35 Transitioning Hairstyles for Short Hair

Braid and Curl WIth Cornrows

Transition Hairstyles for Growing Out Short Hair

The process of transitioning involves slowly growing out your natural hair until you’re ready to cut off the remainder of your relaxed or heat damaged ends. Transitioning is a good option for those who are interested in going natural but aren’t ready for the drastic change that comes with a big chop. The length of your transition period is totally up to you: some people transition for only a few months, others transition for six months to a year or even longer. Those with short hair generally have a shorter transition period, but every situation is different. Keep reading for some tips on transitioning, including 35 transitioning styles for short hair.

1Transitioning Challenges

In general, the shorter your hair, the shorter your transition will be because you’ll eventually reach a point where your natural hair is longer than your relaxed hair and you’ll likely start to get the urge to chop. Those with long hair sometimes cut their transition short once they reach a comfortable length, and many people end up cutting their hair sooner than they planned, for a variety of reasons. Some of the universal challenges associated with transitioning include breakage, especially at the line of demarcation (the point where your natural hair and relaxed hair meets), tangles, and finding styles that allow you to blend both textures. Some people also struggle with excessive dryness while they learn how to keep their “new” natural texture moisturized.

2Benefits of Transitioning

Despite the challenges, there are several benefits to transitioning as well. For starters, it gives you the time to “mentally” transition and get used to seeing yourself with textured hair. This is important because it’s something that’s often overlooked. It’s very common to cut your hair and feel self-conscious about your new look. Transitioning takes some of the shock out of that process and lets you move at your own pace. Transitioning also give you an opportunity to practice styling and caring for your natural texture. Styles like the braid and curl and rod sets are great for transitioning and by the time you cut the rest of your relaxed hair, you’ll have a variety of styling methods under your belt. Here are 35 transitioning styles for short hair to help make your transition a little easier.

3Braided Bun For Transitioning Hair

This simple but cute style is great for those new to transitioning. It’s easy to do and low maintenance, so you should be able to get a least a few days out of it before it’s time to restyle. Cover your hair at night with a silk or satin scarf to preserve overnight.

4Perm Rod Set on Short Transitioning Hair

Perm rod sets are one of the best styles for transitioning hair because they allow you to easily blend the two textures and create pretty curls. Use a moisturizing styling product with lots of hold for the best results.

5Super Defined Braid and Curl

The braid and curl is another great style for both transitioning hair and natural hair. Using perm rods allows you to create curls on your straight ends to help them blend better with your natural hair. Use a product with moisture and hold to make this style last as long as possible.

6Braid and Curl With Cornrows

Here’s another great braid and curl style for transitioning hair. To achieve this style, you can cornrow all of your hair and add perm rods to the ends, then leave some of the cornrows intact to create a really beautiful final look.

7Pin Curls On Short Transitioning Hair

Pin curls are a classic styling method that works great on short transitioning hair. This also a great option if you haven’t yet mastered other methods of creating curls (like twists or braids). Start on damp hair and use a styling mousse or another product with soft, flexible hold.

8Rod Set on Tapered Cut

If you start your transition with a tapered cut, then the sides and back of your hair will be the first to become fully natural. Styling the rest of your hair with a rod set is a great way to work around this and blend those two textures.

9Soft Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knots are another great method for creating uniform curls on transitioning hair. For the best results, start on damp (not wet) hair, and use a styling product with flexible hold.

10Kinky Twists for Transitioning Hair

Protective styles like kinky twists are a great option for transitioning hair, especially if you’re in a styling rut. Kinky twists will allow you to take a much needed break from daily styling.

11Braid and Curl

Here’s another great braid and curl style for short transitioning hair. For more defined curls, make your braids smaller and use smaller perm rods on the ends. Use a pick or your fingers to gently separate the curls after taking them down, but be careful not to separate them too much.

12Chunky Flat Twists

These gorgeous chunky flat twists are a great option if you want a transitioning style that will keep your ends tucked away.

13Dutch Braids On Transitioning Hair

These pretty dutch braids can be done on any texture, but they’re a great option for transitioning hair because they’ll keep your fragile ends tucked away.

