40 Ghana Braids Styles

ghana braids styles

40 Ghana Braids And Banana Braids Styles

Desiring a glamorous hairstyle to match the beautiful woman you are? Ghana braids AKA Banana braids, are the perfect hairdo to convey a spunky style. Quickly becoming one of the most popular styles this year, Ghana braids are convenient and protective. Check out the following 40 most gorgeous Ghana braids styles for hip, happenin’ looks.

1Simple Ghana Cornrows Braids Style

Donning simple Ghana braids will have you stylin’ in no time. Beautiful tresses crafted into cornrows convey an elegant look. These braids can be worn during the day and transition into a night of dancing.

2Ghana Braids in a Bun

Start this wonderful hairstyle in the front with thin weaves that increase into more prominent braids. A high bun adds the right amount of glam to your style.

3Ghana Braids Ponytail

A classic hairstyle, such as the ponytail, paired with hip Ghana braids adds such a modern vibe. Create a sophisticated look to wear to your next formal event.

4Long Ghana Braids

An ever-popular style, long Ghana braids add volume and texture to your beautiful locs. Longer Ghana braids are absolutely amazing. Just remember the long length of these braids can weigh and pull on your scalp.

5Dual Effect Ghana Braids

For a fresh, new hairstyle, consider donning this octopus inspired look featuring thin and thick Ghana braids. The extra height of the larger braids blends perfectly with the thin braids. Be ready to receive compliments from your friends.

6Ghana Braids Crown

Ghana braids can be crafted into a crown that extends around your head. A unique part is created in your hair for an asymmetrical look. Keep the braids long for a gorgeous style.

7Ombré Ghana Braids

A contemporary style of Ghana braids has an ombré effect added throughout them. Having darker braids that become a lighter color is an awesome look. Be bold, and don unique colors.

8Ghana Braids with Shaved Side

A distinct look is created when you shave one side of your head paired with long Ghana braids. Showcase all of your best facial features, such as eyes, eyebrows, and lips. An edgy, beautiful style for all to wear.

9Front Ghana Braids

Don Ghana braids on your forehead for a sophisticated, elegant look. Pair this hairdo with your favorite maxi dress for a night of dancing with your friends at the chicest nightclub.

10Ghana Cornrows

One of the most traditional looks of Ghana braids is the straight-back hairstyle, which was popular back in the day. A soft, feminine look is created with this conventional style.

11Micro-Ghana Braiding Mix

natunatIf you have long tresses, micro-Ghana braiding is an excellent style you should consider trying. Create a zig-zap part in the middle of your head for fabulous fashion. Emphasize all of your best style features with this gorgeous look.

12Asymmetrical Ghana Braids

A distinct asymmetrical look is created when your Ghana braids are crafted in a unique design. Beautiful hairstyles can be created with Ghana braids to match your personality. Your wonderful sense of style will shine throughout the day.

13Black and White Ghana Braids

Fabulous Ghana braids are crafted with a classic black and white combination. Let your 90’s fashion sense come alive as you don this gorgeous braids.

143-D Effect Ghana Braids

Your tresses can be a work of art as you don this unique hairstyle with an ultra-cool 3D effect. The contrast of the thin and thick braids pairs well with this distinct hairdo. Originality at its best.

15Ghana Braids with Small Ends

A beautiful hairstyle is created when you have Ghana braids with small ends. The contrast of the large braids atop your head paired with smaller ends is a chic look.

16Elegant Up-Do

An elegant up-do can be crafted with your Ghana braids as you attend formal occasions. Formal gowns pair well with this sophisticated up-do, and you are sure to turn heads.

17Thin Ghana Braids

Thin Ghana braids create a softer, more delicate look to emphasize your cheekbones and jawline. Thin Ghana braids are versatile and pair well with any outfit. Wear these braids as you relax on the beach or to a classy dinner party.

18Blonde Ghana Braids

Braiding your hair is one of the best times to add a new color to your tresses. Blonde braids have grown in popularity and create a hip, cool look. Various shades of blonde complement darker skin tones.

19Pigtail Ghana Braids

Ghana braids styled into pigtails are a simple, chic look and pair well with sophisticated outfits. These braids can be worn throughout the day and into the night. Effortless style is achieved through simple means.

