40 Stunning African Braids

African braids

40 Stunning African Braids | African Hair Braiding Styles

African braids are a beautiful style with plenty of versatility. Craft a ‘do to match your amazing personality. Let your wonderful sense of fashion shine through a gorgeous hairdo created with fabulous braids. Discover the latest ‘dos as you check out the trendiest, most exciting 40 stunning African braids.

1African Braids with a Shaved Side

An edgy look is created for a modern style. Pair braids with a shaved side to match your unique personality. For a daring look, add shaved designs onto the side of your head. Originality at its best.

2Long African Braids

Long African braids are a classic look and have been worn throughout the years. The length of these braids provides you with versatility. Craft gorgeous ‘dos for all the lovely events you attend.

3Ripple Waves with African Braids

A beautiful hairdo is created when you pair ripple waves with goddess braids. Let your inner fashionista out with this amazing hairstyle. Don your best formal gown as you attend a classy event.

4Purple African Braids

Adding braids to your tresses is an exciting chance to incorporate a new color. Purple has been a popular color to add to braids. You can have a purple ombré effect, highlights, or don all purple braids.

5Short African Braids

Short African braids are cute, fun, and hip. Don a braided bob to match your spunky personality. This casual hairstyle can be worn to the office or for a night of dancing with your friends.

6Braided Bun Half Up-Do

The versatility of African braids allows you to craft stunning half up-dos. Create a bun atop your head, while the other tresses flow down your shoulders.

7Creative African Braids

Let your creativity shine as you don a hairdo that conveys innovation and originality. African braids allow you to create works of art with your tresses.

8Feed-In African Braids

The feed-in braiding method allows cornrows to look more natural and less bulky. This is due to a narrow, flat point styled at the hairline. African hair braiding salons are the perfect places to have a feed-in braiding method crafted.

9Side-Swept African Braids

A marvelous look is created as you sweep all your African braids to one side. Your tresses cascade over your shoulders for an alluring look.

10African Braids with Hair Jewelry

Hair jewelry is a wonderful way to ensure your tresses sparkle in the sun. African braids with hair jewelry showcases your gorgeous sense of style. Wear beautiful attire to match the jewels.

11African Braids Chignon Style

Larger African braids can be crafted into an ultra-chic chignon hairstyle. These African braids allow you to stand out in a crowd. Pair this ‘do with maxi or cocktail dresses for a beautiful look.

12African Braids with Curves

African braids allow you to create unique designs without having to shave the designs into your tresses. Simply by parting your braids a certain way creates a whole new look. Slightly curved braids are a hip style.

13Sophisticated African Braids

A one of a kind hairdo is created when you craft a high bun along with free-flowing braids. Long braids glide down your back. The two colors in this ‘do are creative and stylish.

14Brown African Braids

Brown African braids are a natural color to add to your tresses. Dark or light brown braids create a beautiful look.

15Three African Braids

Achieve a perfect line throughout your African braids by using a comb with a long handle. A distinct, innovative hairstyle is created with a neat styling tool.

16French Braids

French braids are an elegant, classic hairstyle. An ultra-chic look is skillfully crafted. Wear this ‘do for a day at the park or for a night at the hippest club in town.

17Crown of Braids

A sophisticated ‘do is created with a crown of African braids. A thin braid is crafted at the front of your head while the rest of your tresses create a larger braid. Look like the queen you are.

18Highlighted African Braids

Highlights are a great way to revitalize and rejuvenate your tresses. Breathe new life into your braids by adding light shades of brown, caramel, or blonde to your dark tresses.

19Fabulous African Braiding

Create original hair designs with African braiding stylin’ techniques. Fabulous ‘dos can be crafted to match your unique sense of style. Gain inspiration from one of a kind hairdos.

20African Braids with a Side Part

An elegant look is created as you don African braids with a side part. Long tresses to one side of your face is a beautiful look. Wear fancy earrings and a gorgeous maxi dress to complete the look.

