Bantu Knots Styles

bantu knots styles

Bantu Knots

Rock a gorgeous protective style as you shape Bantu knots throughout your tresses. Bantu knots can be worn as is or let your locks dance as bouncy curls. Check out the trendiest, most fashionable Bantu knots hairstyles.

1How to Do Bantu Knots

To style Bantu knots you will need a wide tooth comb, Denman brush, bobby pins, hair ties, almond and aloe oil, curly pudding, along with olive oil gel.

Step One: After washing your hair, separate your hair into four parts using a T part. Comb each section, and then part the sections per the number of bantu knots you would like in each section.

Step Two: Use the praying hands technique to apply all the products to each section. Be sure to apply the products one by one. Gently comb through the smaller sections after applying all the products.

Step Three: Use a hair tie to create a ponytail with one of the smaller sections. Separate the ponytail into two sections. Craft a two-strand twist with the two sections of the ponytail. A braid can also be created to style Bantu knots.

Step Four: After you twist the two strands together, twist the entire strand in a knot clockwise. Use bobby pins to secure the knot. The ends can also be tucked under the knot.

2Tight Bantu Knots

Tight Bantu knots create a simple, cool up-do. Showcase your amazing baby hair with this beautiful protective style. Enjoy a night of dancing with your friends as you don this ‘do.

3Tall Bantu Knots

For women with long tresses, shape tall bantu knots atop your head. The height of these knots is astounding. A beautiful look is created as you don voluminous knots.

4Braided Bantu Knots

Medium-sized bantu knots are designed with braided tresses. A new style is created by braiding your hair into bantu knots. Hair accessories take this look to a whole new level of style.

5Curly Knotted Half Up-Do

Bantu knots can also be styled into amazing half up-dos. Unleash your inner fashionista and don a creative hairdo. An ultra-chic look is created for all the fancy events you attend.

6Bouncy Bantu Knots

Put a little pep in your step as you don bouncy bantu knots. These knots move along with you throughout the day. The natural curly texture of your hair allows the bantu knots to have extra bounce.

7Dreadlocks in Bantu Knots

A hip, cute style is created when you style dreadlocks into bantu knots. Various hairstyles can be crafted with bantu knots to make new, fun ‘dos. A unique texture is created with dreadlocks as bantu knots.

8Bantu Knots with a Flat Twist Up-Do

Bantu knots can be combined with other hairstyles to create unique, gorgeous ‘dos. Flat twists with a high bun is a beautiful up-do. The bantu knots resembling rosebuds are icing on the cake.

9Afro Puffs as Bantu Knots

A sleek, sophisticated style is created when you don Afro puffs as bantu knots. Slick back the sides of your tresses for an ultra-chic ‘do. Pair elegant attire with this gorgeous style.

10Braids with Bantu Knots

Combine bantu knots with a braid at the hairline for a creative look. Bantu knots allow you to design innovative ‘dos to match your wonderful sense of fashion. A funky up-do is created for a hip look.

11Bantu Knots in a Mohawk

An edgy, modern look is created as bantu knots are shaped into an amazing Mohawk. This hairstyle is a bold, contemporary look. Dare to wear a hairdo as unique as you.

12Blonde Bantu Knots

For an inspiring look, don blonde bantu knots. A beautiful golden hue is added to your tresses. Pair this ‘do with gorgeous attire to achieve a classy style.

13Cornrows with Bantu Knots

Cool designs can be created with cornrows throughout your crown. The addition of bantu knots only heightens the originality of this ‘do. Innovative hairstyles are created with bantu knots.

14Ultra-Chic Bantu Knots

A fabulous look is created with these ultra-chic bantu knots. Flat twists are combined with bantu knots to design a classy, sophisticated look. The shade of red is a fashionable attribute.

15Micro Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are not just for long tresses. Shorter hair allows you to create micro bantu knots for a hip, cute style. A neat look is designed with micro bantu knots.

16Straight Knotted Half Up-Do

For women who prefer not to wear headbands, this bantu knotted half up-do is perfect. Section your hair from ear to ear, and shape 4-5 bantu knots. A stylish look is created through simple means.

