35 TWA Hairstyles

Tapered TWA With Coils


35 TWA Hairstyles

Due to the permanent nature of hair relaxers, if you want your natural curls back, you have no choice but to start from scratch. This can be done in one of two ways: by transitioning (growing out your natural hair and cutting your relaxed hair a little at a time until only your natural hair remains) or by cutting all your relaxed hair at once, often referred to as a big chop. Those who opt to big chop start their natural hair journeys with a TWA (teeny weeny afro). You might think that styling options are limited with a TWA, but you’d be surprised at just how versatile it can be.

1Maintaining A TWA

One of the biggest pros of a TWA is that it’s generally pretty easy to maintain. Styling usually doesn’t take very long, detangling is typically easier, and you can wash your hair every day if you choose to do so. However, it’s still important to take good care of your hair while it’s in the TWA stage. This means handling your hair gently, using a sulfate-free shampoo and a hydrating conditioner, and keeping your hair moisturized. If you choose to wash and style your hair on a daily basis, try cowashing with a cleansing conditioner and only use shampoo once a week or so, to prevent your hair from getting dried out from shampooing too frequently. Also, keep in mind that washing and styling daily is a choice; you can wash every other day or every few days if you prefer. Cover your hair with a satin bonnet at night to preserve your style and help retain moisture.

2Styling Versatility

The go-to style for those with TWAs is often the wash and go. With short hair, you can often achieve a wash and go very easily. All it takes is a good leave-in conditioner and a styling product of your choice. Depending on the exact length of your TWA, you can either smooth and rake the products through your hair to help define your natural curl pattern or use a hair sponge to help enhance your curls. But a wash and go is just one way to style a TWA. Twist outs, finger coils, and rod sets are a few other ways you can style short natural hair. Whether you just big chopped or you just prefer to maintain a short haircut, here are 35 great TWA hairstyles to help inspire your next look.

3TWA With Defined Coils

These defined coils help show off the shape of this gorgeous cut. Finding the right products and techniques to define your natural curls is a great way to style your TWA.

4Curly TWA With Side Part

To achieve this look, part your curls on one side and use gel or edge control to help slick down a small section of the hair in front.

5Flat Twist Out With Side Part TWA

Doing a flat twist out is a great way to style your TWA. This technique will also help stretch and elongate your curls and give you a little more volume.

6Curly Blonde TWA

A close-cropped blonde TWA is a classically chic look. This is the perfect length to experiment with hair color because the grow out process will be short and simple.

7Pulled Back TWA

If your hair isn’t quite long enough to style into a high puff you can achieve the same look by pulling the hair back and securing it in place with an adjustable elastic headband.

8Curly Grey TWA

If you want to experiment with a more unconventional color for your TWA, consider a striking shade of grey like the one pictured here.

9Perm Rod Set On TWA

Perm rod sets look great on any hair length, including a TWA. If you have a tapered cut, use slightly larger rods in the front and smaller rods in the back and along the sides.

10Red Tapered TWA

TWA tapered hairstyles are trending this season and if red is your color, consider this chic tapered TWA. A wash and go can help make these gorgeous red curls pop.

11Close-Cropped TWA With Shaved Sides

If you want a super low-maintenance style, this cute close-cropped TWA with shaved sides is a great choice. A cut this short really helps accentuate all of your best facial features.

12Classic TWA

This classic look puts the A in TWA. This is a great way to show off your hair’s gorgeous afro texture.

13Purple Finger Waves

A TWA is a perfect length for finger waves. Use a styling mousse and a fine-tooth comb to help sculpt and shape your finger waves. With this gorgeous purple color, you’ll never get bored with your TWA.

14TWA Finger Coils

Finger coils are a great choice for TWAs. They look great on their own and you also have the option of separating the coils for a more voluminous look.

15TWA Bantu Knot Out

A Bantu knot out looks great on any length. Leave a few Bantu knots intact in the front for an effortlessly chic look.

16Pink TWA

If you’ve ever considered dyeing your hair pink, there’s no better time to do it than when your hair is styled in a TWA. This is an absolutely gorgeous look that screams fun.

17Tapered TWA With Coils

You can recreate this gorgeous tapered TWA by coiling your hair with a comb, your fingers, or with the help of a hair sponge.

18Purple TWA Coil Out

A coil out is one of many ways you can style your TWA. The combination of this gorgeous purple color and super defined coils is absolutely stunning.

19Red Ombre Tapered TWA

A pop of red color on the ends takes this chic tapered TWA to the next level. Shaved sides give this cut a bold, edgy look.

20Slicked Down TWA

If you want to take a break from defining your curls, try this slicked down look. While your hair is wet, apply a foaming mousse and comb and smooth your hair down, then sit under a hooded dryer to help set the style.

21TWA Faux Hawk

This gorgeous two-toned curly TWA is styled into a faux hawk. This look can easily be achieved by parting the hair on one side and slicking the sections up and down with gel. Use bobby pins to help secure the hair, if needed.

22Tapered Textured TWA

Finding the right products to help define your natural texture is the easiest way to style a tapered TWA. Every head of hair is a little different, which means that no two TWAs will look exactly alike.

23Reddish Blonde TWA With Shaved Sides

What’s not to love about this gorgeous TWA? From its pretty reddish-blonde color to the shaved design on the sides, this is a look that’s sure to turn heads.

24Tapered TWA With Slicked Down Sides

Try slicking down the sides of your tapered TWA for a slightly different, two-textured look.

25TWA With Flat Twist Headband

Create a headband with your own hair by flat twisting a small section in the front from ear to ear. This is a cute, creative way to style your TWA.

26Two-Toned TWA Tapered Cut

This two-toned tapered cut is long enough to style in several different ways. You can do a wash and go or define your curls with finger coils or flat twists.

27TWA With Cornrows

Small, neat cornrows along one side of the head give this TWA a chic, edgy look. This style is a great choice for all curl types.

28TWA Super Defined Curls

A super defined wash and go with a subtle side part is a great way to style your TWA. This is a look that works well as your TWA continues to grow out.

29TWA Flat Twist Out

Flat twists are the easiest way to achieve a twist out on short natural hair. Flat twist the hair from back to front to achieve this look on a tapered TWA.

30TWA High Puff

If you thought it was impossible to style a TWA into a high puff, think again. A little hair gel, a soft bristle brush, and a scarf are all you need to create an elegant high puff on short natural hair.

31Two-Toned Tapered TWA

Contrast is key when it comes to this two-toned tapered TWA. The bright red color on top contrasts nicely with the darker color along the sides.

32TWA With Pin Curls

Creating pin curls is an old school method that works great on short natural hair. If you haven’t yet mastered the art of flat twisting, this is a great, easy alternative.

33TWA With Headband

Adding a colorful headband is a fun, easy way to switch up the look of your TWA. Color coordinate to match your outfit or pair with neutral shades for a pop of color.

34TWA With Spiral Curls

You can recreate the look of these gorgeous spiral curls by creating finger coils. For the best results, start on freshly washed hair and use a moisturizing styling product with strong but flexible hold.

35Reddish-Brown Curly TWA

This gorgeous reddish-brown color looks great on a tapered TWA. This look is especially perfect for the summer months.

36Two-Toned TWA With Shaved Design

If you want a unique, funky haircut, this two-toned TWA with shaved designs on the sides may be just right for you.

37Curly Red TWA

Changing your hair color is a great way to switch up the look of your TWA. This gorgeous deep shade of red looks great on anyone.