30 Sisterlocks Styles


Sisterlocks Braids Styles

So, what are sisterlocks you ask? Sisterlocks are Micro locs! Well, this hairstyle is not like other forms of dreadlocks or traditional locs where the locks are either free form or medium in thickness. They are tiny in size and allow more versatility for styling. Also, Sisterlocks do not require any hair products, such as gels, grease, or shea butter for installation like you need for regular locs. To explain it little better they are tiny uniform locs that are the result of a precision parting technique, and the use of a specialized patented tools used to place the hair into its beautifully locked form. This allows the hair to remain light in weight as it grows longer. These 30 sisterlock styles will turn heads and make you want to learn how to do your own.

1Perm Rods

Perm rods come in various sizes. Using thicker rods for your sisterlocks will provide looser curls. Contrarily, the thinner perming rods will make tighter curls as seen in the picture.

2Light Ribbon

A beautiful french twist braid that ends with a small tied ribbon in the back with ombre tips.

3Red Hot Curls

Luscious red loc curls that are colored to perfection.

4Bob Twist

Loosely fallen twists into a bob

5Mini Twist

A pixie cut of different twist lengths throughout this style with beautiful ombre tips.

6Crown Locs

Because sisterlocks are so light in weight they are easy to style in unique ways like this crown without it being so heavy on top of your head while it is up there.

7Basket Locs

This basket design is a very ambitious and creative hairstyle.

8Two Strand Twist

Super fresh look that is a versatile hairstyle that can be worked on short or long hair.


Long blonde locs in a fishtail ponytail

10Curly and Lovely

Big curls makes your sisterlocks look like a big beautiful afro and we are here for it!

11Men Twist Spirals

Men are really starting to pay attention to their hairstyles more in what’s on trend and experimenting with their hair with color, texture and styles. This style is honestly just astounding with spiral textures going throughout the whole design.

12Side Cut

A shaved side with with wavy locs makes this hairstyle very edgy.

13Fall Bowtie

Fall colors of burgundy, red, a shade of purple and black makes this bowtie very colorful.


The pixels grid gives versatility of styling.

15Elegant Do

This elegant up-do is definitely a beautiful wedding hairstyle.

16Roll Twist

Roll twist are very easy to create by just using rollers overnight you will have beautiful curls in the morning.

17Criss Cross Locs

The criss cross pattern is made at the top and twisted towards the end so that the style stays neat and fresh.

18Short Cut

Chic braided designs on the sides with a simple cut.


Sisterlocks are braided on each side to form a mohawk, this style can have any style of braid designs on the sides as well.

20Twisted Coiled Up-do

This sisterlocks up-do is of medium length Sisterlocks twisted rolled and styled in an up-do and is honestly beautiful and will have everyone asking how?!

21Flat Rollers

Using flat rollers to create this simple cute curl pattern.

22French Roll

Love this classic french roll it is very regal! The french roll can be worn at the workplace or going to an elegant event such as a wedding.

23Love the Blue

The blue hair gives these sisterlocks more dimension with the different shades of blue and black in the hair.

24Colorful Jewels

Chloe and Halle Bailey Beyonce’s Protege shows us perfectly how to rock the beautiful colorful hair jewelry with their sisterlocks.


Sisterlocks are great when you want really long braids because they are so small they are not heavy at all.So if you are a fan of super long hair like her you might want to get these they might take a while to do but its well worth it!

26Petal Bun

The petal bun is when you want something unique that can take 15 mins to create. You put your locs in a ponytail, then take sections of the ponytail and created petals by looping locs round your fingers then placing a rubber band round the base of the loops. That’s it!

27Spiral Bun

Sisterlocks are braided together in a dutch braid and turned into a spiral bun


The fishtail is very creative it combines the petal bun, french braid and the faux up-do into one!


Blonde to brown ombre. Layered with a lighter blonde and brown giving variation of color throughout the whole look.

30White Silver

The gray color is definitely a very on trend hair color even with young girls so of course these gray sisterlocks are no acceptation and they are absolutely breathtaking!