21African Braids with Curls

African braids that become curls are a gorgeous, elegant look. This is a hairstyle for the classiest of occasions. Wear beautiful attire to dinner parties with this sophisticated ‘do.

22Intricate Braided Patterns

Tiny braids are an elegant, classic hairstyle. Shape your braids into intricate patterns to create a ‘do second to none. Add a neat hue to your tresses to create a trendy hairdo.

23Two-Tone African Braids

Two-tone African braids are one of the most happenin’ styles these days. Pairing two colors throughout your tresses creates a hip look. Various hairdos can be crafted to emphasize the colors of your braids.

24Red African Braids

Red is a popular color to add to your tresses. A sleek, sophisticated look is created when you don red African braids. A deep shade of red added to your braids crafts a unique, yet gorgeous hairstyle.

25Braided Cornrows

Transform your look with these ultra-chic braided cornrows. Your style is taken to a whole new level as you don braided cornrows along with natural looking tresses.

26Diagonal African Braids

Diagonal parts throughout your African braids create a distinct look. Incorporating unique parts in your tresses can create exciting, new styles.

27African Braids with Beads

Quickly becoming a favorite fashion trend, African braids with beads creates a gorgeous ‘do. Beads and cowry shells are fabulous to incorporate throughout your braids.

28Medium Length African Braids

Braids around your face create a soft, feminine look. Plait your tresses into numerous thin braids for a delicate look. Accentuate your best facial features.

29African Braided Mohawk

A Mohawk is a cool, edgy ‘do to don. African braids can be crafted into a superb Mohawk. Neat designs are created throughout the braids.

30Blonde African Braids

Blonde African braids are a gorgeous hairstyle. Adding blonde to your tresses is a great way to spice up your ‘do.

31Fashionable African Braids

Original, innovative styles are created with African braids. Works of art are styled throughout your tresses. This one of a kind hairstyle is gorgeous and fabulous. Move the world of fashion forward.

32Super Long African Braids

Dare to wear your African braids well past your waist for a beautiful look. The length of these super long African braids is what makes them gorgeous. Let your amazing tresses flow freely as you move through the day.

33Side African Braids

A unique look is created when the braids start on one side of your head and cascade down your face. Braids crafted in a distinct manner create a hip, cool look. This style has a modern, edgy vibe to it.

34African Braids with a Hat

Adding a hat to your African braids creates an ultra-chic look. Hats can transform your hairstyle and create gorgeous looks. Wear a sun hat, fedora, or knit cap to match your amazing sense of fashion.

35Cornrows and African Braids Up-Do

Combining cornrows and African braids into a sophisticated up-do is a beautiful look. Adding hair jewelry completes this elegant style. This up-do can be worn during the day and then transition into a night of fun with your friends. Don this ‘do to the classy dinner parties you attend.

36Modern African Braided Mohawk

This modern African braided Mohawk is a hip, edgy look. Dare to wear a hairstyle that matches your fashion personality. Let your sense of style shine as you don a modern African braided Mohawk.

37Fishtail Braid

A sophisticated fishtail braid is the perfect hairstyle to wear to classy, formal events. As you don your gorgeous attire, this fishtail braid will match the style of the evening. Craft an elegant hairdo with your lovely tresses.

38African Braided Low Bun

Style your African braids into an ultra-chic low bun. Cornrows and braids are designed atop your head for an intricate pattern. A low bun is crafted to add elegance and sophistication to this ‘do. Wear this hairdo for a day at the office or to a classy cocktail party.

39Unique African Braided Hairdo

This African braided hairdo is unique and beautiful. Braids are skillfully crafted to create an intricate pattern. Innovative, creative hairstyles are crafted with long African braids. Let your amazing sense of fashion stand out wherever you go.

40African Braids with Shaved Designs

Pair your amazing African braids with distinct shaved designs throughout the sides and back of your head. An original hairstyle is created with the combination of braids and designs. Wear your braids atop your head to showcase the beautiful patterns.