Bohemian Box Braids

bohemian box braids

Boho Box Braids Styles

Box braids have become everyone’s go-to style and if you want to stand out from the crowd try trendy bohemian box braids. These braids offer volume and fullness to your braids while also being customisable so that you can put your unique spin on it. Boho braids are just like box braids except that the ends are left unbraided and then curled. They’re a great way to look perfectly effortless and the right kind of relaxed and undone. Long or short , natural or bright colors, thick or thin; read on to find the perfect boho box braid style for you.

1Thick ombre boho box braids

thick ombre boho box braids

Why not match your braids to your jewelry like in this style with black to blonde ombre hair and gold rings, cuff beads and wrapping.

2Long, thin caramel braids

long thin caramel boho braids

If you’re a fan of thinner braids, this style is definitely for you. These braids have a great dramatic length and the honey blonde shade is breathtaking.

3Super long red braids

super long red boho box braids

Red braids are a great go-to for all skin tones and these box braids also feature lovely triangle parting and complementing gold beads.

4Waist length box braids

waist length boho box braids

Long, long braids always feel very expensive and expect to turn all the heads with this pretty look. 

5Blond braids with cornrows

blonde boho box braids with cornrows

This style is a great combination of all the trends: fulani braids, bohemian box braids and a flattering blonde shade. The flatness of the cornrows really brings out the volume provided by the curls.

6Long, side-part boho box braids

long side part boho box braids

When it comes to boho braids, the curlier the better like in this lovely style that’s further accessorised with cuff beads and matching gold wrapping.

7Boho braids with cornrows

boho box braids with cornrows

Curls add great texture to a bun and this gorgeous style is a half-up half-down take on boho braids with cornrows at the top.

8High ponytail boho braids

high ponytail boho box braids

This very high ponytail allows the curls in the box braids to frame the face beautifully and provide lots of volume.

9Ponytail boho box braids

boho box braids in a ponytail

Ponytails are absolutely stunning with bohemian box braids and this style has an extra long cheerleader ponytail vibe.

10Brown and black braids

brown and black boho box braids

Bohemian box braids look amazing at longer lengths and this style also has a subtle colorway with splashes of different brown shades.

11Dark brown long bob

dark brown long bob boho box braids

This gorgeous style comes in a delicious chocolate brown shade with medium-thick braids that end at the shoulders with curls.

12Bright red bohemian box braids

bright red boho box braids

Boho braids are absolutely fabulous in this pinkish red shade. This style has curls that start at the tips as well as from the roots for a fantastically wavy look.

13Blunt bob boho box braids

blunt bob boho box braids

Curls are an innovative way to update the classic blunt bob like in this gorgeous style.

14Angular boho braid bob

angular boho box braid bob

Jazz up an angular cut bob with lots and lots of full curls as well as gold accessories.

15Red angular bob

red angular boho box braid bob

Speaking of angular bobs, why not go for it in this brilliant red shade? The great thing about shorter braids is that you don’t have to hold back with on accessories like beads and wrapping.

16Short thick boho box braids

thick short boho box braids

These are gorgeous chunky, thick boho box braids that end in a fashionable shoulder length. 

17Thick bohemian box braids

thick boho box braids

These incredibly trendy and slightly vintage style of braids feature less than 10-15 braids on the head, thanks to the thickness and end in shiny ringlets at the tips.

18Angular long bob with gold highlights

angular boho box braids with highlights

Long bobs are perfect if you want to play with length but still be able to pull your hair into a ponytail. This style is in a fashion forward angular cut with blonde-brown highlights.

19Red, green and yellow wrapped box braids

red green and yellow wrapped boho box braids

A great way to add noncommittal color to your box braids is using thread or yarn and beads which only adds to the boho look and feel. This style has bright red, green and yellow wrapping with matching beads at the tips and curls spread throughout.

20Multicolored side swept box braids

multicolored side swept boho box braids

A side-parted low half-up half-down ponytail is a very boho way to style your boho box braids and the pops of red, brown and yellow seal the free spirited aura

21Long, thick blond boho box braids

long jumbo blonde boho box braids

This look fits into the boho, free spirit feel of boho box braids with super long and thick blond braids that look effortlessly yet elegantly undone with the curls.

22Super long thin box braids

super long thing boho box braids

The curls from boho braids bring so much texture and life to your more ordinary braiding styles like these simple and classic thin box braids.

23Platinum blonde boho box braids

platinum boho box braids

Platinum blonde is alway guaranteed to turn every head in the room, and expect to make them all do 360 degree turns by adding these gorgeous curls in this super long length.

24Honey blonde boho box braids

honey blonde boho box braids

Is it summer? Because these sun kissed boho box braids will make everything feel like sunshine and rainbows. These braids are a classic and the honey blonde shades are gorgeous for any time of the year.

25Purple bohemian box braids

purple boho box braids

This eccentric color choice is absolutely stunning and will have you looking like a carefree unicorn. The subtle gold accessories really make the purple pop.

26Black and red boho box braids

black and red boho box braids

The curls in this style are a great way to incorporate an accent colour into your boho braids. 

27Super wavy blonde box braids

super wavy boho box braids

This absolutely beachy look is made up of a deliciously warm color palette of platinum blonde, honey blonde and light browns. Having the curls in the lightest shade make the whole look feel very airy and light.

28Triangle part boho box braids

triangle part boho box braids

Triangle parting and bohemian curls will really ensure that your box braids are gorgeous from root to tip. The middle parting really accentuates these neat triangle parts which end in voluminous waves.

29Warm toned boho box braids

caramel tone boho box braids

This look really has the Midas touch with the overall golden color palette. The curls are balanced beautifully throughout the style.

30Half up half down boho box braids

half up half down boho box braids

This gorgeous half up half down top knot allows for the curls at the end of the braids to fall down and frame the face in soft, wispy curls that feel very romantic and effortless.