40 Individual Braids Styles And How To Guide

individual braids styles

40 Individual Braids And Single Braids Styles

Individual braids styles protect your hair from damage and speed up the growing process of your natural hair. There are so many different ways to style individual braids. Check out this list of gorgeous and versatile individual braids styles for inspiration.

1Pompadour Braids

A pompadour adds a trendy style to your wonderful hairdo. The polished effect created by the pompadour is a casual meets classic look. Wear this hairstyle to a classy dinner party or to the office.

2Long Thin and Blue Individual Braids

How gorgeous are these royal blue thin individual braids? Braids with bright colors are super chic ATM! If you love bold colors, try this hue.

3Brown Individual Braids

Traditional individual braids are a simple way to stand out with a lovely shade of brown. An appealing look is crafted when you style all your tresses to one side. Your beauty will illuminate throughout the day.

4Long, Tiny Individual Braids

Super cute braids are crafted to create a gorgeous hairstyle. A layered length paired with a side part allows your tresses to cascade down your shoulders. Beautiful facial features are emphasized with this look.

5Criss Cross Braids

Let your natural hair grow as you don criss cross individual braids. This protective style is great for a beach vacation or a day at the park. A distinct look is crafted with gorgeous braids.

6Elegant Bun

The versatility of individual braids allows you to craft amazing hairstyles unique to your sense of fashion. Style your tresses into an elegant bun for the next formal event you attend. A dazzling hairdo for all occasions.

7Individual Braids in a Ponytail

A classic ponytail is the perfect way to relax and enjoy an evening with friends. The individual braids take a simple ponytail to a new level of chicness.

8Voluminous Braids

Voluminous braids provide your tresses with more height and texture. Let your braids bounce and move freely throughout the day. The braids will showcase your wonderful sense of style.

9Feed-In Individual Braids

Feed-in individual braids allow your braids to look more natural and slimmer. A narrow, flat point is created at the hairline to protect the edges of your tresses. Unique designs can be crafted with these braids.

10Shoulder Length Individual Braids

Shoulder length braids create a hip, fresh look. Style your braids into cute up-dos, or craft a unique half up-do. Add hair jewelry for a look that will dazzle and delight.

11Cornrows with a Mohawk

If your goal is to protect your tresses, consider donning cornrows. For a modern, edgy look, style a Mohawk paired with cornrows. Let your exotic sense of style illuminate.

12Braids with Curves

Braids allow you to create unique designs without shaving them into your hair. Slightly curved braids are simply beautiful. More intricate designs can be crafted with your braids.

13Individual Rope Braids with a Side Part

A side part with your individual braids creates an asymmetrical look. Pull all your hair to one side for a sophisticated style. Your natural hair can grow while being protected.

14Braids with a Streak of Blonde

A splash of color can make your hairstyle more distinct. Simply add a blonde streak to your braids for more depth and dimension. Unique hairdos can be crafted emphasizing your use of color.

15Individual Braids with Undercut

Individual braids with a unique undercut creates a fantastic hairdo. Create beautiful up-dos or distinct half up-dos showcasing your shaved design. An edgy look is emphasized.

16Up-Do with Intricate Design Single Braids

Alternating cornrows of various sizes create an intricate symmetrical design on both sides of your head. As you don such a unique style, you are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

17Perfect Individual Braids

Smooth individual braids keep the overall style fresh and hip. Create a crown atop your head while half of your braids flow down your shoulders. A simple, yet gorgeous hairdo is crafted.

18Sophisticated Individual Braids

For a sophisticated look, shift your braids to one side paired with a side twist. Wear this elegant style to formal events or a classy cocktail party. Your fancy dresses match this sophisticated look perfectly.

19Black and Purple Single Braids

An ultra-chic style is conveyed when you don black and purple braids. A neat color combination is created with these two colors. Wear your braids down, in elegant up-dos, or craft cool half up-dos.

20Triangle Parted Braids

Parting is a great way to make your style more modern and fresh. Triangle parted individual braids are a hip look. Revive a 90’s fashion with this contemporary hairdo.

