40 Micro Braids Styles

Micro Braids Styles

40 Micro Braid Styles

Rock micro braids for a sleek, sophisticated look that will never go out of style. The modern fashion of micro braids is hip and fresh. Stylish up-dos along with fascinating designs take hairstyles to a whole new level. Hop aboard a unique fashion movement, and check out these 40 amazing micro braids styles.

1Long MicroBraids with Middle Part

An effortless hairstyle is long micro braids with a middle part. This hairdo is a cool way to stand out with long strands of hair. Emphasize all your best features with lengthy tresses.

2Micro Braids with Shaved Side

An incredible style is created when you shave one side of your head while micro braids cascade down another. For those who prefer a daring, edgy look, this style is perfect. Let your inner rocker shine.

3Highlighted MicroBraids

Highlights are a wonderful addition to your micro braids to emphasize your style. Blonde, light brown, or caramel can be incorporated into your braids. Bolder colors such as purple or pink jazz up your tresses.

4Micro Braids with Low Bun

Compact micro braids are capable of being styled in unique, cool fashions. A smooth side part paired with a chic low bun creates a sophisticated hairstyle. Elegant occasions are perfect to showcase this hairstyle.

5Micro Braids in a Side Braid

Micro braids crafted into a side braid create a feminine, delicate look to match your cute outfits. A softer vibe is given off. Wear your braids with jeans and a knit top or your favorite cocktail dress.

6Wavy MicroBraids

Wear your fabulous micro braids with waves styled into them. Wavy micro braids are wonderful to wear as you spend a day on the beach. Let the wind flow through your gorgeous tresses.

7Sleek Micro Braids

Have layers styled throughout your micro braids for a look that is sure to turn heads. Be beautiful with either a middle or side part. Walk confidently as you don sleek, smooth braids.

8Micro Braids with Cornrows

Combine small cornrows atop your head with micro braids that cascade down your shoulders. A breathtaking style on its own, add beads to the ends of your braids for a relaxed, carefree vibe.

9Micro Braids with Curls

Add volume and texture to your tresses by incorporating gorgeous curls into your micro braids hairstyle. Wear your favorite classy dress with this elegant hairdo. As you attend formal events, your beauty will shine.

10Boho Micro Braids

Boho micro braids are alluring and create an ultra-chic style. A beautiful hairdo is crafted with a combination of micro braids along with natural tresses.

11Two-Toned Micro Braids

A distinct style is created when you don two-tone micro braids that are sure to look amazing. Whether you wear your braids in a ponytail or down, the two colors create a wonderful style.

12Short Micro Braids

Micro braids do not have to be long to be styled into a beautiful hairdo. Short micro braids are hip and cool for anyone to wear. Showcase your best facial features with shorter tresses.

13Micro Braids with High Bun

Feel confident and stylish as you rock micro braids crafted into a high bun. An ultra-chic style is conveyed through a gorgeous up-do.

14Gray Ombré Micro Braids

Gray has been trending this year, and micro braids have jumped aboard the latest fashion craze. Gray ombré micro braids look incredible.

15Micro Braids with Shiny Tresses

Pair micro braids with shiny, straight tresses for a charming, classy look. A side part adds even more sophistication to this gorgeous style.

16Micro Braids with a Side Fringe

A side fringe incorporated into your hairstyle can change your look in a simple way. Clip several strands of hair to one side of your head. Effortless style at its best.

17Blonde and Brown Micro Braids

Blonde and brown micro braids create an ultra-chic style to be the epitome of class. The cool color combination will be accentuated with any hairstyle you craft.

18Micro Braids with Tight Curls

An elegant hairstyle to don is micro braids with tight curls. The uniqueness of this style paired with the refined curls creates a beautiful look.

19Micro Braids and Side Buns

Two side buns styled on top of your head create a youthful, cheerful style. Don this hairstyle to your next dinner party or for a night of dancing with your friends at the hippest club.

20Micro Cornrows

Classic cornrows paired with long micro braids is chic and timeless. This hairstyle requires little maintenance allowing your beauty and grace to shine.