17Nubian Bantu Knots

An alluring look is created when you incorporate a fancy headpiece throughout your bantu knots. Don a beautiful necklace across your hairline while held in place by your bantu knots. Feel like the queen you are.

18Fabulous Bantu Knots

Let your inner fashionista shine as you don a brilliant ‘do created with bantu knots. Shape bantu knots at the front of your head while the remaining tresses flow freely and wildly. A gorgeous look is created for fancy dinner parties.

19Bantu Knots with Shaved Sides

Dare to be different when you don hip bantu knots paired with shaved sides. An urbane, edgy look is skillfully crafted through a modern ‘do.

20Red Bantu Knots

Red bantu knots are sleek and classy when paired with beautiful attire. A stylish look is created when a deep shade of red is added to your tresses.

21Patterned Bantu Knots

Add braids between your bantu knots to create depth and dimension throughout your gorgeous hairstyle. Create sophisticated designs with intricate patterns by combining braids and bantu knots.

22Box Braids as Bantu Knots

Bantu knots can be designed with long box braids for a voluminous look. Large bantu knots add height to your hairstyle. A fashionable look is created for you to wear to fancy cocktail parties or for a night on the town.

23Bantu Knots with Hair Jewelry

Adorn your bantu knots with beautiful hair jewelry that dazzles and delights. Gold cuffs are added to these bantu knots to create an elegant look for any event you attend.

24Bantu Knots with Fishtail Braids

The combination of bantu knots with fishtail braids is a look everyone will adore. Be a trendsetter as you pair two amazing ‘dos to create one fabulous style.

25Purple Bantu Knots

Be a part of the latest fashion trend by adding a brilliant shade of purple to your tresses. Purple has recently become popular, and adding this hue to your bantu knots creates a fierce look.

26Bantu Knots with Short Hair

Bantu knots look gorgeous with short hair. Bantu knots can be designed on various lengths of hair. The bantu knot out of this style produces small, tight curls.

27Flat Twists and Bantu Knots

Bantu knots paired with flat twists is a perfect style combination. Design flat twists at the front of your head that extend into bantu knots. A distinct, creative look is achieved with this ‘do.

28Crown of Bantu Knots

Create a crown of bantu knots across your head for a sleek, elegant look. Add flat twists at the front of this ‘do for extra style points. Pair this look with sophisticated attire for a beautiful dinner.

29Bantu Knots with Diamond Parts

One of the coolest attributes of bantu knots is the designed parts you can create. Diamond parts are shaped throughout the sections of bantu knots for a hip style.

30Glamorous Bantu Knots

Spice up your ‘do with glamorous bantu knots. An edgy, modern look is created when you pair bantu knots with ultra-chic, dark attire.

31Simple Bantu Knots

The simplicity of these bantu knots allows you to wear this ‘do when you go to the gym for a workout. Bantu knots are a great style to wear as you stay fit and healthy.

32Short Springy Bantu Knots

Short, springy bantu knots are a cute, fun hairdo. Small curls are a neat hairstyle that can be paired with professional or casual attire. The amount of bantu knots throughout these tresses is amazing.

33Formal Bantu Knots

Bantu knots can be worn to the classiest of occasions. For the formal events you attend, pair your bantu knots with evening gowns for a gorgeous style.

34Circle Bantu Knots

A unique, sophisticated look is created with bantu knots shaped into a perfect circle. The distinct shape of these bantu knots is modern and stylish. Beautiful attire matches the elegance of this ‘do.

35Curly Mohawk with Bantu Knots

For a funky, hip hairstyle, pair a curly Mohawk with bantu knots. Your natural curly tresses adorn your crown and the back of your head. Bantu knots are shaped on the sides of your head. A neat look is created with the combination of two distinct ‘dos.

36Sophisticated Bantu Knots

Bantu knots can be designed with numerous sections of hair. This sophisticated ‘do combines hair from three different sections to form bantu knots throughout the tresses. A stylish, unique look is created with a neat style technique.

37‘90s Bantu Knots

Kick it old school with this hairstyle reminiscent of the ‘90s. A popular ‘do in the ‘90s, bantu knots have made a fashion comeback with modern styles.