35 Stylish Cornrow Hairstyles

cornrow styles

35 Cornrows Styles

Cornrows will probably never go out of style. Originating in Africa centuries ago, this timeless hairstyle continues to be popular today. Cornrows can be done on a variety of hair textures and they can be dressed up or down for both chic and casual hairstyles. There are endless ways to style cornrows, and their versatility no doubt contributes to the style’s longevity. In addition to being stylish, cornrows are also a great protective style that can be long-lasting and low-maintenance: perfect for those with active lifestyles. Here are 35 cornrow braid styles to check out.

1Chunky Cornrow High Bun

This braided updo is perfect for any occasion. Creating thick cornrows by using larger sections of hair also cuts down the time it takes to complete this style.

2Chunky Cornrow Low Bun

This style is a variation of the first style on this list. But instead of a high bun, thick cornrows are braided back into a sleek low bun: in case high buns aren’t your thing.

3Cornrows & Two-Strand Twists

For this style, the hair is cornrowed halfway down the section of hair, and the remaining hair that hangs loose is twisted into two-strand twists. The combination of the two techniques puts a unique twist on a traditional way of styling cornrows.

4Cornrowed Faux-Hawk

This style is a funky spin on the traditional mohawk. Cornrows are braided up each side of the head while the hair on top is left out. The best part? No shaving required!

5Chunky Cornrows with Double Buns

This cute style is created with four thick cornrows going straight back (two on the right side of the head and two on the left side of the head), twisting the ends of the braids into two low buns in the back.

6Cornrowed Updo

This sophisticated updo is created with small cornrows braided up the sides of the head. A chignon is formed at the front of the head out of a single chunky twist, giving this style an elegant finish.

7Cornrowed Updo with Curls

Similar to the previous style, this updo consists of small cornrows braided towards the center of the head; the hair in the front of the head is left out in a cascade of soft curls for a chic two-textured look.

8Cornrows & High Puff

For this style, the hair is cornrowed halfway to the back of the head and the remaining hair is left out and pulled back into a cute, simple high puff.

9Half Up, Half Down Bun with Cornrows

Cornrows may not play a leading role in this style, but they definitely steal the show. Cornrows create a funky pattern in the front of the head. The remaining hair is divided into two sections to form a bun at the top of the head while the rest hangs down in loose curls.

10Asymmetrical Cornrows

Cornrows are braided towards the back of the head in a zigzag pattern, alternating in size, giving this style a unique look.

11Criss-Cross Cornrows Braid Style

This complex style is sure to turn heads. Two thick cornrows are surrounded by smaller cornrows that are criss-crossed into an intricate design.

12Half & Half: Afro & Cornrows

Simple but elegant, for this style, the hair is cornrowed straight back to the crown of the head. The remaining hair is left out, putting your natural texture on display.

13Micro Cornrows with Side Bun

Precision is definitely a requirement for this style. The hair is braided into tiny cornrows up the sides of the head. The style is topped off with an off-center bun in front.

14Multi-Directional Cornrows

Alicia Keys helped popularize this style in the early 2000s. Cornrows are braided in alternating directions, and beads are added to the ends of the hair for a fun, fashionable look.

15Stars & Stripes

A combination of intricate parts and braiding patterns result in star-shaped designs in this cool, fun hairstyle. Red hair dye takes these cornrows to the next level, but even without added color, this style is sure to turn heads.

16Double Braided Faux-Hawk

Two thick, side-by-side cornrows are braided down the center of the head for this style. Micro cornrows across both sides of the head meet the thick cornrows in the middle for a funky braided faux-hawk style.

17Sleek Top Knot with Single Cornrow

At first glance, this style appears to be a simple top knot. But a single, thick cornrow is braided up the back of the head to meet the rest of the hair at the crown, adding gorgeous detail to an already-popular style.

18Afro With Braided Bangs

This style allows your Afro to take center stage. A small section of hair in the front is parted down the middle and braided down each side of the head into two cornrows which then hang down the sides of the face.

19Bow Buns With Cornrows

This style is perfect for kids, or those who are young at heart. Two thick cornrows are braided diagonally up the back of the head to meet two bow-shaped buns at the top in this absolutely adorable style.

20Layered Cornrows with Halo Braid

The devil is in the details in this style. Micro cornrows are layered and criss-crossed to create a beautiful design. The look is topped off with a single halo braid around the crown of the head.

21Cornrows with Side-Swept Curls

Cornrows are braided in a curved pattern up the back of the head for this sophisticated side-sweep hairstyle. The remaining hair cascades down the side of the head in soft, loose curls.

22Micro Cornrows with Topknot

For this half up, half down hairstyle, the hair is braided into micro cornrows. Half of the hair is piled up at the top of the head in a topknot while the rest hangs loose. Simple, but chic.

23Flat-Twist/Cornrow Updo

This style combines flat-twists in the back with micro cornrows up the sides of the head. The remaining hair is twisted into a loose, pretzel-like bun in the front, creating an elegant, one-of-a-kind look.

24Spiderweb Cornrows

Spiderweb-like designs are created with small cornrows in between thicker cornrows that go straight down the back of the head in this complex but cute hairstyle.

25Cornrows & Bantu Knots

Cornrows are braided into intricate patterns for this style. The ends of the hair are then wrapped into Bantu knots, combining two great natural hairstyles into one.

26Curls & Cornrows

For this style, three cornrows are braided back to the crown on one side of the head, adding a nice touch to an otherwise simple style of loose curls, which can be created using perm rods.

27Cornrows With Shaved Sides

This bold style features a complex braid pattern that consists of small cornrows that feed into two thick cornrows that go straight to the back. This style is perfect for you if the sides of your head are already shaved: or if you’ve been contemplating the shaved look.

28Micro Cornrows High Bun

Simple and sophisticated, this style incorporates neat micro cornrows into the classic braided bun look.

29Cornrows with Double Buns

Another fun style: this look wraps the ends of the cornrows into two buns on either side of the head: a quick, easy way to modify a simple style.

30Cornrows & Finger Coils

This style is perfect for short hair. Cornrows on one side of the head give a simple finger coiled style a multi-textured, asymmetrical look.

31Braid & Curl with Cornrows

Similar to the previous style, this style includes cornrows on one side of the head. To achieve these two-textured curls, braid the hair halfway and wrap the ends around flexi rods. Remove the flexi rods and unbraid the hair for a head full of beautiful curls to contrast the cornrows on the side.

32Classic Cornrows

Straight back cornrows create a look that never gets old. It’s neat, simple, and classic. You can’t go wrong with this style.

33Chunky Cornrows

This style is similar to classic straight back cornrows. Just use larger sections of hair to create chunkier braids.

34Side-Swept Cornrows

A variation of classic straight back cornrows, for this style the hair is braided across and around the head so that the ends hang down on one side of the head.

35Multi-Sized Cornrows

This is a twist on classic straight back cornrows. The hair is braided straight to the back of the head, alternating between large and small cornrows.

36Blonde bun cornrows

37Side Cornrows Twisted Braids

38Two French Braids cornrows