Box Braids with Curls

box braids with curls

Box Braids with Curls

Box braids have gotten a gorgeous reinvention thanks to curls! Whether they’re bohemian box braids, where the curls are at the tips of the braids, or spread randomly throughout the head and braids, they’re absolutely stunning. Tightly coiled or loose, beach waves, they add really great texture and shape to the classic style. All kinds of styles can be achieved either through hot water shaping your braiding hair or crocheting braiding hair or weaving hair through your braids. The key is to be adventurous. These are some of the hottest box braids with curls hairstyles that you should try.

1Long and wavy box braids

long and wavy box braids

Traditional box braids in a longer length are already a fantastic look and they get a soft and airy reboot with the addition of curls towards the ends.

2Honey blonde braids

Using different shades of blonde creates the illusion of long, wavy highlighted locs and this is the ultimate beachy-look that’s perfect for summer, even if it’s not actually summer.

3Asymmetrical box braid bob

angular box braid bob with curls

Angular bobs are incredibly modern and sleek and adding curls helps emphasise the gorgeous angular line of the style.

4Thick box braids with ringlets

thick box braids with ringlets

These curls look straight from the curling iron and they’re a lovely and romantic take on adding curls to your braids. To really nail the look, go for weaving hair that can handle heat and hold a curl well.

5Brown and gold highlights

box braids with blonde and brown curls

Use your crocheted curls to bring colour and dimension to your box braids for the subtle and natural effect in this beautiful look.

6Blue and purple box braid bob

blue and purple box braid bob with curls

These beautiful box braids are arranged in a stunning mix of electric blue and violet and the colours are further highlighted by the gorgeous curls at the tips.

7Jumbo braids with cowrie shells

jumbo box braids with curls and cowrie shells

This is an incredibly bohemian look with undone ends at the box braids and wispy, wavy curls spread sporadically throughout. The cowrie shells bring the hippie look together perfectly.

8Fiery jumbo braids

red maroon and orange box braids with curls

This is a hot, hot style which uses the fiery shade combination of maroon, orange and bright red. Keeping the curls on the maroon braids is a great way to tone down the style.

9Zoe Kravits boho look

zoe kravits boho box braids with curls

Probably one of the first trendsetters for curls and braids, Zoe Kravits’ style of braids features human hair-like soft waves at the tips. You can always substitute synthetic hair, of course, but that will require more maintenance.

10Side part box braids

side parted box braids with curls

Parting your hair on the side is a great way to frame most face shapes and really shows off the volume created by the thickness of the braids and curls together.

11Micro braids with curls

micro braids with curls

Micro box braids were all the rage in the ‘90s – remember Moesha? They’re still a great style today and adding curls at the tips is a beautiful way to bring them into the new age.

12Rainbow box braids with curls

rainbow box braids with curls

You don’t always have to head a whole head of colors to make a bold statement, especially when you’re using all the colors of the rainbow like in this stunning style.

13Big, blonde curls

big blonde box braids with curls

Blondes really do have more fun and what’s more fun than these long, wavy locks? The curls really bring out the brightness in the platinum hair and add so much fullness to the overall look.

14Brown braids with red curls

brown box braids with red curls

Curls are a great way to subtly introduce a little color if you’re someone who likes to stick to traditional colors. These red curls are beautiful and eye-catching.

15Electric blue box braids

electric blue box braids

Blue is arguably one of the best colors and it’s especially great on your box braids. The curls add to the whimsiness of the look along with the cuff beads.

16Chocolate brown pigtails

chocolate brown box braids in pigtails with curls

This youthful style features extra thin box braids with well defined ringlets at the tips all arranged in stunning pigtails.

17Super long thin braids

super long and thin box braids with curls

Thin or micro-braid braids really create the illusion of flowing hair and adding curls at the tips really sells the easy, breazy look of someone with luscious locks.

18Black and maroon box braids

black and maroon box braids with curls

The combination of black and this deep shade of maroon are a darkly romantic look that’s absolutely stunning with dense curls.

19Blonde and white highlights

blonde and white highlighted box braids with curls

Sometimes all you need is just a little touch of color like the lovely dashes of blonde and white braids in this style. Don’t forget the curls!

20Platinum blond braids with beads

platinum blonde box braids with curls and beads

This super pretty style features platinum blonde braids, beads and beautiful relaxed curls.

21Wispy curls and a bun

box braid bun with wispy curls

Thin, wispy curls look absolutely dreamy and delicate set against a thick heavy bun as displayed by this updo.

22Maroon layered crochet box braids with curls

layered marron box braids with curls

These braids are layered to form a natural looking V-shape at the ends and the dense curls really bring out this lovely layering.

23Box braids with wispy curls

box braid bun with curls

Pulling your braids into a bun with just a few braids and curls hanging out creates a very pull together but light look.

24Long, dark brown braids

long dark brown box braids with curls

This gorgeous style is made up of deep, chocolate brown box braids with thin, long wispy curls that start at the root and at the tips.

25Braids with ringlets

box braids with ringlets

These medium-length, dense and thick box braids are a full and beautiful look that ends with well-defined ringlet curls.

26Maroon tipped box braids

maroon tipped box braids with curls

Maroon is a lovely colour and having the curls of the braids start in line with the cheekbones really flatters heart shaped faces.

27Copper box braids with curls

copper colored box braids with curls

This is a fantastic color if you’re considering adding curls to your braids as the copper is really enhanced and dynamic thanks to these full, densley packed curls. 

28Thick braids with blonde highlights

copper box braids with curls

Here’s another gorgeous style that goes for curling iron ringlets at the tips and features triangle parting, thick braids and lovely blonde accents.

29Bright red box braids

bright red box braids with curls

Dying your hair to match your braids, or matching your braids to your dye job, really gives a unified and powerful look. The use of curls makes it all look more natural.

30Long platinum blond braids

long platinum blonde box braids with curls

When it comes to adding curls to your box braids, color and length is always advised for a greater impact like in this bright, platinum blonde hairstyle.