40 African American short hairstyles

African American short hairstyles

African American short hairstyles

In recent years short hair has become a huge trend. Many people have decided to be bold and go short. Having short hair may be intimidating especially for women because of the fear of looking too masculine. In fact, there are many ways to make a short style more feminine from the cut , to style, to color. To find the perfect style you must find what looks the best on your specific head shape. To help out the women who want to rock a natural look we have put together a list of 40 African American short hairstyles.

1Short black layered cut

Here we have a simple neck length cut. This cut is the perfect cut for those women who want simplicity. Style this look with loose curls or waves to change it up.

2Full Bowl cut

For women with rounder faces go for a bowl or bump cut with a side swept bang. It really helps to frame your face because it falls right at the jawline. Spice this up by adding a few layers to the side.

3Simple pixie cut

The pixie cut is perfect for every season. We love this style especially on women with more prominent bone structures. Show off your cut and style by styling with chunky sweaters and large scarves in the winter and chunky jewelry in the summer.

4Blonde curled cut

We are so loving this blonde cut. It is slightly tapered at the temples and in the back and fuller on the top. This blonde is the perfect color for the summer. Pair with neutrals or pastels.

5Layered ear bob

Bobs are another simple go to style. They can be dressed down with simple jeans and a t-shirt or dressed up with your favorite dress. Take a look at this ear length bumped bob with a curled bang.

6Tapered cut with bang

We are loving this tapered look. Tapered styles have been a huge trend and play a huge factor in many hairstyles. We especially love this simple black look paired with the bold black lipstick.

7Dirty blonde layered cut

Not into the bright ash blonde? Try out a more toned down dirty blonde with this beautiful layered cut. This cut is shorter in the back and longer in the front creating a very versatile bang.

8Red messy curls

Looking for something extremely simple ? Take a look at this beautiful curled style that requires absolutely no heat. Simple section your hair and place in medium size bantu knots and let set over night. Apply a light oil, shake, and go.

9Low boy cut

We are loving that women are stepping out and rocking low cuts. We love how this look is shaved very low in the back but has a mini fro on the crown which can add versatility to this style.

10Purple neck length cut

We love this beautiful purple look. This style is simple but the color is what gives it, it’s edge. we love the hints of blue and the different hues of purple. Pair with neutral makeup and bold lips.

11Red curled cut

Color is so in right now. We are loving the reds for the summer time and it is a great color to transition into fall. Achieve these curls by placing medium rollers in the crown of your hair.

12Coily cut

Try out this coily style with your short natural hair. Keeping your hair in its coily states helps it retain more moisture and also promotes less breakage. Jazz up this style by adding your favorite headbands.

13Grey half cut

We are loving this grey half cut. It has light waves and can be styled in a number of ways. You can braid it, pin it back, or even put tighter curls in it. The styles are virtually endless with this cut.

14Sleek layered cut

This is a sleek and very simple layered cut. You can definitely add your own touch to this style by keeping the sides shorter or a little longer. You can also add highlights to this look to give it a pop of color.

15Natural blow out

A blow out is a great look no matter your hair type. We love the earth toned colors and the layers in the swoop bang. Turn this into a fabulous roller set by adding medium sized rollers.

16Curly earth toned cut

We love this trio colored cut. This cut has layers of earth toned colors in brown, black, and blonde. These colors blend perfectly and really compliment each other. Get this look without heat by installing pin curls.

17Black and blue cut

Black and blue are two colors that really compliment each other. This is an ear length cut that has a few layers and is fuller in the bang area. If you want a style the require little to no styling then this is your go to.

18Sleek spiked and curled cut

We are so loving this cut. It is sleek yet has and edgy flare. Simple things like a simple line can totally transform a hair style. This simple design is fun yet grown and sexy.

19Blonde blunt cut with black roots

Rita Ora is known for her blonde locs and bold red lip. We are used to seeing her in long locs so it was refreshing to see her step out in this short blonde blunt cut with dark roots. Keep your look simple with natural makeup.

