Blonde Hairstyles for Black Women

Platinum Blonde Fro

Blonde Hair on Black Women

Blonde is one of the least common naturally occurring hair colors in the world, but it’s also one of the most popular: which explains why so many women go to great lengths to bleach their natural hair. Others take a shortcut by getting a blonde wig, weave, or braided extensions, which is often the easiest and most practical option – especially if you don’t want to commit to the color long term. The idea of going blonde may seem intimidating to some, but with so many shades and styles to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless. Keep reading to see 35+ gorgeous blonde styles for Black women.

1Blonde Fulani Braids

These gorgeous blonde Fulani braids are a great protective styling choice, especially for the warm summer months. The golden blonde color will give you a sun-kissed glow.

2Blonde Frohawk With Shaved Sides

If you’re interested in taking the plunge and dyeing your natural hair blonde (or if you already have), then this style is a great option. This chic frohawk with shaved sides features pretty curls that can be created with flexi rods.

3Blonde Stitch Braids

These beautiful stitch braids are a modern take on classic straight back cornrows, featuring golden blonde color and skinny cornrows in between each chunky stitch braid.

4Chunky Blonde Box Braids With Triangle Parts

If you’re looking for a head-turning protective style, these beautiful blonde box braids will get the job done. Styled with triangular parts, these slightly chunky braids are the perfect size: larger braids tend to put less tension on the scalp, which is a plus.

5Ombre Blonde Curls

This ombre blonde color looks amazing on natural curls. The darker roots create a nice color contrast, which eliminates the pressure to get your roots touched up frequently.

6Shoulder Length Blonde Wig

This shoulder length blonde wig is the perfect choice if you want to switch up your look without dyeing or straightening your own hair. The ends are flipped outward for a vintage look.

7Blonde Passion Twists

These passion twists are the perfect protective style if you’ve been itching to go blonde. Getting twists will not only keep your hair tucked away and protected, but it’ll also allow you to rock a stunning platinum blonde shade without having to bleach your own hair.

8Blonde Twist Out

What better way to show off your fresh dye job than to do a twist out? For an even fluffier and stretched twist out, blow dry your hair before you twist it.

9Blonde TWA

This stunning blonde TWA (teeny weeny afro) is a great look for short natural hair. In fact, this stage is ideal for experimenting with a new hair color because it’s easy to cut your hair when you’re ready to go back to your natural color.

10Golden Blonde Fulani Braids

These lovely blonde Fulani braids will give you a beautiful sun-kissed glow, even during the winter months.

11Wash and Go on Blonde Natural Hair

Wearing a wash and go is one of the most simple and flattering ways to rock your natural hair. This curly blonde fro is both classic and elegant.

12Blonde Wig With Bangs

You can never go wrong with a bob: it’s timeless and chic. This blonde wig features bangs that are slightly longer on the sides. Wigs give you the flexibility to make drastic changes to your look without having to commit to your new look long term.

13Blonde Tapered Cut on Natural Hair

Blonde color beautifully highlights this tapered cut on natural hair. Dyeing your hair is one fun way to shake things up when you’re rocking a short haircut.

14Blonde Jumbo Box Braids

These blonde jumbo box braids have a playful and youthful look to them. This is a great protective style that looks amazing styled up or down.

15Platinum Blonde Fro

This platinum blonde color looks amazing on this curly blonde fro. Light hair colors really highlight the texture of natural hair beautifully.

16Blonde Ombre Bob

This blonde ombre bob is a great choice if you want to go blonde but you prefer a two-toned look. Dark roots and lighter ends create a gorgeous color contrast.

17Chunky Blonde Box Braids

These beautiful, slightly chunky blonde box braids are a great protective style choice for beach vacations, summer festivals, or any occasion. You can easily style them into a high bun or updo for an elegant look.

18Blonde Goddess Locs

These lovely blonde goddess locs will give you a beautiful bohemian vibe. Triangle shaped parts give these goddess locs an extra touch of detail.

19Blonde Frohawk

This stunning blonde frohawk is a fun, funky way to style your natural hair. Use a moisturizer and some gel to carefully brush your hair towards the center of your head then use bobby pins to secure in place.

20Blonde Feed In Braids

These blonde feed in braids are a great protective styling option. The blonde color and chunky size of these braids give this classic straight back cornrow style a more contemporary look.

21Short Blonde Natural Hair

Adding blonde color to short natural hair is a great way to change up your look and create a more dramatic effect. These short, pretty curls are styled into a simple wash and go to show off their gorgeous texture and color.

22Blonde Box Braids

These beautiful blonde box braids are a great way to experiment with a new hair color without making a long-term commitment. These braids are classically elegant and you can easily style them for both casual and formal days.

23Shoulder Length Straight Blonde Wig

Wigs are great for switching up your look, whether that be color, texture, length, or a combination of the three. This shoulder length blonde wig helps give you a golden glow and a chic look any time you want.

24Blonde Hair on Natural Curls

These beautiful natural curls are bleached blonde for a bold pop of color. If you choose to go blonde, make sure you deep condition regularly to keep your curls as moisturized and healthy as possible.

25Blonde Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids get their name from Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade,” but the style itself is much older. These blonde lemonade braids are sure to catch everyone’s eyes wherever you go.

26Curly Blonde Fro

Adding highlights helps blonde color to really pop. This curly blonde fro features lovely highlights, giving it a more natural look.

27Blonde Faux Locs

These blonde faux locs look great styled into a simple high bun. This is a great protective style that keeps your hair tucked away and lets you try out a bold new hair color.

28Close Cropped Blonde Natural Hair

Short natural hair is more versatile than many people tend to think. This slicked back style looks great on hair this length, and it’s just one way to show off these short, pretty blonde curls.

29Blonde Finger Waves

Finger waves are a great way to style short to medium length hair. This elegant, timeless style will beautifully show off this golden blonde color.

30Blonde Box Braids With Curly Ends

These pretty blonde box braids feature curly ends (also know as goddess box braids). Use curly braiding hair to get this look, which is perfect as a summertime protective style.

31Blonde Fulani Braids With Beads

Fulani braids get their name from the Fulani people of West Africa. This gorgeous style is truly timeless. These pretty blonde Fulani braids are adorned with white and clear beads on the end. Hair accessories help you easily customize a style and make it your own.

32Platinum Blonde TWA

This platinum blonde twa (teeny weeny afro) is a timeless look that you just can’t go wrong with. This length of hair is ideal for bleaching/dyeing because it’s easy to maintain. The best part is that when you’re ready to go back to your natural hair color, all you have to do it cut it.

33Asymmetrical Bob With Blonde Highlights

This gorgeous asymmetrical bob is cut into layers for a dramatic effect and extra volume. The blonde ombre color creates a striking color contrast.

34Sleek Blonde High Ponytail

This chic, blonde high ponytail is styled with side bangs. This is a great style for formal occasions.

35Long Blonde Wig

This long blonde wig is styled with a middle part for a classic, natural look. Lace front wigs have come a long way and now it’s much easier to achieve a more natural look, especially when you get a custom install.

36Blonde Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a chic, classic style that helps highlight your best facial features. This blonde pixie is a great choice for short, relaxed hair. Although most short haircuts are pretty low maintenance, make sure you deep condition regularly and avoid excessive heat styling.

37Blonde Chunky Box Braids

These pretty box braids stand out due to their blonde hue and chunky size. This is a cute protective style option for those who prefer larger braids; chunkier braids also take less time to install, which is an added bonus.