35 Weave Ponytail Hairstyles You’ll Definitely Want To Try!

Straight High Ponytail


Ponytail Hairstyles With Weave

There are a variety of cute styles you can create using weave. In fact, adding extensions is one of the quickest and easiest ways to switch up your look and achieve a new level of versatility while giving your natural hair a break from daily styling. While ponytails may not necessarily scream “versatility,” there are actually a lot of different looks you can create with a weave ponytail. You can also easily go from day to night, casual to formal with the right ponytail style. Whether you like a long, sleek, straight-haired ponytail or a voluminous curly ponytail, there’s a style that’s just right for you. Read on and check out these gorgeous weave ponytail hairstyles ideas.

1Curly High Ponytail with Weave

Here’s a flawless style that uses curly weave. This sleek, shiny hair is styled into voluminous curls and pulled up into a half up half down high ponytail.

2Sleek Weave Ponytail With Bobby Pins

This long, straight weave ponytail is styled with a side part and embellished with bobby pins. While most people think of bobby pins as strictly styling tools, they can also be used as accessories to create really cute styles.

3Half Up Half Down High Bun Weave

For this gorgeous style, ombre weave is used to create a half up half down high ponytail. Wrap the ponytail into a chic top knot to switch up the look a little bit.

4Sleek Weave Ponytail With Sideburns

For this style, a straight weave is added and styled into a simple low ponytail. The styled sideburns give this classic look a little extra flair to help it stand out.

5Voluminous Half Up High Ponytail

If you like big hair, then this curly weave ponytail style is a great choice for you. These voluminous curls are styled into a half up half down high ponytail with sleek edges. This style will have lots of body and movement and is sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

6Ultra Long Low Ponytail

If you’re after Rapunzel-worthy locks, then this super long curly ponytail may be right up your alley. This sleek low ponytail combines straight and curly textures flawlessly.

7Body Wave High Ponytail Weave

This body wave hair is styled into a high ponytail for a style that’s sexy and fun. Use a good edge control product to create these sleek edges to complete the look.

8Curly Blonde High Ponytail with Weave

To create this blonde bombshell look, use body wave hair or straight hair that easily holds curls. Style the hair into a chic high wraparound ponytail for an elegant final look.

9Half Up Half Down Ombre Ponytail

For this style, golden brown ombre hair is styled into loose curls and arranged into a half up half down ponytail. This is a great face-framing style for both everyday wear and special occasions alike.

10Banded High Weave Ponytail

This is definitely one of our favorite weave ponytail hairstyles for black hair on this list! For this gorgeous do’, the hair is styled into a long, straight, high ponytail. Rubber bands are added along the length of the ponytail to create a gorgeous banded look that sets this look apart from similar styles.

11Sleek Wavy High Ponytail With Weave

For this sleek ponytail weave ponytail style, wavy hair is styled into a sleek high wraparound ponytail, complete with styled edges for an absolutely flawless look. This is a gorgeous look that you can easily take from day to night.

12Voluminous Curly High Weave Ponytail

If you like styles with a lot of body and volume, then this high ponytail curly weave is a great choice for you. Sleek, curly hair is styled into a wraparound ponytail that can also easily be braided and/or styled into a bun if you’re looking for a little more versatility.

13Sleek Wavy Side Weave Ponytail

We love this long, wavy hair that is styled into a sleek low, side ponytail with a deep side part. If you want a pony style that combines two textures flawlessly, this is a great option.

14High Ponytail With Body Wave Hair

Body wave hair is a popular choice for many weave styles because of its versatility and how easy it is to go from curly to straight. This style is created using body wave hair which is arranged into a high ponytail for a fun, classic look.

15Half Up Half Down Wavy Weave Ponytail

What better way to show off this shiny, voluminous body wave hair than to style it in a cute half up half ponytail? Style the hair slightly to one side and let the curls and waves fall over one shoulder.

16High Wraparound Weave Ponytail

To achieve this weave ponytail style, bone-straight hair is wrapped into a classic high ponytail. The wraparound method takes this already high ponytail to new heights.

