35 Short Weave Hairstyles

Curly Stacked Bob Sew-In

Short Weave Hairstyles

Getting a weave is a great way to switch up your everyday look and give your natural hair a break from daily styling. The styling options you have with weaves are almost infinite. For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of weave hairstyles is super long locks, but getting a weave is also the perfect opportunity to try out a cute short look. One of the most convenient qualities of getting a weave (especially a sew-in) is that your natural hair is braided down, so you can go as long or as short as you want without altering your real hair. Keep reading to take a look at 35 lovely short weave hairstyles.

1Ombre Stacked Bob

This beautiful ombre stacked bob is a great choice for those who want to try a classic style with a modern twist. The best part? By getting a weave, you don’t have to commit to this length or hair color, allowing you to rock this look while keeping your natural hair protected.

2Curly Blonde Ombre Weave

This cute ombre blonde weave is styled with loose curls, giving this look lots of body and movement. This bob-length weave allows you to experiment with a fun new hair color on a short-term basis without permanently altering your natural hair color.

3Shoulder Length Curly Weave

These gorgeous curls can be all yours, regardless of your natural length and hair texture. Weaves give you the flexibility to rock any look effortlessly. A shorter style can be even more striking than longer lengths, giving you a chic, sophisticated look.

4Straight Sew-In Bob

This sleek, straight sew-in bob is a stylish choice – this look is classic, so it never feels dated. Getting a sew-in is a great option because it allows you to rock a silky, straight look without worrying about heat damage from constant flat ironing.

5Shoulder-Length Curly Weave

This gorgeous shoulder-length curly weave is on the longer end of the “short hair” spectrum but if super long weaves aren’t your thing, this style is a great choice. Trim and layer the curls to frame your face and get ready to turn heads wherever you go.

6Teal Stacked Bob Weave

This stunning stacked bob (shorter in the back and longer in the front) is a great choice for your next weave style. Its gorgeous teal color is one you don’t see everyday, giving this style a bold, fresh look.

7Sew-In Bob With Barrel Curls

This sew-in bob is styled with loose barrel curls for a gorgeous final look. This stacked bob (longer in the front and shorter in the back) is a classic, chic look and a sew-in allows you to protect your natural hair from damage from heat styling.

8Bob-Length Curly Sew-In

If you want a cute curly look like this one, a sew-in weave is a great option. These voluminous curls give this style lots of body and movement.

9Blonde Ombre Stacked Bob

This gorgeous blonde ombre stacked bob is styled with soft waves/curls on the ends. Sew-in weaves give you the flexibility to rock a perfectly coiffed style all while protecting your natural tresses underneath.

10Voluminous Curly Bob Weave

This beautiful curly bob is a great look for your next style. This natural-looking style allows you to rock flawless curls anytime.

11Sleek Straight Sew-In Bob

This sleek, silky straight bob is a classic, chic look. This is a great choice for a weave because you can touch up this look as much as you want without subjecting your own hair to high temperatures.

12Two-Toned Curly Weave

If you want to create a beautiful two-toned curly look like this one, getting a weave is the perfect opportunity to do so. Weaves give you the flexibility to experiment with all kinds of new hair colors and textures.

13Close Cropped Sew-In

Short styles like this one are chic and timeless. Getting a sew-in is the perfect way to rock this look without committing the the cut (and the upkeep that comes with a short ‘do like this one).

14Shoulder-Length Sew-In With Waves

This cute shoulder-length style is a great choice if you want to get a weave that’s short but not too short. Styled with a side part and gentle waves on the ends, this style gives you a really natural look.

15Side Part Sew-In Bob

This sleek sew-in bob gives you the freedom to wear a straight style regardless of your natural texture; it also gives your hair a break from daily styling.

16Side Part Sew-In Bob With Curled Ends

This gorgeous side-part sew-in bob is styled with soft curls on the ends. This is a look that works for any occasion.

17Curly Side Part Weave

This look is on the longer end of the “short hair” spectrum but it’s a nice length regardless. Getting a sew-in is a great way to replicate this gorgeous look.

18Deep Wave Sew-In Bob

Deep wave hair is a great choice for a sew-in bob. It’s easy to trim and style into a shape that perfectly frames your face. This texture will also give you lots of body and volume.

19Curly Stacked Bob Sew-In

This pretty stacked bob is styled into soft, loose curls, giving it a really natural look. If you can’t decide between a curly or straight weave, this is a great option because you can easily go from curly to straight.

20Short Blonde Weave

If you’re ready to try a bold new look like this gorgeous short blonde style but you don’t want to commit to a cut and color on your own hair, then getting a weave is the perfect solution.

21Bob-Length Pink Weave

Getting a pretty pink weave is the perfect way to switch up your look and tap into your playful side. The best part? You don’t have to worry about potentially damaging your own hair with bleach and hair dye.

22Short Weave With Bangs

A short haircut like this one is a truly classic look. Take the look up a notch by adding swooped bangs in the front. Getting a weave is the ideal way to experiment with this look short-term.

23Asymmetrical Sew-In Bob

If you want a look that will stand out from the rest, this asymmetrical sew-in bob will get the job done. It’s bold and chic and sure to turn heads wherever you go.

24Stacked Blonde Ombre Sew-In Bob

This stacked blonde ombre bob is precisely cut into layers for optimal volume and body. Getting a sew-in is a great way to achieve this look.

25Middle Part Bob Weave

A bob with a middle part is a timelessly chic look. These loose waves give this style an effortlessly beautiful look.

26Bob-Length Weave With Bangs

This chin-length bob with bangs can easily be achieved with a quick weave. This is a great way to rock a short look for a while as you give your natural hair a break.

27Loose Wave Bob Weave

Loose waves give this bob a soft, ethereal look. Styled with a side part, this is a great look for your next protective style.

28Sleek Side-Part Bob Weave

Getting a sew-in is one of the easiest ways to maintain a sleek look like this one. A side part and swooped bangs set this style apart from similar looks.

29Wavy Asymmetrical Bob Weave

Asymmetrical cuts are stylish and pretty but the grow out process can be awkward. However, a good weave eliminates that problem, allowing you to rock a really cute look, like this wavy side-part bob.

30Short Wavy Red Weave

When it comes to getting a weave, the styling possibilities are almost endless. This short, wavy red look is perfect if you’re looking for a more unique look.

31Two-Toned Bob Weave

Getting a two-toned short weave is an ideal way to switch up your look and give yourself a sun-kissed look no matter what time of year it may be.

32Asymmetrical Bob Weave

This style takes the asymmetrical look to an extreme. This look is sure to make a bold statement and it’s the perfect opportunity to get a weave, allowing you to rock this look without subjecting your own hair to such an extreme cut.

33Red Side Part Bob Weave

Bold hues may seem trendy, but when combined with a style like a bob, they instantly become timeless. This vibrant red bob is styled with loose curls on the ends for an eye-catching look.

34Straight Burgundy Bob Weave

Burgundy is a versatile hue because it’s both vibrant and understated. This pretty side-part bob is just as versatile as its gorgeous color.

35Classic Bob Weave

This classic bob looks great on anyone and its simple, classic elegance is always in style. No matter what your natural length or texture may be, getting a weave is a foolproof way to achieve this look; it also give you the added convenience of not having to worry about damaging your natural hair with heat styling tools.