20Rihanna Black and blonde cut

Rihanna is known for her cutting edge style and amazing hair do’s. We are loving this dark and vampy look with a sexy black and blonde layered cut. This style is definitely a winner for fall.

21Blunt bob

We are loving this super sexy blunt bob. We love the red undertones complimented by the vampy berry makeup. This style is perfect for any setting and for any face shape.

22Pink spiked pixie cut

Pink hair has definitely been emerging as a hair trend. You can see tons of pink looks on the blogs, runways, and on celebrities. We love this spiked pink pixie cut. To add depth to your look compliment your pink locs with blonde.

23Blonde sleek cut

How gorgeous is this blonde low cut? Achieve this style on shaven hair by starting with freshly washed soaking wet hair. Apply your favorite mousse and styling gel. Finally tie down with a satin scarf to set the look.

24Curly Tapered cut

Another simple natural hair style for women with looser curl patterns. This style really requires little manipulation. Simply place in chunky twists at night and moisturize daily.

25Natural hair cut with blonde tips

Natural hair naturally grows in an upward motion so this simple cut is the perfect look. Add some fun with this style by adding blonde tips or any color of your choice. Style with oversize glasses and your favorite jewels.

26Ultra sleek 50’s style

Zendaya is definitely a fashion icon. She never disappoints us when she steps on the red carpet. We love this sleek 50’s inspired style that she is rocking.

27Simple layered cut with middle part

This style is super simple and is perfect for those women who do not want a style that is over powering. The use of colors is what really sets this style off. Add a bit more pop by adding hints of red

28Layered bowl cut

Rihanna never disappoints with her amazing hair do’s. We love this ultra short bowl cut that she is rocking. This style is perfect for our women with more oval and heart shaped faces.

29Neck length ombre bob

The ombre look is still in style. For those women who want a short style but do not want to go too short long bobs will be your best friend. They are perfect for those who still want to rock a ponytail here and there.

30Simple faucet curls

Curls have the ability to really transform any look. Take a look at this simple ombre style that was totally transformed through simple faucet curls. Make these curls as big or as little as you want.

31Red curls with an edgy under cut

Maybe you are going for a darker but feminine look. Deep red tones paired with edgy cuts will surely give you the perfect balance. The curls also add a touch of feminine.

32Short sided blunt cut bob

One of our favorite variations of the bob is the one side short and one side long cut. This specific cut is perfect framing the face. This look can be dressed up or down for your choosing.

33Voluminous Shaved side cut

We are totally in love with this style. From the curved part to the bouncy curls. Spice up this already cutting edge style in two ways. One by adding more designs or two by adding streaks of color to the crown area.

34Afro chic under cut

Look chic in this simple afro under cut. This style is perfect for summer time and a great transition style into the cooler months. To keep this style simple with a flare go for a blue black toned color.

35Pink boy cut

Try out an edgy barbie look with this gorgeous pink low cut. The color and cut combination really gives us a hipster vibe. When going for bold colors like this try to keep your makeup minimal.

36Blue cut with bangs

We are used to seeing Draya Michelle in simple black extensions or rocking her natural hair. She surprised us with this super cute electric blue blunt cut. If you are looking for something bold try this out.

37Short natural fro

Don’t be afraid to rock your TWA. We are loving the mini afro from our natural girls. Pair with your favorite makeup looks and bold jewelry especially colorful and patterned pieces.

38Short highlighted side cut

Meagan Good looks stunning in this short side cut. She choose a classic color combination of black and brown which goes flawlessly with her complexion. The is a great go to style for the simple woman.

39Light waves with bang

Kerry Washington looks stunning in this light wave shoulder length style. The bang really helps to tie this look together. This style can be rocked with an elegant dress or just a simple tee and jeans.

40Pink and purple mohawk

We are loving this blonde and purple mohawk type cut. The color mixture gives it a fun and funky vibe. Pair with purple lips to really set off this look. To take it even further you can style it up with statement necklaces.