17Braided High Ponytail With Cornrows

If simple ponytail styles aren’t your cup of tea, consider a style like this one, which combines cornrows, intricate patterns, and weave. Braid the ponytail into one long, chunky braid for a fun, unique look that’s sure to turn heads.

18Wraparound Loose Wave Ponytail

This gorgeous look is created with body wave hair which is arranged into a sleek, wraparound high ponytail. Styled edges complete this flawless look.

19Half Up Half Down Ombre High Ponytail

If you’re looking to experiment with a little color but you don’t want to commit to full-on color, ombre hair is the way to go. This gorgeous, shiny curly weave is style into a classic half up half down high ponytail.

20Sleek Wraparound High Ponytail

This straight high, wraparound ponytail proves that sometimes less is more. This style has a simple elegance that’s truly timeless, which is a plus if you like to avoid trendy styles.

21Low And Sleek Ponytail Weave

If high ponytails aren’t your thing, you can never really go wrong with a low sleek ponytail weave, especially a low side pony like this one, styled with a side part.

22High Ponytail With Loose Waves

If you’re going for an elegant look you can easily take from day to night, this chic high ponytail is a great choice. These sultry loose waves look amazing whether you’re headed to the beach or to the boardroom.

23Straight High Ponytail

This straight high ponytail has a gorgeous, sleek look that’s absolutely flawless. Slicked down “baby hairs” in the front and back finish off this look and give it a little personality.

24Half Up High Ponytail With Cornrows

This style puts a chic twist on the classic half up half down look. A small section of hair is cornrowed up towards the crown of the head and the edges are slicked down and styled to finish off the look.

25Curly High Ponytail With Cornrows

This style combines cornrows and curly weave to create a gorgeous final look. This is a great choice for those who want a more unique weave ponytail look, particularly one that also celebrates the versatility of Black hair.

26Wraparound Low Ponytail

There’s just something irresistible about a chic low ponytail. This style is created using the wraparound method. You can use body wave hair to achieve this straight look but retain a little texture on the ends.

27Super Curly High Ponytail With Cornrows

This pretty style combines super curly, voluminous weave with three cornrows in front. The ends of the braids are wrapped around the weave which is arranged into a high ponytail.

28Wraparound Low Ponytail With Deep Side Part

This chic low ponytail is styled with a deep side part. This style has a sleek, shiny look that’s absolutely beautiful.

29Deep Swoop Low Ponytail

This pretty style is created with super long straight weave styled into a deep swoop side ponytail. This style can easily be created on a sew-in weave when you’re ready to switch up your look.

30Voluminous Curly Low Ponytail

If volume is your number one goal, then this voluminous curly ponytail is a great option. You can slick the hair in the front straight back into the ponytail or add a middle or side part.

31High Ponytail With Cornrows and Sleek Edges

This straight high ponytail is taken to the next level with an intricate braided design in the front. Finish off this look with sleek styled edges.

32Sleek Low Ponytail With Styled Sideburns

This chic, low wraparound ponytail is created with straight weave that’s curled on the ends to give it a little texture and body. Sideburns and “baby hairs” in the back are styled into loose tendrils to finish off this look.

33Loose Wavy High Ponytail

This style is created with wavy hair that’s arranged into a high, wraparound weave ponytail for a timeless, elegant look.

34Red Loose Wavy High Ponytail

This beautiful red, wavy hair is styled into a high ponytail for a look that’s both timeless and effortless. A high ponytail is a great way to frame the face while showing off the color and texture of the added hair.

35Sleek High Ponytail With Loose Waves

This sleek high weave ponytail is created with wavy hair for a look that has body and shine. The classic beauty of a high ponytail never goes out of style. Using body wave hair makes it easy to add curls or straighten the hair when you want to switch up your look a bit.

36High Pony and Middle Part Long Bangs

Such a pretty weave ponytail with middle part long and soft curly bangs.