14Flat Twist Low Bun

This simple but pretty flat twist low bun is an easy style to execute on transitioning hair. It’s low-maintenance, so you can wear it to work, to the gym, or wherever else your busy schedule may take you.

15Twist and Curl With Twisted Headband

This gorgeous style on short natural hair can easily be replicated on short transitioning hair with the help of the right products. Make your twists small and use small perm rods on the ends. Flat twist the hair around the hairline to finish off the look.

16Chunky Halo Braids

These pretty chunky halo braids can be created with or without the help of added braiding hair. In general, adding braiding hair will allow your styles to last a little longer.

17Braid and Curl on Short Transitioning Hair

Here’s another cute way to rock a braid and curl on transitioning hair. Leaving a braid partially intact is an easy way to switch up your look. Use larger perm rods to create more voluminous curls.

18Flat Twists With High Bun

This is a great transitioning style for short hair. Flat twist the hair towards the crown of the head, add gold beads, and arrange the hair into a high bun. Add braiding hair to help create the bun, if desired.

19Pinned Up Chunky Flat Twists

These neat, chunky flat twists are a beautiful, regal way to style short transitioning hair. This style will also help protect your hair from breakage.

20Bantu Knots and Curls

Here’s another gorgeous Bantu knot out on transitioning hair. Leave a few of the Bantu knots intact to recreate this look.

21Flat Twists With Soft Curls

This is a gorgeous style for short to medium length transitioning hair. Style the front of the hair into neat flat twists and use flexi rods to create soft, loose curls in the back.

22Flat Twist Low Pony For Transitioning Hair

To create this style, simply flat twist your hair straight to the back, then arrange the ends of the twists into a chic low ponytail.

23Rod Set On Short Transitioning Hair

If you have a short tapered cut, use different sized perm rods to create this look. Use a pick to gently fluff your curls after takedown.

24Flat Twist and Curl for Transitioning Hair

For this gorgeous style, flat twist the hair towards the crown and curl the ends with perm rods to create a cute curly frohawk.

25Flat Twisted Updo

This chic flat twisted updo is a perfect option no matter where you are in your transitioning journey.

26Bantu Knot Out

If you have trouble getting your Bantu knots to stay in place, try using bobby pins to help secure them, as pictured here. This is a great way to create pretty curls on transitioning hair.

27Pinned Down Flat Twists

Here’s another cute style you can create with flat twists. Just bobby pin the twists into place at the nape of the neck.

28Braided Frohawk on Blown Out Hair

Try blowing out your hair and creating a beautiful braided Mohawk like the one pictured here. This is a great way to get used to seeing yourself without bone straight hair.

29Box Braids With Gold Beads

You can never go wrong with box braids. Create these gorgeous bob-length box braids with or without added braiding hair. Add a few gold beads for embellishment.

30Bantu Knot Out On Transitioning Hair

This pretty Bantu knot out leaves three Bantu knots intact on one side of the head. Wrap a little gold cord around the Bantu knots for an elegant touch of embellishment.

31Curly Braided Frohawk on Transitioning Hair

This beautiful transitioning style combines cornrows and soft curls created with the help of perm rods.

32Braids With Beads

This is a simple but pretty way to style transitioning hair. Simply braid your hair and add some colorful beads to the ends.

33Halo Braids On Transitioning Hair

These gorgeous halo braids are a great option for short transitioning hair. They’ll keep your ends tucked away and help you seamlessly blend the two textures.

34Beaded Braids

These pretty braids are adorned with wooden beads. This is a great way to switch up your look while you’re growing out your hair.

35Braided Frohawk on Transitioning Hair

Here’s another cute frohawk style for short transitioning hair. Use perm rods to create the curls and gently separate and fluff them with your fingers to create more volume.

36Flat Twists With Curls

This style combines flat twist and curls which can be created by twisting the hair and wrapping perm rods around the entire length of the twists.

37Flat Twist Chignon

When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with flat twists. These flat twists are styled into a chic chignon at the nape of the neck.