40 Havana Twist Hair Styles

havana twist hair

40 Havana Twist Hair Styles

A Havana twist hairstyle is a hip, fresh look that rejuvenates your tresses. The versatility of Havana twists allows you to craft cool, happenin’ looks for weeks. Protect your beautiful hair with unique, trendy ‘dos. Let your inner fashionista shine as you check out the 40 most stylin’ Havana twist hairdos.

1The Havana Bun

Pull your lovely locks atop your head for an elegant Havana bun. An ultra-chic up-do is skillfully crafted with long Havana twists. Dare to let your sophisticated sense of style illuminate.

2Havana Twist Bob

A youthful, cheery look is created when you don a Havana twist bob. Short tresses are the epitome of cuteness, and you will feel refreshed with a short hairdo. Havana twists in a bob style is a hip look.

3Havana Twist Hawk

Combine Havana twists with a unique Mohawk for a modern look. For those who prefer a style with edge, a Havana twist hawk is just the ‘do you can wear. Cornrow your hair towards the middle of your head, and let the Havana twists create a neat Mohawk.

4Havana Twists with Dreadlocks

You can even don Havana twists with your amazing dreadlocks. Havana twists are a cool way to jazz up your dreadlocks. A modern look is crafted with the textures of two awesome hairstyles.

5Havana Flat Twists

Have your Havana tresses installed as flat twists for a cute, yet sophisticated look. This wonderful hairstyle is great for a day at the office or classy dinner parties.

6Side-Swept Havana Twists

For a super cute look, sweep all your Havana twists to one side of your head. The simplicity of this style allows you to wear it to picnics at the park or for elegant occasions. Casual as well as formal attire goes well with this hairstyle.

7Long, Wavy Havana Twists

A sleek, alluring look is crafted as you don long, wavy Havana twists. Cocktail dresses only add to the beauty of this hairdo. Depth and texture are achieved through a marvelous style.

8Havana Twists with a Side Curve

For a gorgeous ‘do, style a distinct curve on one side of your head with Havana twists. A simple stylin’ technique creates a beautiful hairdo perfect for all occasions. Simplicity at its best.

9Purple Havana Twists

Purple is a regal, charming color for your tresses. Craft amazing hairdos while adding a lovely hue to your Havana twists. A beautiful style is showcased with a side part and curls.

10Havana Twists with a Side Part

Gorgeous style can be yours as you don Havana twists with a deep side part. The size of the Havana twists adds volume and texture to this hairdo. Add sparkle to your tresses with lovely beads.

11Two-Tone Havana Twists

Havana twists are an excellent hairdo for adding two-tone coloring to your tresses. Amazing styles can be crafted to accentuate the hues in your twists. Red and black are a deep color combination.

12Shoulder Length Havana Twists

For a cute, spunky vibe, don shoulder length Havana twists. Create fun hairdos with mid-length tresses. As you move through the day, you are sure to feel great as your tresses are showcased.

13Side Ponytail

As you prepare for a night of dancing with your friends, don a side ponytail with Havana twists for a hip look. A neat, sharp style is crafted with a unique ponytail.

14Havana Twists with Curled Ends

Curl the ends of your Havana twists for a distinct style that sets you apart from all the rest. A sweet, sophisticated look is created with a simple style technique.

15Two-Strand Havana Twists

Two-strand Havana twists are a neat look you can craft into a hip half up-do. Stylin’ a top knot is a cool way to convey a relaxed vibe.

16Havana Twists with Hair Clamps

Adding hair clamps or jewelry to your Havana twists is a dazzling way to let your tresses sparkle. The right hair jewelry can emphasize your overall sense of fashion.

17Burgundy Havana Twists

A deep burgundy is a wonderful darker hue to add to Havana twists. Beautiful looks can be crafted with this unique color. Ultra-chic attire pairs well with this sophisticated color.

18Elegant Up-Do

The versatility of Havana twists allows them to be crafted into elegant up-dos. Don such a beautiful hairdo to the classiest of events. Ultra-chic blazers match the elegance of this style.