20Ghana Braids with Zig-Zag Part

Pay homage to African culture by donning a distinct zig-zag part throughout your Ghana braids. Gorgeous braids are crafted and the zig-zag part incorporates a reverent design.

21Criss Cross Ghana Braids

A fascinating hairstyle is the criss cross Ghana braids. Intricate symmetry is created with two braids. An original style, these Ghana braids showcase your confidence.

22Colorful Ghana Braids

Rock stunning pastel colors throughout your Ghana braids for a unique look. Pretty colors adorn your tresses and create an individualized style.

23Side Braiding and Low Bun

Double Ghana braids paired with a low bun is a glamorous style for any formal event. Sleek and neat, this look is the epitome of sophistication. A side part is just the right amount of originality.

24Ghana Braids with Hair Jewelry

Adorn your Ghana braids with beautiful hair jewelry to match your gorgeous style. Hair beads and jewelry add pizzazz to your unique look. Add color to your tresses with hair jewelry.

25Sophisticated Up-Do

An intricate design is crafted as thin and thick braids are patterned throughout your braids. As you attend classy events, your elegant style will exude confidence as well as grace.

26Caramel Ghana Braids

A simple addition of caramel in these Ghana braids adds more dimension and depth to this hairstyle. The color does not have to be throughout your braids to create a beautiful look.

27Ghana Mohawk

For a unique hairstyle, don an edgy Ghana Mohawk. The sides of your hair can be braided into thin or thick designs. At the top of your head, style your tresses into a Mohawk to match your distinct style.

28Intricate Ghana Braids

Thick and thin Ghana braids create an intricate design atop your head. The ability to have different designs braided into your hair is a unique feature of Ghana braids. A distinct hairstyle is skillfully crafted to create a hip look.

29Shiny Ghana Braids

Shiny Ghana braids paired with a unique bun is an excellent hairdo for formal events or dinner parties. The hairstyle is compact and a great way to protect your natural tresses during the summer.

30Light Brown Ghana Braids

For a simpler color, don light brown Ghana braids for effortless style. A beautiful structure is crafted throughout these braids with a unique take on the straight-back method.

31Neat Ghana Braiding

A neat, sleek look is achieved through Ghana braiding. Over-sized braids are on top of your head as thinner braids are crafted at the start of your shoulders. Pair this look with jeans and a knit top for casual events.

32Ghana Braids with Low Bun

Wrap your Ghana braids into a cute low bun for a hip style. A great hairdo for warmer days, don this style at the beach or picnics at the park.

33Elevated Ghana Braids

Add height and volume to your tresses with elevated Ghana braids. A beautiful side part is a fancy addition to this wonderful hairstyle.

34Purple Ghana Braids

A color that never goes out of style is purple. Various shades of this gorgeous color can be added to your Ghana braids. Create elegant up-dos or let your braids flow freely.

35Spiral Ghana Braids

A spiral effect is designed throughout your Ghana braids for a modern style. A pattern of thin and thick braids is crafted into this hairdo. Create a fancy bun or elegant high ponytail with your braids.

36Ghana Braids with Half Up-Do

Ghana braids are versatile, and various hairstyles can be crafted to match certain events. Various half up-dos can be styled with your Ghana braids. Create a half up-do with a top bun for sophisticated gatherings.

37Compact Ghana Braids

A center part paired with compact Ghana braids creates a distinct hairstyle. Ghana braids cover your entire head for a unique, modern look. An original hairdo is crafted to showcase your sense of fashion.

38Side-Swept Ghana Braids

An excellent alternative to traditional straight-back braids, are side-swept Ghana braids. Side-swept braids start over to one side of your head for a cool, hip look.

39Artistic Ghana Braids

Sophisticated, artistic designs can be crafted into your gorgeous Ghana braids. This hairstyle is one of the coolest and hippest around town. Lines and texture combine to create a unique hairdo.

40Triple Ghana Braids

Create your own design of braids by crafting tripled Ghana braids paired with thin diagonal lines. You can create Ghana braids to match your own style and look. Dare to be the fashionista you are and craft a beautiful hairdo.