37 Black Hair Waves For Men

360 Waves With Fade

Black Men Waves Hair

Waves are one of the most popular hairstyles for Black men with short hair. It’s a classic look that’s easy to create and maintain and it can be done on all natural hair types. You can change up the look of your waves depending on how you get your hair cut. To create 360 waves, brush the hair in an outward, downward direction (towards the front, back, and sides). Apply a moisturizer/pomade to the hair before brushing for extra moisture and definition, brush the hair daily with a wave brush, and be sure to sleep in a wave cap to maintain the style at night. Here are 37 wave hairstyles for Black men.

1360 Waves

Here’s a classic example of 360 waves on a short haircut. This look never goes out of style and has a flawless, polished look to it. Daily brushing and using a wave cap will help you achieve this look.

2Waves With Sharp Shape Up

This look combines waves with a full, perfectly coiffed beard. A good barber will know how low to cut the hair on top to maintain this look.

3Waves With Curved Part

For this look, have your barber give you a squared hairline and add a small, curved part in the front. This look will make it stand out from a classic cut with waves.

4Waves on Red Hair

This style proves that waves look great on all hair colors and textures. The natural texture of your hair, the length of your hair, and how often you brush it all play a factor in how your waves will turn out.

5360 Waves With Sideburns

These 360 waves are paired with shaped sideburns for a more unique look. The way you style your facial hair can really complement your waves as well and it’s a way to set yourself apart and express your own personal style.

6Shiny Waves on a Caesar Cut

These shiny waves look great on this classic Caesar haircut. This is an example of how to style waves on looser natural hair textures.

7Low Cut With Waves

Here’s an example of waves on a low cut. As your hair grows out, you can make your waves deeper and more prominent, which can extend the length of time between haircuts. Or if you prefer, you can cut your hair more often to maintain this look.

8Thick 360 Waves

Grow out your hair a little longer than usual to achieve thick 360 waves like these. If you have naturally thick hair, a look like this is easier to achieve.

9Angular Fade With Waves

If you like sharp, angular hairlines, this look is a good choice for you. This sculpted hairline instantly draws attention to your hair, which is a great way to flaunt your flawless waves.

10Mid Fade With Waves

This mid fade haircut is a popular choice for guys who want a cut that’s a little easier to maintain. The waves are mostly concentrated on the top of the head, which translates to less hair to brush daily.

11Classic Waves

Here’s a classic example of 360 waves on a Caesar haircut. Brush your hair daily and wear a du-rag every night to maintain this look.

12Waves With Chiseled Beard

These waves are paired with a subtle burst fade cut and a neat, perfectly chiseled beard. This is a great look for the low-maintenance man.

13Low Fade With Waves

This low fade haircut paired with minimal facial hair really helps show off your waves. The more you grow out your hair, the more your waves will maintain a deeper, more textured look.

14Waves With Low Beard

This classic Caesar haircut is paired with a full, low cut beard, both of which frame the face nicely. This is a great look for those who like to keep it simple.

15Shiny 360 Waves

To achieve these shiny 360 waves, use a styling pomade that provides moisture without making your hair greasy. Brush your hair daily to maintain this flawless look.

16Waves On Low Haircut

This low haircut fades out then into a full, low beard for really nice look. These waves are more subtle and easy to maintain. Still, be sure to brush your hair every day and cover with a scarf or du-rag before bed.

17Thick Waves

These thick waves look great on this classic Caesar cut. To achieve this look, grow your hair out a little longer than usual and brush your hair at least once a day. A moisturizing styling product will help your waves maintain their definition and prevent your hair from drying out and/or breaking.

18Drop Fade With Waves

This drop fade with waves is a great choice for the warmer months because there’s less hair to maintain, which can help keep your head cooler.

19Waves With Sculpted Beard

These low-cut waves look great with this medium-length, sculpted beard. This is a look that will have you looking and feeling polished and fresh.

20360 Waves on Drop Fade

These waves look great on this drop fade haircut. Whether you pair it with a beard or a clean-shaven look, you really can’t go wrong with this look.

21Waves With Square Hairline

This cut pairs low waves with a squared hairline. This cut looks great with a full beard like the one pictured here.

22Waves with Low Beard

These deep waves look great with a simple, low beard. This length is versatile enough for both summer and winter months and it’s easy to maintain.

23High Fade With Waves

This high fade cut is perfect who like to maintain a really short cut but still like to rock waves. This short beard pairs perfectly with this cut.

24Waves With Full Beard

These low waves are a great choice for any low haircut. Pairing this look with a full beard is a great way to create a little contrast and switch up your look.

25360 Waves With Fade

These 360 waves are styled with a sharp, clean shape up and fade. Playing around with your facial hair and the shape of your cut is a great, subtle way to create a unique, personalized look.

26Clockwise 360 Waves

These waves take on a slightly clockwise direction, giving this style a different look from the typical low cut with waves.

27Medium Length Cut With 360 Waves

These deep 360 waves can be created on hair that’s been grown out for a bit. Use a styling product for definition and sheen; the right product can also help give these waves a little hold, which will help keep them looking neat.

28Waves With Drop Fade

This neat drop fade is paired with a neat, low cut beard. This is a great look for those who like to keep it simple and stylish.

29Low Fade With Thick Waves

These thick waves look great paired with a low fade, creating a nice contrasted look. Be sure to brush your hair daily to maintain this look. This style looks great with or without facial hair.

30Subtle Waves on Low Cut

This clean, low cut is emphasized by a precise shape up. These subtle waves will become more prominent the more you brush them and the more your hair grows out.

31Classic 360 Waves

These classic 360 waves are the result of dedication. A little patience and the right technique is all it takes to achieve this look. Always keep your hair covered with a du-rag at night to maintain this look.

32Waves With Shaved Design

These 360 waves feature a shaved design at the nape of the neck. Adding a shaved design is a great way to add a personalized touch to a simple cut and express your own personal style.

33Waves with Shaved Part

A low fade with deep waves is a classic way to style short hair. Adding a shaved part is one way to take this look up a notch and give it a modern look. This style looks great with or without facial hair.

34Waves and Beard on Red Hair

Whether you’re hair is naturally red or you choose to dye it, deep waves on red hair and a matching beard are sure to stand out.

35Burgundy Waves

Don’t feel like you have to let the ladies have all the fun when it comes to hair color. Whether you go with a temporary or permanent color, burgundy will give this simple style an edge and help emphasize the texture of your waves.

36Well Defined 360 Waves

You can’t go wrong with these well defined waves. This is a classic look that gets better as the hair grows out. Use a good quality pomade to add sheen and moisture and get the most definition.

37Shiny Black 360 Waves

In general, the darker your hair is, the easier it is to achieve a shiny look. Other factors come into play as well, such as the type of brush you use and the products you apply to your hair. Use a quality brush and a good pomade to achieve shiny waves, regardless of your natural hair color.