Kenya Moore Hair Care Review

kenya Moore Hair care review

Kenya Moore Hair Care Review

Now we are going to be 100% transparent with you guys really quick. We don’t keep up with all the reality tv show personnel that’s out nowadays. So, when we were asked for our opinion on Kenya Moore hair care line, we had to do a little research. Kenya Moore is a star on the tv show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is Miss Michigan of 93’and Miss USA of 93’. She had produced several films, played minor roles in two known films, was a member of The Celebrity Apprentice and an author.

1Kenya Moore Hair Care

We tried out best to watch a few episodes of the show she currently starred in, but we just couldn’t it’s not our cup of tea, and we got bored really fast. But none the less we were impressed to find out that she is one of the few tv personnel who actually takes really good care of their natural hair, and she has a head full of hair to prove it. Not only that but she has decided to share her hair care secrets and bring you guys a line that can help you grow your hair long, thick and healthy like hers.
With that being said this doesn’t mean you won’t catch her rocking a wig or weave from time to time. As naturals we should all know how it is, needing to protect our hair from the everyday stress of life and the environment. And when you’re on tv you also have to worry about the extremely rough everyday life of living in front of a camera. When it comes to our hair we don’t jump at the sound of a gun when a celebrity drops a hair care product, makeup that’s another story. But we did some excellent detective style research that should answer any questions you may have.

2Kenya Moore Products

Kenya Moore hair care products are designed to promote hair growth and strengthen your natural hair. Make it thicker and healthier stronger & thicker in just one use. Her products are great for all hair types and are sulfate free and made with almost 100% natural ingredients. She has an arsenal of all kinds of products from hair vitamins, that are non-dairy, gluten, soy, and preservative-free. To an edges follicle stimulator that claims to reverse damage to the hairline. A shampoo and conditioner that’s designed to hydrate, reconstruct, and restore hair that has been damaged and/or weakened from styling. There’s also a growth mask that does a deep repairing of weak or damaged hair by reconstructing and restoring it to its natural formal healthy glory. And lastly, there’s this growth serum that is said to hydrate and moisturize the driest of hair making it more manageable. While adding softness, and shine, and not weighing your hair down.

3Kenya Moore Brand

From the looks of things, she has everything that someone who wants to treat their natural hair with some love it may need. But our question and most likely your question is what type of justice it will do our hair, she has this saying plastered on her site and on each and every product that it will work in just one use, but how true is that statement. To get a general idea of her products we not only browsed around her site but Amazon as well and took to the honest reviews of verified purchases and even made a short pit stop on YouTube to see some recorded reviews. We just need a little more information and a lot more convincing before we start digging between the sofa cushions for change.

4More About Her Products Line

First off not all the products are completely expensive, you will still be spending a pretty little penny on them. Her packaging from the reviews seems to be of great quality, cute but a little basic. A lot of people who bought and tried the line, all agreed that it smells wonderful. One even took a few extra moments to get a really good inhale in on it. No one mentioned anything about the scent lasting even after the product is well washed out. Also, a lot of the first impressions are that it’s velvety making your detangling brush or comb, glide right through your hair. You will also be using more of the conditioner than you normally would. It is said to be extremely thick and it’s hard to get out of the bottle.

5Growth Repair Shampoo

According to people who have actually purchase this, it smells amazing, lathers nicely despite it being sulfate free and your hair isn’t completely dry afterwards. 4c people can even get a good bang out of making your hair softer and manageable with just one use.

6Growth Repair Conditioner

The reviews were positive nonetheless, people claimed to know they knew their hair would feel softer just from the consistency of the conditioner. As we mentioned people complained the formula was too thick making it slightly difficult to get out of the bottle and having to use more than what they would typically use. This product works great as a detangler, and that is a plus because lord knows how difficult it could be with our hair sometimes.

7Restorative Growth Mask

Another great product! We watched a few Youtubers apply this product. With some, you couldn’t really tell anything different, and with others, you could see the difference slightly. One of them even stated she didn’t wash all the product out completely because it was too expensive to just let it wash down the drain. Reading through reviews we found that people admitted it made their transitional hair less manageable, leaving them to use another brand to help detangle and even had to use more of that product to fix this small issue. It can also help retain moisture.

8Growth Serum

This product has not been reviewed on either platform. But from the product description on her has, it promises to strengthen the driest and weakest hair, making it not only last throughout the entire growth cycle but can add shine, softness, and manageability. This product contains rosehip oil (our personal favorite), Moroccan Argan oil, and Tahitian flower extract. We are particularly interested in the product after going through the entire ingredient list.

9Edges Hair Follicle Stimulator

The price is on the expensive side for afterward edge control. And based on reviews it doesn’t have much of a hold. It will moisture and soften your edges like it’s no tomorrow, but no one has seen any regrowth even after two months of continuous use. It is said to have a nice texture nowadays and a great scent, like the rest of her products do.

10Moore Hair Vitamins

I don’t know how many times we can stress this, but we don’t like the idea of gummies or pills being used for hair growth. Yes, it may work but at what cost to your insides, also if you eat right, drink enough water and get the right sleep and eliminate all stressful things these wouldn’t be needed. But these bad boys aren’t listed on Amazon, nor has anyone reviewed them yet. It’s said to give you nutrients that can aid in hair growth, but we don’t know. A lot of companies claim that all it is either candy or will make you sick. It’s also instructed for you to take three a day like we already don’t forget to take four multivitamins faithfully every day as it is. Looking through the ingredients nothing stands out, everything listed you can get from eating the right foods.

11Kenya Moore hair Products – Summery

The line overall looks and smells amazing. However, we are not completely convinced. After watching a few Youtubers, we’ve noticed it did not do much difference for natural haired ladies, besides the fact that the products make the hair softer and more manageable. Preferably we like a little more bang for our buck, we would like our products to serve a dual purpose in some sort of way. That will eliminate having to buy extra products for styling or even needing to use products.

So, all in all would be buying this product to give you guys a thorough review, and our answer would be no! One because we weren’t convinced enough, and it’s not due to the lack of nowadays or people buying the product. It’s solely based on the fact that Kenya Moore had long beautiful hair to begin with, that particular hair she has is probably genetic. Also, there is no product on the market that will give you hair like that. Yes, we will admit we are excited to give this product a try you know later down the line when passes a certain length. But ultimately, we will not be buying this product, it doesn’t seem to be giving us the things we need for our hair.