40 Big Braids Styles

big braids

40 Big Braids

Styling your long tresses into big braids accentuates your voluminous hair and allows you to be innovative in the designs you create. Various braids can be styled to showcase height and thickness in a variety of fashions. You are able to braid your hair close to your scalp or you can add extensions for extra length.

Over-sized cornrows, crown braids, up-dos, Mohawks, and buns are just a few of the big braids that you can style your locks into. Create a hairstyle that matches your individual personality and sense of fashion. Braids are extremely versatile and you can experiment with highlights, textures, patterns, designs, shapes, and accessories. Let your hairstyle be another part of who you are and create a style just for you.

1Jumbo Coil with Braids

Use the pattern of your plaits as the foundation of your design for creating a unique bun. The coil will stand out more due to the chevron look the big braids create. This hairdo is wonderful for any event.

2Elevated French Braid

A beautiful style inspired by the French braid, begin braiding from the inside out to provide height. Let the braid end in a high ponytail for a simple effect.

3Chunky Mohawk Braids

Mohawk braids are a growing fashion in these modern times and the various styles provide you the chance to be creative. Style your long locks as cornrows, twists, or crochet braids.

4Thickly Crowned

Have thick African goddess braids crafted into a crown that sits atop your head for a heavenly appeal. Add hair accessories such as jewels or beads to establish a look of elegance.

5Half Up-Do Ghana Braid

Wear your tresses in a long braided Ghana weave hairstyle for a more contemporary look. For fresh style, create a half up-do that features elevated height on top.

6Diagonal Design

Diagonal braids create a unique, beautiful design that sets you apart from all the rest. Three to four braids cover your head and a longer length creates a big coiled bun at the back of your head.

7Jumbo Double-Twisted Up-Do

African American women with natural hair will adore this style. Create a jumbo double-twisted up-do for a dressy event fit for all of life’s most glamorous moments.

8Bold Hues

Goddess braid hairstyles allow your dark tresses to be paired with vibrant shades for a unique color combination. Bright purple and caramel blonde are a wonderful combination for a distinct look.

9Highlighted Braids and High Bun

Highlight your braids with a shade of blonde or light brown and style them in a classy high bun. This look is excellent for various occasions such as work, school, or dinner parties.

10Goddess Pigtails

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Two French braids with an elevated height create a hip, fresh look for women. You can add a tiny braid down the middle for decorative effects or leave the braids as is.

11Twist from Box Braids

Box braids are the perfect braids for creating a style with height and volume. For a more modern vibe, add various twisting styles to your box braids for a sleek look.

12Thick and Thin Braids

Combine various levels of thickness throughout your braids to establish a gorgeous, yet spontaneous look. African goddess braids are the perfect style for this option.

13Chunky Twisted Up-Do

A twisted up-do along with your braids will lessen frizz on humid days, while still being refined and beautiful. Wear this style out on the town or to the office.

14Black Braids with White Ombré

A color combination that is always in style are black braids with a white ombré. Style your long tresses into two goddess braids pulled into a low ponytail for a creative effect.

15Criss-Cross Goddess Braids

Chunky cornrow braids are an excellent way to style your hair for your next vacation. Incorporating a criss-cross design is an innovative look with an old school vibe.

16Long Tumbling Braids

For a feminine take on classic cornrows, allow your long tresses to be braided into beautiful, thick braids. This is an excellent way to wear your hair if you would like various styling options.

17Braided Bun

Embrace a classic style known as the braided bun by adding your own fashion flair to it. Combine jumbo cornrows with micro braids to jazz up this timeless classic.

18Fancy Braids

Style your goddess braids on top of your head in a creative design to showcase your personality. Pair this unique style with an ultra-chic dress to glam up your style.

19Braided Hairstyle with Jumbo French Braid

A French braid can create a spunky vibe the larger it is styled. As you dance the night away with your friends, this jumbo braid is sure to be a hit.

20Simple Goddess Braids

Simple goddess braids that start at the front of your head and go straight down your back create an elegant look. This hairstyle is uniquely beautiful and one to be adored.

21Deep Brown Jumbo Braids

Long, thick, and shiny jumbo braids are created on large square parted sections of hair to ensure your tresses can withstand the weight of these braids. Thick at the roots and thin at the ends create a fashion forward look.

22Gorgeous Cornrows

Take your cornrows to the next level with this distinct style. The braids are created in a different manner to increase height and decorum; perfect for showcasing a new hair color.

23Kinky Marley Twists

These kinky Marley twists are created by using styled braids that are pre-separated for faster application. A simple, chic look is established and you can don these braids anywhere.

24Intricate Mohawk

For those of you with thick hair, try this sectioned French Mohawk braid that ends in a coiled bun. As you attend cocktail parties or formal events, this intricate design brings some creativity to the table.

25Long, Sleek Braids

Enhance the style of your hair by adding length and thickness to your braids. Add a color combination to increase the style of your tresses.

26Modern Braid

This particular modern braid is the essence of fashion forward. There are small braids underneath along with a reverse angled French braid that wraps around one side of your head moving along to the to the other side.

27Pull and Tie Box Braids

A simple, elegant style is created by loosely pulling your braids to the top of your head and tying them to allow your braids to hang around your face. Thick braids will hold for several hours.

28Multidirectional Braids

A contemporary look is established when your braids are crafted going back and forth as well as up and down. Your shiny tresses will gleam with beauty atop your head.

29Coiled Goddess Braid with Flip

Have the coil of your hair placed towards the back of your head and style a neat flip to cover part of your forehead. Leave loose braids hanging down your back.

30Distinct Braids

Style your braids in a distinct design around your head to create an individualized look. Pair this up-do with bold jewelry and unique prints for a fashionable style.

31Crochet Goddess Braids

Crochet goddess braids are wonderful for those who do not wish to sit for long hours having their tresses styled. Long, thick braids create a sophisticated style and can be worn for weeks.

32Mohawk Braid

Pair shaved sides with a long Mohawk braid to showcase your favorite pair of earrings or a new tattoo. Highlights only add to the unique quality of this hairstyle.

33Yarn Rope Twist

Sweep your hair to one side of your head to create a simple, classy look that can be worn to the fanciest of occasions or for a day shopping with your friends.

34Senegalese Twist

Pair a Senegalese twist with your box braids and style a chic bun at the front of your head. A stunning look is created and you will feel beautiful all day.

35Classic Goddess Braids

To highlight your soft, delicate features wear your goddess braid in a classic style paired with a side part. An effortless style is created in a beautiful manner.

36Curly Braids

Modernize your braids by curling them for extra bounce and texture. An urban style is conveyed and you will look gorgeous as you take on the day.

37Medium Length Havana Twist

Havana twists are growing in popularity these days and are a wonderful way to have the appearance of natural hair. Havana twists are normally thick and versatile.

38Braids with Undercut

More modern generations will appreciate the braids with undercut hairstyle. Long box braids are styled into a bun atop your head. A chic undercut is shaved into the sides and back of your hair.

39Center Part Braids

Long, black braids paired with a center part exude elegance and grace. The length of the braiding and lovely center part accentuate your beauty.

40Long, Thick Goddess Braids

The versatility of goddess braids is just one of the wonderful characteristics these braids have. Part your braids to one side and let them hang down the front of your shoulder. This is a favorite style for women to wear their long braids in.