Grapeseed Oil for Hair

Grapeseed Oil for hair natural hair guide

Grapeseed Oil for Hair

Growing long, beautiful, and healthy hair can be a rough process. Finding products that are natural and not packed full of chemicals can feel almost impossible in the hair industry today. The oils from the scalp have a difficult time making it’s way to the ends of the hair which means the right products are necessary. While you may be scouring the local beauty store for the perfect product to create the long and luxurious strands of your dreams, the perfect product might be in the oil aisle. Grapeseed Oil is a great moisturizer and adds shine and softness to the hair and is also promoting hair growth. Read on our Grapeseed Oil for Hair guide.

1What is grapeseed oil?

what is grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil, as you might assume, is an oil that is extracted from the seeds of grapes. The seeds from the grapes are usually discarded during the winemaking process but the oil is quite powerful. The oil can be found in organic form or otherwise. It is safe to ingest but shouldn’t be ingested over a long period of time because, unlike for your hair, it is not that healthy for your body. Grapeseed Oil is usually purchased in 2 different forms. It can be purchased as an expeller pressed oil or as a cold press oil. For many people, the difference can seem minor but it is actually quite major. Expeller pressed means that the oil is extracted from the grapeseeds using a toxin called solvent hexane. Cold press means that the oil is extracted naturally, which is a much better option.

Best Grapeseed Oils for Natural Hair

2NOW Foods Grapeseed Oil

NOW Foods Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is wonderful because it is odorless and very light. Whether you have fine hair or thick, curly hair; your strands can benefit from grapeseed oils wonderful nutrients and hair growth properties. NOW Foods Grapeseed Oil is a grapeseed oil that is skin grade and 100 percent pure. When it comes to oils like grapeseed oil, they can be diluted or mixed with ingredients that breaks down their purity. Since it is a skin grade oil, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin and sensitive scalps. It is packed full of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which help keep the hair strong, moisturized, shiny, and healthy.

3Vie Naturelle Grapeseed Oil for Hair

Vie Naturelle Grapeseed Oil for Hair

When you are using a product on your hair, whether it is an oil or any other type of hair care product, you want to ensure that there aren’t any harmful ingredients included. Your scalp, just like the skin all over your body, can absorb toxins quickly. This means that if you are using hair care products that are full of toxins, you may notice negative effects throughout your body, not just on your hair. Vie Naturelle Grapeseed Oil is a natural product that is made from seeds sourced straight from Italy. It is, without a doubt, high quality. While it is expeller pressed, the oil is not sourced using hexane or other chemicals or toxins. This means that it is not harmful for your hair or scalp. The scent is light to the point of being unnoticeable. The oil is food grade but can be used in your hair, on your skin, and as a general moisturizer. Since it is food grade, Vie Naturelle Grapeseed Oil can withstand high temperatures which is great if you use heat tools to style your hair.

4Premium Nature Grapeseed Oil

Premium Nature Grapeseed Oil

If you’re a person that enjoys making natural hair care products at home, then you know the importance of a carrier oil. Carrier oils are usually lightweight, odorless oils that can be used as a base for a more complex concoction. Grapeseed oil is a wonderful carrier oil that performs wonderfully when mixed with heavier oils like olive oil or coconut oil. You can also use it in conjunction with scalp healing and hair growth promoting essential oils like tea tree and rosemary. Premium Nature Grapeseed Oil is a 100 percent pure, skin grade oil that is odorless, lightweight, and highly moisturizing. You can combine this oil with other oils or use it on it’s own to seal in moisture from the roots to the tips of your hair.

5Beauty Aura 100% Pure Hexane Free Grapeseed Oil

Beauty Aura 100% Pure Hexane Free Grapeseed Oil

Hexane is a toxin that is used when extracting the oil from a seed using the expeller press method. It is not good for the body or for your hair and scalp. There are other ways to use the expeller press method to collect oil that don’t include toxins like hexane. However, the best seed oil is expressed using the cold press method which is natural and does not require any toxins or additives. Beauty Aura Grapeseed Oil is a 100 percent pure grapeseed oil that is cold pressed. It is a lightweight, skin grade oil that is perfect for daily use as well as more intense hair treatments like hot oil treatments. For women with natural hair, high quality grapeseed oil can be used to seal in moisture at the tips of the hair which tend to be the driest and most prone to breakage.