19Cute Havana Twists

As you don cute Havana twists, you will feel wonderful wherever you go during the day. A hip look, you can wear these tresses to the mall for a day of shopping with your friends.

20Shades of Brown

Various shades of brown throughout Havana twists create a style with depth, volume, and texture. Light and dark brown combine for a magnificent array of natural colors.

21Layered Havana Twists

Adding layers to Havana twists is a great way to achieve a hip, cool style. Having layers throughout your tresses creates more depth, texture, and dimension.

22Regal Half Up-Do

Craft your Havana twists into a regal half up-do that is the epitome of sophistication. Half of your tresses are styled into an ultra-chic low bun, while twists flow down your shoulders. The perfect hairdo for elegant events.

23Small Havana Twists

Havana twists come in various sizes. Small Havana twists are a classy, cool style. Don smaller twists to craft amazing ‘dos for all occasions.

24Tight Up-Do

Craft a tight up-do with Havana twists for a distinct style. You can design unique up-dos to match your own sense of creativity. Dare to let your fashionista shine.

25Cornrows with Havana Twists

Braid cornrows onto one side of your head while Havana twists cascade down your shoulders. An asymmetrical look is created with a sophisticated hairstyle.

26Beautiful Havana Twists

Havana twists are a natural looking hairstyle, which showcases beauty as well as grace. Let your tresses emphasize all your best facial features through gorgeous Havana twists.

27Two Bun Up-Do

Long Havana twists can be crafted into an amazing up-do. Style one bun at the front of your head and another low bun at your nape. A voluminous ‘do is achieved through a one of a kind style.

28Short Havana Twists

Achieve your goals as you don short Havana twists. You have every reason to smile as you wear a neat, fancy hairdo. Create a top knot for a cool half up-do.

29Havana Twists with a Center Part

An ultra-chic style is conveyed as you pair Havana twists with a neat center part. Cocktail or maxi dresses add to the beauty of this ‘do.

30Pompadour Havana Twists

A certain elegance exudes from pompadour Havana twists. Craft a bun and you are the epitome of sophistication. A beautiful up-do for the classiest of occasions.

31Professional Havana Twists

Havana twists can convey a sophisticated, professional look. A sharp hairdo is crafted that can be worn throughout the week. Wear this hairstyle for a day at the office and transition into a night of dancing.

32Long Havana Twists

Let your Havana twists glide down your shoulders past your waist for a breathtaking look. A sleek hairdo is achieved through a simple style. Let your inner goddess shine.

33Sophisticated Up-Do

The sophistication of this up-do adds class to a casual outfit. Wear a gorgeous dress for the next formal event you attend along with this elegant up-do. An innovative hairstyle is crafted with skill.

34Glamorous Havana Twists

Jazz up your look with this amazing Havana twists. A glamorous hairdo is achieved with length, volume, and depth. You will glide with beauty anywhere you go.

35Front Bun with Ponytail

A unique up-do is created with a front bun and ponytail. The ponytail is shifted to one side while the long Havana twists cascade down your shoulders. Wear this up-do to a fancy dinner gathering or to the hippest club in town.

36Havana Twists with a Shaved Side

An edgy, modern look is crafted when you pair Havana twists with a shaved side. Let your bold sense of fashion stand out through your hairdo and attire. Dare to wear a hairstyle as unique as you.

37Caramel Havana Twists

Caramel is a subtle color to spice up your tresses. The simplicity of this hue is a wonderful addition to Havana twists. Wear your hair down or in fancy up-dos to showcase the caramel twists.

38Front Ponytail

Styling Havana twists into a front ponytail is a unique look to don. Some of your tresses are wrapped around the ponytail to ensure it is styled at the front of your head. Craft hairdos that match your amazing personality and fashion.

39Ombré Havana Twists

An ombré effect gliding throughout your Havana twists is a cute, fun hairstyle. Have your tresses go from a darker shade to a lighter shade with natural hair colors. For a modern look, have a pink ombré effect.

40Havana Twists in a Bow

Style Havana twists into a hip box atop your head for a carefree vibe. Reminisce on past decades, and let your cool style shine. An ultra-chic fashion is achieved through chevron clothing. Add jewelry to match the overall style of your tresses.