Faux Locs Galore: 35 Different Faux Loc Styles


Faux Loc Styles To Try

Despite the fact that hairstyle trends change every season, there are some styles that are always stylish. And locs belong on that short list of forever stylish looks. Since locs are currently super stylish, people are trying to get the look by using faux locs. Here are the different ways you can wear faux locs.

1Short Locs on a Sunny Day

Yes, even if you have a short haircut, you can still wear faux locs. This look is great for a hot day since short hair helps you stay cool. Like the woman in the picture above, you will look great on a hot day.

2Goddess Marley Hair

Marley locs is one of the easiest loc material to put in your hair, and it is one of easiest to style. Like in the picture above, you can have a hot look with your marley hair. The goddess hair style and the one blonde highlight shows how you can make marley hair into the hottest hair style.


They say blondes have more fun, and you can see why in the picture. The blonde bun stands out from the black roots in the picture. The duel color and the interesting way the roots are braided makes this blonde hairstyle looks fun and cute.

4Pink Bun

This vibrant hair color will make you stand out from the crowd. With a coy smile, the woman in the picture above shows us how hot and interesting a bun can be. The shade of hot pink and the high bun this picture makes us wish that we had hair like her.

5Undercut Bun

The great thing about undercuts you can shave them into interesting designs like the woman in the picture. This woman shows off your geometrical undercut with your bun. Buns have never been so cool until you can show off your undercut.

6Hat full of Goddess Locs

Everyone wants to look like a god and goddess, and a hair style is the sure way to achieve this look. Anyone can seem elegant with this look but a hat makes the hairstyle causal. We wish we could look as fabulous and cool like the woman in the picture above.

7Long Faux Locs

Most people think that long locs would be difficult to style but this picture proves them otherwise. Her hair is perfectly cascading down her back making the woman in the picture look like a sea goddess. And who wouldn’t want to look like a sea goddess by the pool.

8A Crown Braid

Look like a queen with this crown braid. The cornrows on the left side of her head makes this woman fit to rule anything. The left sided cornrows also spice up this hair do as it adds a more interesting and regal quality that is not seen in most crown braids.


Beads are a great accessory to add to your locs. The woman in the picture arranged her beads in a way that made them look like stars in a night sky. This beautiful look makes us want to go buy some beads to get this hot look.

10Bob Faux Locs

Spice your boring bob like the woman in the picture. By parting her to the side, adding beads, and pulling parts of her back, this woman made a rather basic hairstyle into something fabulous.

11Twisted yarn locs with beads

Like Marley locs, Yarn is another material for faux locs. We wish we could have locs like the woman in the picture. Who wouldn’t want a pretty half up bun with beautiful beads near the roots of your hair.

12Bold Half Up Locs

This woman took a normal hairstyle and turned it into a bold statement. With the burgundy color mixed with her natural hair color and the chunky rows on top, makes this hairstyle a statement piece.

13Cool Burgundy

Spice up your locs by adding burgundy to your hair color. This color is great for those who want a dark bold color. Wear your hair down and add sunglasses for the perfect and cool summer look like the above picture.

14Ombre Faux Locs

While ombre may seem overplayed, the woman above made this look cool again. The brown ombre with beads complements the woman since it adds color. The all black clothing makes the ombre stand out.

15Double Buns Locs

While there are many ways to wear double buns, the way this woman wears her buns is very refreshing. Most people would avoid the Minnie Mouse ears, but this woman makes it look cool. The big gold sunglasses add to the coolness factor for this look.

16Strands Pulled Back

While pulling strands of your hair seems so lame, this woman turned the look into a very romantic vibe. She achieved this by having a braid on her right side while leaving her left side flat. The asymmetrical way the hair was pulled back has all of ways trying to recreate this look.

17Grey Locs

Grey hair is not for the elderly anymore as anyone can look hot with this hair color. The woman in the picture looks great with her hair half down and half in a bun. She pulls off the grey color by mixing it with her natural hair color.

18Side Ponytail

Side ponytails are a fun way to wear your hair. Side ponytails even looks more fun with crochet braids and big gold hoop earrings. With this cute look, you will have a big smile like this woman.

19Super Colorful Bun

Spice up your hair by having different colors. Like in the picture you have a series of multiple colors like red, blue, and purple. You can show off your colors by putting your hair up in a loose bun, which makes this look a very colorful and awesome one.

20Shaved Sides Faux Locs

Create an edgy look with long locs and shaved sides. Shaved sides or undercuts will give you a look that can make even the coolest person envious.

21Soft Highlights

While highlights can overwhelm hair at times, the highlights in this picture creates a soft romantic look. Only a few parts of the hair are highlighted which makes them stand out against the rest of the hair color. Wearing your hair down helps create the romantic look featured.

22Thin  Faux Locs

Tired of having the same old thin locs, then spice it up by adding a few beads on one-side of your hair. Remember to get this hot look, you should not over do the beads, only put a few beads that frame your face.

23Thick Two Tones

For those you have thick locs, a great way to make your hair a focal point is to have dark roots with light tone locs. The dark roots are a contrast to any light color locs especially if they are a dirty blonde. This look will make anyone look hot.

24Natural Looking Beach Waves

In this variation of goddess locs, you will look like you just came back from the beach. Make you locs look like waves, and part your hair to the side to look like a beach goddess. The great thing about goddess locs is that the curled end adds to the beach look.

25Electric Blue

Bright blue hair can make any style look amazing. However to avoid your hair becoming dull, add a few small gold beads that frame your face. These beads will not only make your hair more interesting, but it will match any gold jewelry you own.

26Dark Red Casual Bun

Change up your casual bun by adding some bold elements. The dark red hair color makes the hair stand out. While the two front beads and the crochet braids gives the bun an unique look that we all wish our buns imitated.

27Side Pulled

This is a simple yet gorgeous faux locs style, It looks both casual and stylish! We love the baby hair and dark lipstick!

28Retro Red Locs

Channel your inner ‘50s babe by doing this simple look. This look, which works great if you have a bob, is done by curling your locks and pining the front part of your hair back to create a small pompadour. Add a cute hair ribbon and some red lipstick to complete this retro look.

29Medium Goddess Locs

Medium locs can make you look sooo beautiful. Add some accessories like a few intricate beads and a single highlighted strand to channel your inner goddess.

30Blonde Faux Locs With Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept hair can do many things like perfectly frame your face, but it can also show off any cool undercut. Add some blond and black braids with statement jewelry to make your look stand out from everyone else.

31Romantic Updo

This intricate and romantic updo bun is the best of both worlds as it is the romantic side of something edgy. The romantic buns in the faux hawk soften it up, while the the sides keep the hairdo looking edgy.

32Two Tone and Purple

If you love the color purple, then adding two toned color to your hair is a great way to show off your favorite color. You can have one side be violet and the other lavender as way to make your hair very noticeable, especially if you are wearing dark clothing.

33Braided Locs

Pull your locs into one braid to create a casual yet sweet look. You can pull the braid to the back or the sides. Either way it’ll look gorgeous!

34Super Bouncy Pigtails

Pigtails are not for little girls anymore. Channel your inner child by styling your hair in two high pigtails. Add pink lipstick and hoop earrings to make pigtails more adult and enjoy your night out.

35Curly Faux Locs

We are loving these bouncy stylish curls! You can also use crochet braids to get this amazing look!

No matter how you style your faux locs, you will find a style that will look great on you. That being said, there are many other styles that were not on this list. You should style your locs in any way you think looks good. Whether it was on this list or not.