35 Quick Natural Hairstyles

Side Puff

Quick Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair

There are many benefits to wearing your hair in its natural state. Unfortunately, natural hair has gained a somewhat unfair reputation for being time-consuming. While it’s true that it can take some type to wash and detangle natural hair (depending on your methods and the products you use), styling is one step that doesn’t have to take all day. In fact, there are plenty of styles you can create in just a matter of minutes. Not only that, but low-manipulation styles allow you to go several days without having to re-style your hair. Here are 35 quick hairstyles for short natural hair.

1Afro Puffs

These classic afro puffs are adorable at any age. This is the perfect quick and easy style for short and medium length natural hair. In fact, it looks great on all natural hair lengths and textures.

2Mini Puffs

These cute mini puffs are a great option for short natural hair. This is a cute, quick, and fun look that you can create in just a couple minutes. This is also a great option if you’re growing out a tapered cut and your hair is shorter in the back and along the sides.

3High Puff

You can never go wrong with a classic high puff. This style looks great on all natural hair lengths. For those with short hair and/or thick natural hair, try using a shoelace to help secure the puff in place. This will allow you to easily gather your hair up and adjust the tightness.

4Chunky Halo Flat Twists

This gorgeous style is created by flat twisting the hair into two chunky flat twists and securing the ends at the back of the head. This style works on both long and short natural hair. For the best results, try stretching your hair first: either by blow drying it or using a heatless method like banding. You can also use Marley hair for added length and to give the style a protective element.

5Curly Pineapple With Head Wrap

Here’s another quick natural hairstyle that works for short hair. Tie a pretty head wrap into a bow to pineapple your curls. If you want, leave some curls out in the front to create bangs.

6Curly Frohawk

This curly frohawk is a great quick style for short natural hair. Start with a wash and go (it can even be an old wash and go), part the hair along the sides and use a non-flaking gel to slick the hair down.

7Flat Twist Pigtails

This is a gorgeous style to recreate on stretched or straightened natural hair of any length. Those with shorter hair can add braiding hair for length and volume. Leave the ends of the pigtails down or wrap them around the head to create halo twists.

8Wash and Go on Short Natural Hair

The beauty of having a TWA is that you can do a wash and go much more quickly than you can once your hair grows out. Find a combination of products that moisturize and define your natural curls.

9Side Puff

The side puff is a gorgeous option for short and medium length natural hair. There’s just something about a making the puff off-center that makes it look even more chic.

10Pony Puff With Bobby Pins

This is a great quick style for blow-dried natural hair. Simply secure the hair in a low pony puff and create a simple design with light-colored bobby pins.

11Twisted Updo

One of the best things about flat twists is that you can do them on almost any length of hair, making it easy to create a quick and easy, chic twisted updo like the one pictured here.

12Half Up Half Down Curls

Here’s a cute and easy style for short natural hair. Simply divide the hair in two sections and secure the front section into a ponytail. This style looks great on all lengths and textures and only take a couple minutes to do.

13Chic Head Wrap

On those days when you just can’t be bothered with doing your hair, a head wrap is a great option. Choose a pretty patterned fabric and complete the look with statement earrings and a bold lip.

14High Puff With Flat Twist

Try taking your high puff to the next level by adding a flat twist across the front to create a faux headband. This is a really lovely style and as an added bonus, it doesn’t take long to create.

15Low Bun With a Twist

This style is especially ideal for straightened natural hair. Simply pull your hair back into a low bun, adding a little twist along the side to add a little texture and flair.

16Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists are a natural’s best friend. You can use them as a foundation for a twist out, or just wear them on their own as a cute protective style. This look works on both long and short natural hair. You can stretch your hair before you twist it to help elongate your twists.

17Frohawk With Bangs

This cute frohawk is a quick and easy way to style short and medium length natural hair. Use bobby pins and/or ponytail holders to hold the hair in place.

18Low Bun With Chunky Braids

Here’s another quick style for straightened/stretched natural hair. Braid your hair into a chunky braid along one side (or both sides) and secure into a simple low bun. Add some hair rings to finish off the look and give it some extra flair.

19Half Up High Bun

This half up high bun is a classic quick style for natural hair. This look works on multiple hair textures and lengths. Accessorize this look with some big earrings or a bold lipstick color.

20Curly High Puff With Cornrowed Headband

These gorgeous curls look great styled into a high puff, styled with cornrowed “headband.” This style has an effortlessly elegant look.

21Low Pony Puff

This classic, low pony puff looks great on both long and short natural hair. If you’re in the mood to rock a longer, more voluminous puff, you can also opt for a drawstring faux puff that you can easily attach to your natural hair.

22Halo Braid

This gorgeous halo braid is a quick way to style your hair. Just part your hair down the middle and braid your hair into two chunky cornrows. Use bobby pins to help secure the ends of braids at the nape of your neck.

23Curly Puff With Flat Twists and Cornrows

This cute style combines flat twists and cornrows with a curly high puff. You only have to braid/flat twist the front, so you can likely create this style in about ten minutes or so.

24Head Wrap With Curly Bangs

Head wraps are the ultimate accessory; there are so many ways you can use them to either keep your hair covered or help create a fun style like this one. Coordinate your lipstick with the color of the head wrap for even more fun.

25Two Strand Twists With Headband

Adding a headband to your two strand twists is an easy way to create a quick new style. Use bobby pins to help secure and hold back the shorter twists in the front.

26Triple Buns

These triple buns are a fun, easy way to style short to medium length natural hair. Not only is this style cute, but it also keeps your ends tucked away, protecting them from damage.

27Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knots may take a little while to create the night before, but taking them down usually doesn’t take much time, especially if you leave some of them intact. Bantu knot outs are a great option for short natural hair.

28Pony Puff With Flat Twists

This pretty pony puff is styled with two criss-crossed flat twists in the front, which are adorned with gold beads.

29Braid Out Ponytail

A braid out is another low-manipulation style that’s quick and easy to do if you prep your hair the night before. You can create a cute look like this by leaving the braids in front intact and styling the rest of the hair in a high pony.

30Messy High Puff With Bangs

Part of the beauty of natural hair is that not every style has to be sleek to be beautiful. This gorgeous messy high puff with bangs is the perfect example of this.

31High Puff With Cornrows

Here’s another quick and cute variation of the classic high puff. Two chunky cornrows give this style a unique look.

32Flat Twists With Curly Side Bangs

This style is simple but cute. The hair is flat twisted, leaving out a section in front to make curly, side-swept bangs.

33Chic Twisted Updo

It’s amazing what you can create with a few twists and some bobby pins. This is a quick, easy look you can put together when you’re ready to try something new.

34Curly Space Buns

These cute, curly space buns are easy to recreate. Section the hair in the front into four sections to create flat twists, and adorn them with gold beads.

35Low Bun With Bobby Pins

Bobby pins don’t have to just be an invisible styling tool; you can also place them front and center and turn them into cute hair accessories. These bobby pins help make this simple low bun a little more unique.

36Halo Braid Side Part

Another halo braid style with a side part. Simple yet stunning!