21High Ponytail Single Braiding Hair

Add spunk to your style by donning a high ponytail with your gorgeous outfits. An ultra-chic look is created with the volume already throughout your braids. Add color for a trendy look.

22Long Single Hair Braiding Style

Embrace the length you have always desired for your tresses by donning luscious locks of braids. You can even craft elegant half up-dos for a simple, yet gorgeous hairstyle. Allow your beauty to shine through your tresses.

23Individual Braids with Curled Tips

Curling the tips of your braids is a wonderful style technique to showcase your sense of fashion. A new, fresh hairdo is created through simple means.

24Coil with Individual Braids

The pattern of your plaits can be the basis of a design for an extraordinary hairdo. A chevron look is created with the combination of coils and braids. This simple hairdo is perfect for any event.

25Individual Braids with a Scarf

Dressing up your individual braids with a beautiful scarf is always in style. Scarves have different prints, designs, and colors to match an array of fashions. Scarves can contrast or complement your gorgeous outfits.

26High Braided Bun

Innovative thin braids are braided throughout your hair for an amazing look. Adding a high bun effect on top of your head makes this hairdo truly unique. Individual micro braids are best for this distinct hairstyle.

27Mohawk Single Braiding Style

Mohawk braids are a great way to design intricate cornrows on the sides of your head, while still having long tresses. There are many styling options for your Mohawk braids: individual, up-dos, or half up-dos.

28Timeless Individual Braids

A timeless style, individual braids allow you to showcase your sense of style and fashion. The versatility provided with individual braids is just one of the characteristics that makes them great.

29Colorful Crochet Individual Braids

Colorful individual braids are an awe-inspiring look. Combine natural colors such as blonde or brown with bold colors such as purple or pink. The styling possibilities with colorful braids are endless.

30Crochet Individual Braids with Accessories

Add jeweled accessories to your braids for a simple, stunning look. A Bohemian flair is given off when you adorn your braids with beautiful hair jewelry. As you attend fancy dinners, the accessories are sure to dazzle in the light.

31Layered Bob Individual Braids

Individual braids crafted into a layered bob creates a lovely style for you to wear. An ultra-chic look is skillfully created with the layers of braids. Add more depth and movement to your tresses with this hairstyle.

32Duo Ponytails Hair braiding Style

Having two ponytails is a simple way to create a beautiful look. Your individual braids will look amazing. Adding a unique color to your braids will make your style stand out even more.

33Side-Swept Crochet Individual Braids

Rock an ultra-chic side-swept look for all the classy cocktail parties you attend. Adding a deep side part provides you with versatility for different hairstyles. Emphasize all your best facial features with a side-swept look.

34Individual Micro Braids with Ombré

An ombré effect added to your micro braids creates an effortless style. A blend of light and dark creates a more natural look. However, you can opt for bolder colors for your ombré.

35French Individual Braids

A style as simple as a French braid is more beautiful with individual braids. Adding color or highlights ensures a spectacular look through texture and movement.

36Sleek Crochet Individual Braids

Achieving sleek individual braids can be accomplished through a combination of braids and twists. A modern look, your tresses will have an alluring style.

37A Braided Crown

Wear a crown of braids atop your head for a regal look. This wonderful up-do can be worn to the classiest of occasions. Pair this hairstyle with beautiful attire for an amazing look.

38Long, Curled Braids

Long, curly braids cascade down your shoulders for a beautiful hairstyle. Micro braids are perfect for women who desire to have curly tresses. A bouncy wave effect is effortlessly achieved.

39French Roll from Individual Braids

An original up-do is crafted as you style your individual braids into a French roll. A French knot sits at the nape of your neck while creating a beautiful side look. As you attend formal events, this hairdo will exude dignity along with grace.

40Boho Chic Individual Braids

A middle part with individual braids allows you to craft fashionable hairdos. Add a hair accessory to convey a Boho chic vibe. A fresh, authentic style is created through simple stylin’ techniques.

41Messy Bun with Individual Braids

For a fashionista’s free spirit, don a messy bun crafted with individual braids. A particular shape is often achieved with bun up-dos. However, a messy bun allows your braids to be free and emphasizes your unique style.