21Side-Swept Micro Braids

A simple touch of class can create one of the most gorgeous hairstyles. Beautiful tresses are swept to one side of your head for an effortless style.

22Purple Micro Braids

Join one of the hippest fashion waves, and don purple micro braids. For those who dare to wear such a bold color, your confident sense of style will illuminate.

23Simple Micro Braids

Be beautiful as you don a simple style with grace. The front of your micro braids is pulled back to create a simple, yet gorgeous hairdo. Simple style methods are effective in achieving hairdos to convey elegance.

24Goddess Micro Braids

Channel your inner goddess with long micro braids that emphasize your eyes and lips. An urban style is created with a super cool side part. Wear maxi dresses or your favorite casual outfit with these gorgeous braids.

25Super Long Micro Braids

Super long micro braids are an amazing, stunning style. Breathtaking hairdos can be crafted with such lengthy braids. You can wear your beautiful tresses down for a fabulous look.

26Wet and Wavy Micro Braids

A meticulous pattern is woven through wet and wavy micro braids. Long, stunning micro braids are a gorgeous look, which will transition from the day well into the night.

27Chic Micro Braids

Embrace the length of your tresses, and don chic micro braids. Add a knitted cap or a fedora to complete your style. Hats are a wonderful accessory to add to your micro braids.

28Half Up-Do

The length of micro braids brings versatility to the stylin’ table. Craft a bun with half of your tresses to create an elegant half up-do. Wear this lovely look as you dine on fine cuisine with your friends.

29Sleek Cornrow Braids

A polished look is crafted with a unique blend of cornrows and micro braids. The design of these braids is carefully crafted to create a sophisticated style. Emphasize your beautiful facial features with this hairdo.

30Burgundy Micro Braids

Burgundy micro braids are a warm color for your tresses. The uniqueness of this color emphasizes a wonderful sense of fashion and boldness. Showcase your glamorous style, and be the fashionista you truly are.

31Sophisticated High Bun and Micro Braids

The versatility of micro braids allows you to create unique hairdos. Opt for a high bun that is not braided to add volume to your style. The final hairdo is ultra-chic and perfect for a cool night with your friends.

32Unique Micro Braids

This hairstyle is unique and fashionable. Micro braids are crafted on one side of your head and extend into beautiful tresses. Pair this hairdo with fancy dresses for all your classy dinner parties.

33Micro Braids Mohawk

A gorgeous Mohawk is braided throughout your tresses for a unique, edgy look. Rock micro braids in a Mohawk to showcase your distinct sense of fashion. Shaven sides and a thrilling color only add to this rockin’ style.

34High Ponytail

A hip look is achieved through a classic high ponytail crafted from your long micro braids. A high ponytail is cool as well as versatile. Pair your ponytail with jeans and a knit top or your favorite business attire.

35Micro Braids in Two Side Braids

Part your micro braids in the middle and craft two extraordinary side braids for a gorgeous look. Symmetry is created with these side braids, and the length only adds to the beauty of this style.

36Classy Micro Braids

Don these classy micro braids for your next formal event or fancy dinner party. You are sure to feel beautiful and confident as you enter the door. Have the micro braids swept to one side for a super chic look.

37Caramel Micro Braids

Caramel is an excellent color for you long micro braids and complements various skin tones. Pair your micro braids with Senegalese braids for an amazing style.

38Crown of Micro Braids

Craft your micro braids into a crown that sits atop your head. This one of a kind hairstyle is beautiful and elegant. Don this hairdo to all your fancy events while you wear gorgeous attire.

39Micro Braids with a Scarf

Go for an ultra-chic look when you add a scarf to your beautiful micro braids. Scarves come in various colors and you can create a look to match your style. Bold or classic colors accentuate different fashions.

40Fashionable Micro Braids

Craft a fashionable half up-do with your amazing micro braids. You can design a hairdo that is unique to your own style. Let your awesome sense of fashion shine as you don a modish hairstyle.