, defined, and healthy.