Natural Hair Subscription Boxes

Natural Hair Subscription Box

Natural Curly Hair Subscription Box

First off, the person who first thought of this should be inducted in the natural hair hall of fame, we mean if one ever existed! But, holy cow, these things are incredible none the less. If this is your first time ever hearing about these it’s exactly what it seems. You subscribe to a company and each month and depending on the company you receive full size or trial size natural hair care products delivered right to your door. And let’s be honest here, being natural isn’t cheap! The price you pay each month is equivalent to at least one full size product and maybe a trial size.

1What’s Not to Love?

Subscribing to one of these is great, when you want to try several products. So no more having to break the bank ordering online, taking that long 10 – 15 mile drive to the store, just to find they don’t have the one you’re looking for. Or our biggest pet peeve is getting a product and finding out later that it doesn’t do our curls no kind of justice, and we know you guys probably thinking why not just get the trial size. But we have found that some stores only carry certain trial sizes, and about time you get to the check out screen online, you would be better off getting the full size product. There are subscription boxes that not only carry establish brands but some up and coming brands as well, and we just love supporting small businesses. As with any subscription boxes we have found a few flaws in them, not all boxes are designed with YOUR hair in mind, meaning you can get anything for the month. Now we can say most companies try to base their monthly boxes on what natural hair may need at the time and the owners are naturals their selves, but we are all unique and our hair is no exception.

Natural Hair Subscription Box – Taking the plunge

We have found quite a few natural hair subscription boxes that are under $30/month. Which isn’t bad, especially when we probably spend more than that on our hair.

2My Curls Understood Subscription box

We have signed up for the My Curls Understood box. And for just $26.99/month we don’t feel the need to try to beat our husbands home, to avoid him discovering this new package! This provider gives you a one minute hair quiz right after subscribing, and all items received is personalized based off your test results, plus depending on your feedback your future boxes will only get better. And to sweeten the deal each box contains 5-7 full size and deluxe sized hair products, that’s well worth over $40. They also carry premade boxes for $21.99 and ALL of their boxes ship for free, whoop! Whoop! Talk about money well spent, we are currently awaiting our first box which ships near the end of the month.

3Curl Box

There are tons of natural hair subscriptions boxes floating around so if your looking for something simpler, you can check out the Curl Box, this particular box sends you 4 or more trial size products from big time brands and new hair care brands. Their boxes ship the 12th of each month. But we have found the biggest con for us with this company, they do everything on a first come, first serve basis, and you have to join a waitlist mailing list to be notified of their new boxes. They do offer a way to purchase products if you missed out on the box of the month, but we prefer to be guaranteed a box without having to wait to be emailed of the release. Our inboxes are already over flooding as we speak! But for just $20 a month, there’s not too much to complain about.

4My Curlkit boxes

My Curlkit boxes are also on this list for $20/month. Their pretty simple, you pay your monthly fee, and they aren’t shy about the shipping cost of $5. But your box will ship between the fourth and fifth of each month, and you will receive sample and full size products wrapped up in a neat package. After going threw their reviews we feel a little biased about trying them out, most of the reviews are good, but it seems you get things that you wouldn’t normally use for your hair or may get the same thing you got in the last box. But none the less, you should check them out!

5Curl Mix

We are actually kind of disappointed with this next subscription box, while we was researching, we got excited just to find out they no longer do subscription boxes any more. The Curl Mix is, well was, a natural hair subscription box that will send you the recipe and all the ingredients to make your own natural diy hair care products. We was pretty pumped to try them out. But in March of 2018 after holding a vote, their buyers said they prefer the actual already made products. They are now a full blown handmade, organic and natural hair care company with a wide array of different products for different needs. When the boxes was up and running, they was running $25/month, which isn’t bad, especially when you factor in all of the ingredient cost and stuff like that. To help you better find what you might be looking for on their site they do offer a small quiz to help you find which of their products will best suit your needs. They even started adding in natural fragrances, to their recipes. As we browsed around, we found a ton of products we would love to try, and for $20 each and their all full size products we hope we get our money worth, since everyone hair is different, we can’t always go by the reviews. Only good part is that it’s handmade and organic, so you won’t have to worry too much about any of the bad stuff. We even looked into some of their bundling options that’s a $100 investment, so we will actually have to take our time to truly decide if we will take the plunge on this one.

6Baby Your Hair

Baby Your Hair is actually above the $30 bracket, if you don’t mind spending a few extra coins. Their subscription box is $44.99/month. Your first box after subscribing is a welcome package, it’s stocked with a satin cap, dietary supplements that are designed for your skin, hair & nails, a scalp stimulator and an 8oz jar of coconut hair moisturizing formula. After you receive your first months package, your next month will begin your monthly subscription. It will contain the coconut hair moisturizing formula, more dietary supplements, a hair tip of the month and some other goodies. Their goal is to help you grow longer, thicker, stronger hair. They will send you products that will help keep your hair nourished and hydrated. Now we aren’t to sure about the price nor do we like the idea of taking dietary supplements. But we have heard through the grapevine that they work but eating well and drinking enough water helps as well! But if you interested in taking this plunge, be sure to subscribe before the 15th of the month to receive the box of the month.

7My Avana natural hair subscription box

The last one on our list is the My Avana natural hair subscription box. The cool thing about this company is that you can receive 1-on-1 video and audio calls with a hair specialist team to give you help, they also send you products design specifically for your hair care needs and reward you for referring people. They will also recommend hairstyles and nearby salons that will work for your hair, and even order outside your subscription box to get the best out of your style. Their first step is taking care of your hair health, and then they will assist with everything from styling , product use and so much more. And to top everything off, their boxes are only $25/month. This isn’t like the others where you take a premade quiz online to determine your hair needs, you will have to send a strand or few to them, to evaluate and boom, you start receiving two-three trial products matched to your own personal hair type.

Natural Hair Subscription Box – Summary

Now we have listed six different natural hair care companies, that offer subscription boxes for you to try. We have already signed up for one of them and are contemplating on signing up for a few more. We do think these are a great way to get the best care for your natural hair, no matter your curl pattern, texture or needs. Like we mentioned before, most of us live active lifestyles, and having to take that one trip to the store to shop around for hair care products can free up a little time for us to do something different. Just like any subscription box you can cancel anytime you wish, we haven’t seen anything about pausing your subscriptions, but sending an email doesn’t hurt.