40 Crochet Braids With Human Hair

crochet braids with human hair

40 Crochet Braids With Human Hair

Crotchet hairstyles are easy, convenient, and fashion forward. Crotchet braids are normally used to protect your natural hair, you can kind of describe it as being a weave accept you can do any hair style with ease. You first start off each hairstyle with a braid pattern it can be however many braids you want in whatever style. Everything about these hairstyles is your choice you can leave hair out or don’t, either way, it will look like it is coming right out your scalp. The good thing about crochet braids is that you never have to worry about the hair coming undone because the hair interlocked with your hair. How perfect is that! If done right, you can move it, flip it, put it up in a bun and it will always look natural.
Check out these stylish crochet hairstyles that we guarantee you’ll want to rock yourself.

1Crotchet Twist

These gorgeous long twists are dyed in a variety of blonde hues. The twists blend the color variations like natural highlights only in a natural blonde. As the hair falls down on her shoulders it allows a contrast to her skin tone which is complementary.

2Crotchet Unraveled Havana Twist

Crochet Unraveled Havana Twist gives you definition curls after you have had twist in for a while, the coils become very full, soft and make your hair seem way thicker than they had been when you had the twist.

3Crochet Faux Locs

Faux locs was the new craze of 2016 and I have to say I don’t think it’s going anywhere in 2017. Faux locs are a way for you to get dreadlocks without all the keep up I’ve had them myself and I absolutely love them and can not wait to get them again.

4Crotchet Goddess Locs

This hairstyle was a way for you to still get that weave effect with your dreadlocks if you didn’t want to go all the way with the dreadlocks look, they are much softer and you can even curl them in different ways according to your liking.

5Crotchet Ocean Wave

Crochet Ocean Wave is soft and gives you a very natural texture but the hairstyle looks as if you have flat ironed it.

6Janet Mambo Twist Crochet

The gray and black with the huge coils gives this look so much life on its own you can’t stop looking at them, you don’t know where the gray starts and the black begins.

7Bantu Crochet Braids

The red ombre direct your eyes up to the large bun making this hairstyle very eye catching.

8Crochet Braid Dominican Blow-Out Straight

Dominican Blow-Out Straight will give you a very elegant look as the hair is smooth and straight. On the model, it has elongated her face and the neck profile.

9Kinky Crochet Hair

Kinky gives a very natural thick hair appeal it’s not shiny at all, and it looks as if you have had braids and have decided to take them out and wear your hair as is.

10Water Wave freetress crochet hair

Water Wave curls are not heavy at. They are very lightweight and will be a breeze to manage since the curls are not so tight and defined.

11Yarn Locs Crochet

The yarn is an easy and safe way to experiment with color and texture you can literally do whatever you want with no boundaries.

12Bohemian Curls freetress crochet hair

Curls are tight and loose at the same time. With this hairstyle, it just seems as the curls were once tight and that they are gradually becoming loose on their own. very beautiful hairstyle if you want something natural looking and curled.

13Aruba Curl Crochet Hair

This one is a basic curl pattern, as seen on the model below with some highlights it can add just a little pop and give you more of a statement.

14BOB Crochet Braids

The Bob is short and cute it’s much more easy to manage and it will not take as long as the other hairstyles.

15Peek-A-Boo Crochet Braids

The peek a boo hairstyle is done simply by adding two or four braids to your already crotchet hairstyle, except for the braids, which will be braided from the scalp and would not surpass your ears.

16Crotchet Feed In Braids

This hairstyle makes doing feed in braids a breeze, instead of adding hair while braiding you simply do crochet braids inside of your two main braids so while you braid it’s like braiding your natural hair right from the root.

17Crotchet Corset Feed In Braids

The same as the feed in braids but you would add a ribbon, string, or yarn in between the braids like a corset! you can do any color and any style it’s your choice to try something different and be unique in the process.

18Afro Crochet Hair

The afro is for my natural beauties who really just want to add volume and length to their allready voluptuous hair.

19Two Toned Crochet Braids

If you love color and can’t decide on which color to pick this is for you! lately, women have been trying different purples, blues, pinks, you name it! Women are breaking the barriers of color and are trying whatever they want. If you like to make a statement with a pop of color then this is for you!

203D Cubic Crochet Twist

The cubic twist are for a very dramatic look as the coils are much looser making them seem fuller.

21Barbadian Crochet Braid

Very long gorgeous curls that actually won’t get tangled even though the hair is so thick, each curl strand is very tight with no loose ends.

22Deep Twist Crochet

At the top of the curl it is twisted and at the bottom it comes out to this beautiful curl this would be great for a wedding or a date night.

23Gogo Crochet Curls

Gogo curls are ready for a party curls, these are get up shake out ready to go curls. Them model has blond highlights which has complimented her skin complexion.

24VIXEN Crochet Braid

When doing the Vixen Crochet braids you have to braid your hair into four sections separately so when you’re adding your hair you can put it in many different hairstyles like the the model in the picture has put half of her hair in the bun.

25Senegalese Twist

Senegalese twists are much shinier, softer, and easier to manage than any other twist then you can get. I have had the hairstyle before myself and once you’re tired with the twist you can also unravel them and wear it like that as well.

26Ripple Deep curls

Ripple Deep curls are something very simple if you just want something cute to go to work or out with friends to brunch.

27Side Cornrows Crochet

Side  Cornrows you can style any way that you want. You can do your braids in shapes, twists, you name it. Pull to the other side your wavy hair, which will give a great contrast to the tight braids on the other side, making a statement look.

28Jerry curls

Curls that makes the overall look into an afro with more defined thick curls.

29Crochet Box Braids

Are gorgeous braids that elongates and defines any face shape.

30Crochet Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids takes it alway back to the 90’s, with thick gorgeous braids that you can style with bangle earring, baby hairs, and a bummer jacket.

31FreeTress Crochet Hair

Very bouncy, loose and very flirty as they seem you have just used the wand (curlers) to create this look. Whichever color you may use could accentuate the twist pattern as the model has done with the dark and bright purple.

32Bombs Twist Crochet

Bomb twists is thick bob length twists that are close towards her face and curl at the end that makes this fun and flirty. The looser the twists are the more dimension they get.

33Ringlet Wand Curl Freetress crochet hair

Ringlet Wand Curl is not as loose and bouncy as the regular wand curls but are much tighter and smaller.

34Knotless Crochet Braids

Knotless crochet braids is when you don’t want anybody to think that the hair on your head is not yours, with the knotless style it looks like you grew it all by yourself.

35Romance Curl Crochet Hair

Loose curls at the top her face which gravitates towards her eyes as the bottom of the curls is much tighter and makes her face seem much fuller.

36Beach Curl freetress crochet hair

This look is very very thick and full hair and you may have to braid it at night when wrapping your hair to keep it from getting tangled.

37Presto Curl freetress crochet hair

Presto Curls are free they are not tight at all but the curls are compact and forms around the model’s face so the red color forms around her face perfectly.

38Brazilian Wave

Yes, if you didn’t know you can do crochet braids with weave now without the look on the top amazing right! You just take the weave that you have and make your own look by pulling the weave through the hair in the middle with the needle and there you have made your own loop.

39Teased Hair

This crochet look is for the wild child who is daring and loves big wild hair with no restrictions.

40The Twist Updo

This updo is for a more classy elegant look; What this model has decided to do was to but the crotchet twist in the middle having that be the main focus of the overall hairstyle.