35 Twist Braids

Twist Braids With Bun

Twist Braids Hairstyles

The term “twist braids” generally refers to a variety of braided and/or twisted styles that involve adding braiding hair for length and longevity. Twist braids are a great protective styling option. There are a variety of different looks to choose from – long, short, thin, chunky – the choices are almost endless. Twist braids are generally low-maintenance and easy to style in many different ways. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a twist braid hairstyle that fits your personal style. Here are 35 twist braid hairstyles to inspire your next look.

1Sleek Twist Braids

A classic example of twist braids, this style has a simple, sleek look that never gets old. You can wear them down as is, or style them into a cute bun or updo when you want a new look.

2Puffy Twist Braids Pigtails

These adorable twist braids pigtails are perfect for those who are young and those who are young at heart. It only takes a couple minutes to create this style; just split the hair down the middle and secure with ponytail holders. Add a few gold beads for embellishment.

3Golden Brown Rope Twists

These gorgeous golden brown rope twists are an excellent choice for the summer months. Stylish and chic, these twists will help give you a sun-kissed look no matter what time of year it may be.

4Twist Braids With Bun

This style combines cornrows in the front and medium chunky twists in the back for a really gorgeous final look. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a protective style that really stands out from the rest.

5Curly Twist Braids

These beautiful curly twist braids are sure to turn heads with their unique look and rich brown color, highlighted with hints of red and blonde. Also known as passion twists, this style is executed using wavy/curly braiding hair for a really natural, beautifully textured protective style.

6Marley Twists With Colored Cord

Marley twists are a classic protective styling option. You can wear them short or long like the ones pictured here. Add some colored cord to the ends of a few twists for a fun pop of color.

7Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are another great protective styling option. They’re ideal if you prefer smaller twists. These twists are easy to style into updos, buns, and simple braided styles. Leave the ends curly for a really natural look.

8Marley Twists With Triangle Parts

While most twist braids are created using box-shaped parts, triangular parts have become more and more popular over the years. Box braids are the most common style that utilizes triangle-shaped parts, but they looks great with other protective styles as well, like these pretty Marley twists.

9Twist Braids High Bun With Hair Rings

If you’re looking for an updo that can easily go from day to night and casual settings to more formal settings, these twists are a great choice. Accessories like hair rings make it easy to jazz up any style and add a little flair.

10Marley Twists

These Marley twists are the epitome of simplistic beauty. Twists and braids are the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of natural hair while keeping your own tresses protected and tucked away.

11Lemonade Twist Braids

Lemonade braids take their name from a variety of hairstyles Beyonce wore in her visual album “Lemonade.” But generally, the term refers to the types of braids sported by the singer in the video for “Formation.” These Fulani inspired twists are a fresh take on this timeless style.

12Half Up High Ponytail Twists

These shoulder-length twists look great styled into a half up half down high ponytail. Adorn the twists with a few gold beads for a little added flair.

13Short Kinky Twists

These short kinky twists are a great, natural-looking way to style your hair. This look can also be achieved by two-strand twisting your natural hair but if you have a short cut and/or if you want an extra layer of protection, kinky twists are the way to go.

14Twist Braids With Half Up High Bun

These gorgeous twist braids have a chic, elegant look. This style combines neat cornrows in the front and sleek twists in the back. The half up high bun easily shows off the triangle-shaped parts used to create the twists.

15Rope Twists

Rope twists take their name from the twisting method that causes them to resemble a rope. This styling method involves twisting each section of hair around itself before twisting the two sections together. As you can see, the finished look is absolutely stunning.

16Havana Twists With Triangle Parts

Havana twists are another great protective styling option. These immaculate Havana twists are created using triangular parts. Triangle-shaped parts add another element to braided and twisted styles because they create fun geometrical designs.

17Senegalese Twists With Middle Part

A classic middle part is all you need to style these beautiful Senegalese twists, but if you want, you can wrap a little colored cord around a couple of the twists for a little something extra.

18Kinky Twists

Bob-length kinky twists are the perfect protective style for those who aren’t a fan of Rapunzel-length twists or braids. They frame the face beautifully and they’re still long enough to style into ponytails or updos.

19Shiny Senegalese Twists

If you like the look of shiny twists, like these pretty Senegalese twists, choose braiding hair that has a lot of sheen, like certain brands of Kanekalon hair.

20Twist Braids High Ponytail

You can never really go wrong with a high ponytail, but this twisted high ponytail gives this classic style a fresh, chic new look.

21Long Red Senegalese Twists

These hip-length Senegalese twists are absolutely stunning. Twisted styles like these present the prefect opportunity to experiment with a new hair color, like this gorgeous shade of red.

22Twist Braids Chic High Bun

These twist braids are piled into a neat, chic high bun, showing off their versatility. This style only takes a few minutes to create, making it an even more ideal choice.

23Passion Twists

Passion twists are the perfect style for those who usually miss rocking their curls while they wear a protective style. Created using wavy braiding hair, passion twists offer the best of both worlds.

24Marley Twists With Beads

Some styles tend to get a little better with age. For example, these Marley twists have a slightly messy look that only adds to their charm. These twists are accessorized with a few gold beads.

25Hip Length Twist Braids

These ultra long twist braids look stunning no matter how you choose to wear them. This is the perfect protective style for any time of year.

26Twist Braids High Bun

These twists are styled into a jumbo high bun. This is an ideal style if you like a simple but cute look that keeps your hair out of your face.

27Half Up Half Down Twist Braids

These gorgeous twists are created by braiding the hair at the roots and twisting the rest of the way down. This method can help make the twists more secure and last longer.

28Twist Braids Updo

Here’s another cute and quick way to style twist braids: gather them into a half up twisted bun. One of the benefits of twists is how easily you can style them.

29Passion Twists With Highlights

These beautiful dark brown passion twists feature subtle highlights for a wonderful sun-kissed look. This style is especially ideal for the hot summer months but it looks great any time of year.

30Havana Twists

If you like chunkier twists, Havana twists are always a great option. If it suits you, get them extra long and style them into a cute half up high ponytail, as pictured here.

31Ombre Marley Twists

These beautiful ombre Marley twists allow you to rock a little bit of blonde color without going full-out blonde or committing to the color long-term. This style is especially suited for the summer months and/or a carefree beach getaway.

32Senegalese Twists With Triangle Parts

This style is further proof that triangular parts are here to stay. They make any protective style look chic and modern, including these pretty Senegalese twists.

33Senegalese Twists High Ponytail

These gorgeous, voluminous Senegalese twists are styled into a simple half up ponytail for a classic, effortless look that can be dressed up or down.

34Shoulder Length Passion Twists

These stunning passion twists fall right around the shoulders. They look great when left down but you can also style them into a pretty textured ponytail or updo. In fact, you can create a variety of chic updos with passion twists, leaving a few twists out to create face-framing tendrils.

35Twist Braids Half Up Bun

These pretty twists are piled into a chic half up high bun. This is a popular way to wear so many twist braids styles. Not only is it cute, but it’s also a practical way to keep your hair out of your face, allowing your own natural beauty to shine through.