40 Crochet Twist Styles

crochet twist styles

40 Crochet Twist Styles

Styln’ crochet twist hair is a beautiful, natural look showcasing exciting ‘dos. Craft elegant up-dos, unique half up-dos, or innovative hairstyles to allow your creativity to illuminate. Crochet twists are a hip way to spice up your tresses. Jump aboard an exciting trend, and check out the coolest 40 crochet twists styles.

1Crochet Sengalese Twists

For women with short, natural hair, crochet twists allow you to protect your tresses while donning long, luscious hair. Long, beautiful locks can be achieved with amazing crochet Sengalese twists.

2Black and Brown Crochet Twists

Black and brown crochet twists are a gorgeous color combination for your tresses. Wear a beautiful hairstyle to protect your natural tresses for a couple months. Color is a great way to jazz up your style.

3Half Up-Do with Shoulder Length Twists

A popular hairstyle is the half up-do with cute shoulder length twists. A hip, fun look is conveyed through a youthful ‘do. Accessorize your tresses with beads to accentuate your best facial features.

4Two Buns Half Up-Do Crochet Twist Hair

The versatility of crochet twists allows you to create cool half up-dos. Craft two buns atop your head for a cute, cheerful look. As you dance the night away at the hippest club, your tresses will dazzle others.

53-D Cubic Crochet Braids Twists

The styles from the early ‘90s have evolved into innovative, modern hairdos. Your crochet twists can be designed in a variety of ways to match your sense of fashion. Craft a curly look with 3-D cubic twists.

6Burgundy Crochet Weave Twists

Stunning burgundy crochet twists are a gorgeous color crafted into amazing hairdos. Style your tresses into unique looks to match your personality. Let your creative juices flow.

7Crochet Twists with Cornrows

Step outside the style box, and don crochet twists with designed cornrows. Intricately designed cornrows paired with crochet twists are an innovative ‘do. A gorgeous look for any occasion.

8Long Crochet Twists

Wear your crochet twists in a long fashion to exude beauty and grace. A simple style, long tresses can be worn down or crafted into elegant up-dos. Pair this hairdo with lovely dresses.

9Curly Medium Length Twists

Style the ends of your tresses into cute, hip curls for a gorgeous look. Natural looking hair is created with a cool stylin’ technique. Wear this hairstyle to fancy dinner parties or for a day at the office.

10Three-Tone Crochet Twists

Donning three-tone crochet twists is a super hip way to jazz up your ‘do. Natural colors can be installed or bolder color combinations can be created. Purple, blue, and black are a cool style choice.

11High Ponytail

For a hip, fun look, craft your crochet twists into a high ponytail. A sophisticated, yet cheerful style is conveyed with a high ponytail. Wear this up-do to the office or while relaxing on the beach.

12Intricate Half Up-Do

A modern look is skillfully crafted with an intricate design of braids and twists. Thinner crochet twists are best for stylin’ innovative hairdos to match your unique sense of fashion. Be creative and design the next trendy ‘do.

13Short Crochet Twists

A cute, spunky appeal is crafted with short crochet twists accentuating your best facial features. Let your hip sense of style shine as you move through the day.

14Crochet Twists with Beads

Add sparkle to your crochet twists with pretty beads. Adorning your tresses with hair jewelry adds a sophisticated touch to your style.

15Crochet Twists with a Shaved Side

A unique look with an edgy style is crochet twists paired with a shaved side. Modernize your look by shaving one side of your head for a fashionable allure. Stand out with a distinct hairdo.

16Mid-Length Twists

Beautiful braiding stands out with black, mid-length crochet twists. The intricate detail in the tresses is a bold look to don with individual locks. Wear your tresses down for a hairstyle with a gliding effect.

17Black and Purple Twists

Add a vibrant color to your tresses to flavor your hairstyle. Black and purple twists create a deep color combination that is gorgeous. Simply wear your locks down for a beautiful look.

18High Bun Twists

Shape a high bun with your crochet twists styled on top of your head. An elegant look is crafted with long, beautiful tresses. A classy vibe is brought to the fashion table.

19Curly Crochet Twists

Curls are perfect for your fancy attire or pair well with casual clothing. A sophisticated, yet cute sense of style is conveyed with curly crochet twists. Voluminous tresses are achieved with beautiful curls.