6Pure Grapeseed Oil for Hair, Face & Acne

Pure Grapeseed Oil

In order for your hair to feel the full benefits of grapeseed oil, it is essential that the oil is completely pure and absent of any fillers, chemicals, or toxins. Pure Grapeseed Oil for Hair, Face & Acne is a 100 percent pure, cold pressed grapeseed oil full of antioxidants and fatty acids necessary for healthy, strong, and flourishing hair that grows consistently. It is a high quality product that delivers on it’s promise to create beautiful skin and hair with real results.

7Why Use grapeseed Oil – Grapeseed Oil Benefits

grapeseed oil benefits

Grapeseed oil is wonderful for the hair because it’s rich in vitamins, nutrients, and perfectly light which is great for the hair. Unlike other oils on the market that are supposed to be beneficial for hair health and growth, grapeseed oil is light and can be used by people with various hair types. It doesn’t leave a greasy film on the hair but still leaves the strands feeling soft and looking shiny. Aside from the benefits that grapeseed oil has on the appearance of hair, it also nourishes the hair strands and the scalp. The oil promotes hair growth and retention from the scalp which is where healthy hair starts.

8Grapeseed oil for natural hair

Grapeseed oil for natural hair

When it comes to natural hair, having a go-to oil is absolutely necessary. Natural hair can be quite dry as the oil from the scalp can have a hard time making it’s way down to the ends of the hair strands. Grapeseed oil is light enough to be used daily on natural hair to battle the dryness that can seem constant. Grapeseed oil is also great as a sealant to keep moisture looked into the hair shaft which prevents drying throughout the day. It is definitely a great oil for natural hair care.

9Is Grapeseed Oil Good For Hair Growth

Is Grapeseed Oil Good For Hair Growth

The way that hair growth and health work are quite simple, though it can feel complicated. For most people, their hair grows about a ½ an inch a week. Once the hair sprouts out from the scalp, it is up to you to nourish it, moisturize it, and keep it healthy. The only way to do this is with products that are natural, healing, and allow your strands to thrive over time. Some of the major issues that many people deal with when trying to grow beautiful and strong hair is excessive drying and breakage that doesn’t seem to end, no matter what product they use.

When it comes to hair, grapeseed oil is a star natural product. Grapeseed oil is great for making the hair feel soft, look shiny, and well moisturized. The oil is light enough to work for hair types that are thin, thick, and anywhere in between. Aside from the major benefits of grapeseed oil on the hair, the most amazing benefit is the hair growth. Grapeseed oil contains linoleic acid. While the body doesn’t produce that acid naturally, the body needs it in order for the major organs in the body to function well. When your body doesn’t have enough of it to begin with, you may experience hair loss, dry skin, dry hair, and an ultra dry scalp.

10How to use grapeseed oil

how to use Grapeseed Oil on Hair

Using grapeseed oil for your hair is very simple. Since the oil is very light and versatile, it can be used daily if your hair tends to become dry easily. One of the most beneficial ways to use grapeseed oil is by using it in a hot oil treatment. Warming the oil allows it to penetrate into the scalp and the hair shaft. Your scalp and hair can absorb the oil, vitamins, and minerals easier when it is heated.

Hot Oil Treatment:

  • Fill an applicator bottle halfway with grapeseed oil
  • Sit the bottle in a hot water bath in order to gently warm the oil
  • While the oil is warming, part your hair into four even, manageable sections
  • Take the bottle out of the hot water and test a few drops on the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too hot.
  • Work the oil into your hair, focusing mainly on your scalp
  • Repeat this for each of the four sections
  • Gather your hair into a loose bun and cover with a plastic shower cap
  • Allow the oil to work it’s magic for about 30 minutes
  • Wash the oil out of your hair and condition
  • Style as you normally would

It’s important to make sure the oil is not too hot. You don’t want to risk burning your scalp in the process of doing the hot oil treatment.