20Elegant Twists

This elegant crochet twist hairstyle is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Let your joyful personality shine through as you don a sophisticated ‘do. Formal or casual events are perfect for this style.

21Nubian Crochet Twists

A Nubian crochet twist is a short, tight spiral crafted to achieve an array of creative hairdos. The texture of these tresses allows you to craft various styles. Versatility is just one of the great characteristics of this hair.

22Black and Red Twists

Adding a color throughout your black twists is a good way to accentuate your tresses. A deep shade of red pairs well with black twists. A highlighted look is achieved with a unique color.

23Mohawk Twist

A Mohawk is an edgy look to pair with crochet twists. Add a modern style to casual clothing or bring a Bohemian vibe to a maxi dress. A Mohawk hairdo emphasizes your bold sense of style.

24Ultra-Chic Up-Do

Sophistication and class exude from this ultra-chic up-do. The deep side part adds an asymmetrical look to this style. Wear this neat look to a classy cocktail party.

25Crochet Twists in a Crown

Don a crown fit for a queen as you craft a lovely hairstyle with crochet twists. As you attend your next formal dinner party, add this hairdo to any gorgeous outfit. You are sure to turn heads.

26High Twist Bun

Whether you wear your twists in an up-do or down, they will always be beautiful. Create a sophisticated half up-do with longer crochet twists. A lovely bun sits atop your head for a classy look.

27Crochet Twists with Side Cornrows

A fabulous look is created when side cornrows are combined with crochet twists. The simple addition of cornrows can change your hairstyle. Simplicity at its best.

28Color Twisted Hair

A two-strand twist is a wonderful style for a simple look or a bold statement. Bright colors throughout your tresses is a unique, yet gorgeous look. A cool color combination is created here.

29Pompadour Crochet Twists

A fabulous, sculpted up-do is crafted with a pompadour twist. A worthy hairstyle for a sophisticated occasion, the pompadour look is gorgeous. Various up-dos can be styled to achieve a pompadour look.

30Brown and Caramel Twists

Natural colors, such as brown and caramel, create a subtle, simple hairdo. Combining these two colors creates a beautiful look. Tones and shades breathe new life into your tresses.

31Twists with Side Part

Adding a deep side part to your crochet twists is a wonderful way to craft an elegant ‘do. If you have been wearing straight hair, try curling your locks for a new style. Curling your tresses adds volume and texture to an already beautiful style.

32Fancy Crochet Twists

For the classiest of occasions, create a fancy hairstyle by pulling back the front of your tresses. Leave some hair down to cascade over your shoulders. Dinner parties with your friends will showcase your style.

33Blonde Crochet Twists

Blonde crochet twists create a classic sense of sophistication. Crochet twists are an excellent hairstyle for adding color to your tresses. Don a cocktail dress for dinner party while wearing this hairdo.

34French Braided Twist

Craft your crochet twists into two French braids cascading over your shoulders for a sweet, ultra-chic style. This hairdo is wonderful for lunch with friends or a day at the park.

35Low Bun with Crochet Twists

Smaller crochet twists allow you to have versatility when styling your tresses. A polished look is achieved through a simple style. Craft a low bun for formal events as you don gorgeous dresses.

36Beautiful Up-Do

A unique, elegant up-do is crafted by creating a front and low bun. The hairstyle here is an innovative and creative look. Designing your own hairdo with the versatility of crochet twists is astounding.

37Side-Swept Twists

Put a little spring in your step as you don cute twists swept to one side. The tight spirals of these curls create a gorgeous ‘do. As you sweep your hair to one side, a simple style technique creates an amazing ‘do.

38Crochet Twists with Locs

Crochet twists crafted with locs creates a relaxed vibe combine with a sense of sophistication. The length provided by locs allows you to craft elegant up-dos. Wear your tresses flowing freely for a marvelous look.

39Crochet Twist with Headband Up-Do

An elegant style is created by adding a simple headband to your crochet twists. The sophistication of this up-do pairs well with any outfit. Adding accessories to your tresses is an excellent way to convey your sense of fashion.

40Navy and Black Crochet Twists

Navy and black crochet twists combine to create a sophisticated look. Combining these two deep shades creates a beautiful style. Crochet twists allow you to pair unique hues together.